Intelligence or lack of it

Over the last century the world has been plunged into a morass of difficult and murderous campaigns all to ensure the ascendancy of a few at the expense of the many. A Great Spiritual, Political war has taken place, much of it unseen by many in the world . The capturing of all media outlets has prevented critical examination of the machinations of Corporate controlled intelligence agencies many of those who are gatherers of information and field agents are totally unaware of how they are being played. If they did have awareness then they would immediately see that their actions put their own families and nations in jeopardy . Below are lectures that explain much of the thinking behind many of the worlds most dangerous and socially crippling events. On the heavenly front the War has been won now it is time for people to become aware and to hopefully stop any further damage. Understanding and awareness sets the stage for a New and brighter time for humans.

CIA in the Third World, Lectures on Youtube – Thomas O’Brien, University of Houston
(see the details of Lecture contents below the links, please)
CIA in the Third World Youtube – Thomas O’Brien, University of Houston
Details of Lectures : (See the other message for links)
(A very important lecture series about America and its hegemony of the world through CIA intelligence, Covert actions and overthrow of unfavorable Govts etc.)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 1A (About the lecture series, important basic definitions and concepts on intelligence work, agencies, covert actions etc.)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 1B (What is 3rd world and how it evolved in history? Western Roman colonization of Europe, Western Imperialism in Asia, Africa and Americas, Western Christian wars of colonizations with Europeans as instruments, world wars)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 2A (What is American interests in the 3rd world : Economics, Influencing Political institutions-Repiblicanism, individual rights, so-called Civilizing Mission, Religious Reformation, land grabbing into further West of America … further colonization, slavery and racism –Manifest Destiny of inherently superior White American Christian races as against non-White non-Christian inferior races like Blacks, Indians, Pakistanis, Arabs which could be mass-murdered, displaced from lands, planted into distant lands, sold into slavery, (Half the Mexican territory was forcibly taken), establishing American hegemony. Monore Doctrine etc.)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 2B (Post WWII situation and the Cold war, American interests, Huge loans to Germany and Europe, World Economic Depression, Missions, strategies and tactics, American hypocrisy and mockery with the 3rd world movements of anti-Colonialism: Vietnam. India, Africa ; America and Non-Alligned Movement ; spread of consumerism and modern US-dependent financial, political institutions ; American and America educated persons as advisers ; American-education and literature in the 3rd World-the Intellectual Colonization ; American values. Consumerism, Progress & Progressive ways, individualism & cultural influences in the world, Hollywood films, CNN, Jeans, Cigarets, Pepsi Cola etc ; The Total war of Americanization ; Afghanistan attack, collapse of USSR, Rise of anti-West and anti-American Islamism and OBL)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 3A (Beginnings of American spying : Anglo-French Indian wars in the USA ; Sons of Liberty; US Intelligence gathering information, covert actions and tricking, netting actions, installing American agents in power in South Americas and Spanish Asian colonies; comparison with British Secret services MI5 and MI6; Sydny Reilly affair)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 3B (Breaking of German Enigma Code by British ; Formation of OSS in American Army, Helping anti-Nazi Resistance groups in Europe, Conflicts between FBI and OSS; Cold War and the Communist Fifth columnists in the USA and Europe, OPC (Office of Policy Coordination, a secret U.S. government unit, 1948-1951), hiring Corsican mafia to break up French Communist Party led labor strikes ; Funding of Christian Democratic parties in Europe by CIA to counter Communists, Anti-Communist spying and covert actions in Eastern Europe, Propaganda- Baloons over Budapest, Radio free Europe, Gurella Covert operaions in Asia, China etc, Coordinating with local drug mafias in Burma & countries around Vietnam. Korean conflict, Vietnam operations, Science and Technology section of CIA, Air America, Contingency fund to avoid Congress)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 4A (1947-creation of CIA, Covert and paramilitary operation becoming its focus, No supervision by the US Congress till 1960s, illegal actions on orders of President for supposed National Securities reasons-could be denied by president on exposure, Brainwashing techniques-Manchurian Candidates, creating human robots, LSD experiments on Americans, new technologies, U2- Spy planes, McCarthy Witch-hunt-a Christian Crusade by the CIA chief Dulles against the godless atheist Communists, Reds-under-the-beds, Shifting emphasis from Europe to 3rd world, Iran-Guatemala, CIA becomes able to overthrow a Govt anywhere in the world in just 6 months, 1961 Bay of Pigs, CIA failed in Cuba, Spy (weather) satellites, Discovery (spy) program, Patronage and infiltration into Student/trade union/labor organization, Communist and Socialist parties, Islamic organizations in Europe, America and other parts of the world, helping favorite authors, writers, newspapers etc, Church Committee, House Committee on Intelligence Activities)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 4B (Old boys purge as new CIA Director Turner comes, Vietnam syndrome, CIA and Iranian Islamic Revolution, President Regan put William Casey as CIA Director- starts covert operations again, Iran-Iraq war, Iran-Contra Scandal, Panama Norega Scandal, CIA and Drug Mafia-the Cocaine business, Afghanistan and CIA help of Mujaheddin through Pakistani ISI, CIA’s interest in Gorbachev in USSR, USSR breaks down without any prior knowledge ; Scandal of Kuwait War, CIA remained ignorant till the last minute ; New Missions for CIA ? Series of CIA-spies discovered, Counter-terrorism center established in 1980s, World Trade Centro bombing in 1983, later terrorist bombings in the USA, Beruit, 9/11, War in Afghanistan and Iraq)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 5A (CIA interventions in the 3rd world :
Case :1 – Iran, The background of the history of Iran and Shia religion, ancient Iran monarchies, modern Iran monarchy of the first Pehlvis who started as the Russian trained in charge of the Cossack Guards under the influence of the Russians; WWII and the forced exile of the king to South Africa; his son become King of Iran; Oil exploration in Iran and Middle East; Protests and parliamentary actions against the British Oil Company; Monarchy and democracy, the anti-West Mussadiq becomes Prime Minister and nationalized Iranian-British Oil Company; anger in Britain, US-Britain decides to take action….)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 5B (US Covert interventions details, President Truman decided to remove Mossadiq’s Govt in Iran, British Intelligence SIS (All British Intelligence Agencies together) and CIA meet in US on possibility of joint action to remove Mosaddiq who nationalized Iran-British oin company, Mossadiq Govt falls. Us starts SEATO, CENTO as NATO in th West, as US sees Iran as its proxy and its agent in the region ; CIA trains SAVAK; thousands tortured as Communists and religious fundamentalists, Gen. Zaheeri becomes Prime Minister ; Shah leaves amidst protests and demonstrations ; Mossadiq as Prime minister ; khomeni comes to iran, US plans against Khomeni Govt., US embassy personnel taken as hostages ; Reagan comes as President of USA)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 6A (Guatemala CIA intervention 1954, and Central America in general :
Historical Forces : Catholic Church providing the ideological underpinning of the Spanish imperialism, justification by faith-religion ; King/Queen of Spain as God’s Emissary on earth, Divine rule ; Indigenous Indian work/labour force, forced slave-labor, ; Conservative and liberal colonizers in power struggle, Walker comes to help Liberals but takes power himself, Coffee plantations in Guetemal, American Railway companies start building Rails and get land grants to start Baba plantations for export ; US State gets interests and invest-Dollar Diplomacy and uses the Gun-boats to exert pressure, and starts excluding Europeans ; WWI : US/British blackmails local governments into taking steps against German investments and industrial companies, Allies blockade of German interests, Great Depression comes, Protests of labour and great repressions and mass-murders of more than 50 thousands, Democracy experiments for electing the elites favorable to US and the Church, to counter Communist influence, FBI Intelligence actions, United Fruit Company and Railway monopoly challenged, Media campaign calling the regime atheist & Communist, 1944 nationalist revolution against United Fruit Company and US interests by ? a Communist related government …)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 6B (Covert action starts in Guatemala : 1952 Dictator of Nicaragua Samosa cooperates with United fruit Company and USA, Radio, press and other media used by CIA along with trained criminals sent to the country as the Guatemala govt plans to implement Land reforms and trade Union regulations ; Bomb blasts in the capital, Catholic priests start giving Sunday sermons against the Govt and cooperate with the CIA ; these measures help create a milieu of instability, Guatemala military blackmailed with full scale American military attack, the Guatemala military is divided, Govt collapses in 1954, President flies to exile. Cuban Che Guerra observes all this inside the state, Civil War ensues soon between revolutionaries and the Military causing death of hundreds of thousands indigenous Indian farmers ; Discussion on US motives ; Ideological, religious and economic causes, United Fruit Company interests 😉;)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 7A Intervention in Cuba 1960-61, 5 years after Guatemala, Historical background :
Largest and strategically placed in the Carri bean islands, midway resting place for Spanish ships to Mexico, Spain built lots of forts, Sugar and African slave plantation by Spain, Cuba becomes a slave society ; Rebellion against Spanish rule (American inspired ; East of Cuba tried to emancipate slaves, Western Cuba refused ; 1860s slavery abolished by Spain under pressure from British Navy after 10 years war ; African discriminated from top positions, While still a British colony, America got interested in Cuba; US military intervention of 1898-virtual conquest ; United Fruit, General Electric companies etc. invests and tries to fully Americanize Cuba, socially, culturally, economically creating consumer society, but Cubans still the 2nd class citizens with Americans controlling all ; … continued struggle between Americans and Leftists…. 1940 Sargent Batista >; Col. Batista >; President Batista >; the most corrupt Batista rules in partnership with the help of American Italian Mafia working through hotels, prostitution, casinos, brothels, Gambling centers, Massage parlous etc, Batista loses, then stages a Coup and re-enters in the President Palace ; July 53 first attempt by Fidel Castro at Revolution,)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 7B (Castro starts redical revolution, America keeps quiet as Castro is a Catholic, one million Cubans flee to America, Castro goes to UNO New york and tries to meet US president in Washington ; Vice President Nixon meets him and decides that he is dangerous and needs to be removed ; President Eisenhower and Nixon plan Coup d’etat, chaos and assassination of Castro, US plans and starts covert operation, Kennedy comes as president and thinks about starting the operation, Bay of Pigs )
HIST 3375 LECTURE 8A (American CIA interventions in Africa- Congo : Portuguese arrive at the West Coast of Kingdom of Congo 1480, king is forced to converted to Catholicism, given fire power and armed personnel, slavery begins, 1507 king’s son become king against the will of people of the matriarchy societies but according to Catholicism, Further up the Congo river, Leopold II of Belgium armies arrive, Henry Stanley, agent of Belgium arrives looking for Daivd Livingstone, Leopold starts International African Association, Berlin Congress, Congo Free state-the worst form of Christian colonialism in Africa, Joseph Conrad’s novel- « Heart of Darkness »-degradation of local population, unlimited imperial Christian authority, 1909 Congo Govt intervened (cc. 1857 in Indian subcontinent) ; still corruption, torture and repression continued including cutting of hands and feet of artists and artisans. Post WWII, 2nd colonization of Africa with thousands of Westerner immigrating to colonies, Congo African population decreased by 50%, all this continued till the end of WWII, Ivory coast and Nikoma’s People’s Covention Party, Independence 1957, America refused to aid in de-Colonization as Russia refused under stalin ; But Khrushchev started helping for creating Russian area of influence, America and Belgium is alerted. Three regional/semi-national Movements for independence started : Lumamba takes over the Govt,)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 8B (CIA and Belgium Govt starts their covert operations ; Congo nationalist armies, usually of non-commissioned African personnel as only Belgians were privileged to become officers, starts mutinies, Belgium imports 6,000 more of its army in addition to 4,000 colonial army already there. UN Peacekeeping force requested by Lumamba, arrive comprising, Western European troops & two pro-West Africans armies without Russian/East European amid Cold war era UN politics ; more trouble in Congo, Mineral rich Province of Katenga succeeds with 2000 Belgian troops ; Russia promises support to Lumamba, Lumamba denunciates Belgium and Katenga, Russia promises advisers and military transport, US gets angry, CIA reinforces enemies of Lumomba and plans his urgent removal-soon to be killed ; Lumamba is killed, civil war starts and continues for another 6 years ; President Mubotu runs the most corrupt Govt till 1997 when he leaves country, a new president comes, a new civil war starts, administration faild, railways, business, economy everything collapses, country’s wealth is exported out, the richest country become poorest.)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 9A : Ancient history, Conflicts between ancient China and Vietnam ; Christianity arrives in the form of French colonizers ; missionaries try their hands at religious and political conversion, many expelled, some recalcitrant were hanged ; France arrives with its guns to avenge ; Chinese and Vietnamese already have the system of scholar bureaucrats ; French start punitive expedition against Vietnam, take over Southern areas, soon nearly the whole Vietnam by 1880s with emperor only a figurehead ; France creates it own local land class, commercial state and imperial colonial structure, Colonial governors appointed, established commercial monopolies, loads of taxes for extraction of money, Land-grabbing begins, University education for sons of elite but no jobs, New land-owning class starts Constitutional party for larger Vietnamese role in running country ; Nationalist party, mostly army, professionals & bureaucrats, demands independence from France, no mass party but through a military coup as in 1920; Communist Party started in 1920 wants immediate independence, getting rid of France, creates Socialist society (anti-imperialist) and are now a mass party ; 1929 Peasants rising against French and local big landlord not started by Communists but they come to lead-thousands killed and thousands imprisoned, CP outlawed but they rebuild stronger organization, Hochi Minh comes ; WWI Peace Conference at Versailles-Hochi tries to see US President Wilson on Self-determination for Vietnam, no success ; Hochi goes to Revolutionary Russia, joins CP ;
WWII : Japan occupies Vietnam 1940-imperialism continues ; Resistance is organized ; OSS notices Hochi for linking up with Communists against Japan ; Hochi declares independence Aug 1945 and cites US Thomas Jafferson in his speech in self-determination ; Chinese nationalist troops plan come to Vietnam to fill the gap, Hochi refuses, With US consent, France returns, War between Communists and France 1946-1954 ; Nationalists also fight France but also against Communists ; France decides to leave, Geneva Conference, CIA wants France to stay, Deadlock between US and Communists, County divided temporarily into two ; China diplomatically sells Vietnam and refuses to help, USSR not mush concerned about Asiatic peoples)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 9B (1954 : France withdraws, America and CIA which have secretly been helping France since 1945 overtly arrive to take over in uniforms in the now partitioned Vietnam ; American policy of worldwide westernization (and Catholic supremacy and forced Catholicization as against Buddhists), policy experimentation with the help of Catholic Church gets intense in Vietnam, trying westernize South and to recapture North through it ; Americans called France the colonizers but call themselves nation-builders starting in South, Saigon military group arrives in South ; Mass psychological warfare by CIA starts, CIA starts building Stay-behind anti-Communist groups in North ; Economic sabotage against North, dynamites in coal mines and stores, acids in petrol, Weapons-depots in graveyard ; Passage-to-Freedom : US prepare for nuclear attack on North Veitnam ; Northern Catholics told to leave North to avoid bomb ; America ignores to hold 1956 elections, Catholics given land and positions in South, 50,000 prisoners in South-critical of govt, anti-Diem « National liberation Front », South Communists , South Govt starts aggressive militias and citizen’s organizations for intelligence gathering with CIA help-interrogation/torture centers for political disloyalties, Vietnam intelligence and FBI starts Counter-Intelligence activities ; Strategic Helmets programme ; 1863s insurgency in the South outskirts and Chaos ; 6,000 US Army advisers in South ; Deim is killed in a coup, Johnson escalates war with direct US combat units in action on false invented premiss ; March 65 onwards, 5,500,000 American army comes, invades North with huge air attacks over the next few years ; TED offensive as Communist take over many cities in South ; Operation Phoenix by CIA killing 23,000 Vietnamese in South, thousands of Americans killed or maimed, American citizens gets worried and start protests. America starts policy of Victimization to save American lives, finally America loses the war.
HIST 3375 LECTURE 10A (Motivation and Causation of US involvement in Vietnam till 1975 when war ends : ideological anti-Communism, strategic concerns of South East Asia, Global American Empire. The New World War through American culture and values…. New intervention in while Nixon was still fighting in Vietnam: Chile : British controlled Peru and itt Nitrate mines, Chile wit 400 elite families and constitution was a stable country, it seized the nitrate area in a war and put a export tax and became prosperous; political problem between President and Congress, Civil was between a nepotist president and Congress, Congress wins and starts a parliamentary system, Cabinet by president need to be approved by Congress, Lab our strikes and massacre of thousands by army, WWI, Germany synthesizes artificial nitrate and Chile economy is down, lack of jobs leads to introduction of Communism and Anarchism, Middle Class also frustrated and turns to Socialism to replace the crude Capitalism supported by British, America leaps in with US Mining Empire magnates, Googenhaines buys a copper mountain and develops it into best in the world, selling the copper mine town to Nitrate and modernize it ; 1920 a reformer president elected ; military coup 1927-31, Global depression, new civil govt, semi-socialism starts, the elites influences through professional groups, Historical Compromise : political parties dont touch farmers and military turns to constitutional limits, WWII, Chile tries to get industrialize, Political and Economic problems, a conservative govt comes but not impressive ; 1970s President Allende come to power, nationalizes ITT, Mining and other American industries, land reforms are carried out, Income re-distribution, readjustment of salaries, reforms underwritten by constitution, strikes by some middle class unions, New elections, March election 1973, secret assassinations in Chile, June 73attempted coup by Tank Battalion linked to a fatherland rightest group, attacks on press, 1973 elections under an army Minister of Interior, Christian Democratic Party and national party unites against Allende’s Popular Front ; elections not against Allende ; Sept 11, 1973 Pinochet stages coup after arresting thousands of Constitutionalists army soldiers and officers ; thousands disappear, tens of thousands in prisons)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 10B (Chile from the other angle : ITT supplied CIA money for help anti.Allende candidates, Allende get 38% in 1973, CIA tires to make it impossible to elect him as president, Allende becomes president, now CIA tries on military coup ; Gen. Shenaiza-a constitutionalist general refuses, CIA tries to abduct the Gen through their contacts in Chile Army ; Army Rtd officer tries to abduct gen, shoot out and Gen is killed. Next : Economic blockade-Copper companies to file law suits against Chile ; New tactics. Strikes, assassinations, chaos, Gen. Pressured to retire, new pro-US gem Pinochet takes over, US_CHIle naval exercises on 10th Sept, Coup on 11th Sept, 350 killed immediately, thousands in the next few days, hundreds of thousands in prisons, chile opened to the US, all Allende policies reversed …)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 11A : Early 1800s, Liberals wanted to secularise the country and take education and lands from Catholic Church while Conservative elite resisted ; Political in-fighting ; William Walker-an American mercenary collaborated with Liberals when they were ousted from power ; Walker brings another 200 mercenaries with modern guns, defeats and takes over Govt himself, so he angers many, he had been supported by American Southern slave owners as he re-starts slavery, Walker is resisted by a multifaceted forced, he leaves, comes back and is shot ; Post-Civil War US Govt now in full resolve to safeguard US interest ; Conservative mostly in power ; 1890s A Liberal comes to power, 1905-6 United Fruit Company causes problems by local banana growers, threatened with American intervention, he leaves locals and supports America and starts repealing local-benefiting laws, Americans send their marines to protect its businessmen and Conservative armies and by 1910 Conservatives and US takes power, Liberals disallowed power efforts in elections ; by mid-1920s realignment, softening at the edges between Conservatives and Liberals, military intervention against Liberals, Liberals join the cause against US-Conservatives ; One Liberal Commander refuses compromises and launches rebellion through gurella war for US ouster, social justice for mine/banana workers in US facilities and lands, US sends 6,000 marines and air force tactical bombing, army/guerella assassinations each other activists, 1933 American leaves under Nicaragianization policy ; Sandino president assassinated by US ally Samosa. Sandinista message survives : Nationalism and Social Justice : 1936-56 Samosoa takes power as as a Liberal president, sides with Green shirt fascists, helped by Eisenheur and Catholic Church in anti-Communism ; 1956 shot in a dance party in 1956, his sons come, first Louis-the diabetic till 1963, liberalizes politics, 2nd son Tacho returns to fascism as he takes power ; In mid-1960s a leftist Sandinita Fronts appears-mostly comprising university intellectuals and worker-old and the new left inspired by Cuba, tries rural and then urban gurella warfare ; small shopkeepers, workers and peasants support Sandinista, 1972 earthquake, Not Red cross but National guards asked to arrange, lots of corruption and discrimination ; 1977 Samosoa in serious trouble with gurella warfare in the rural side and losing support with USA, Jan 978 opposition leader shot dead, elite turns against, July 1979 Sandinista’s in assault in capital, Samosoa leaves for Miami ; New Govt is a Committee of Sandinista and other civilian politicians, next year economic measures fire back, land reforms attempts neither radical nor acceptable to Conservatives-opts for mixed economy…)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 11B II : Mid-1970s Sandinistas take power, the former powerful go to exile ; CIA starts : First strategy- trains them and sends them back to Nicaragua for gurella warfare but they are dealt with by the local militias ; Second strategy :Use conventional army tactics : send trained Contras nearly 15,000 to start military attacks using Honduras and try to cede a part of country with a provincial capital and declare a separate country when USA will send heavy armed trucks and tanks etc, this failed as they are beaten and driven back in mid-1980s : 3rd strategy : Economic warfare, blowing bridges and economic projects and running back to Honduras, US ambassador to Honduras had been involved in war against Cambodia, now he plans and executes/coordinates war against Nicaragua ; CIA frustrated with Contras, starts direct action themselves like Economic sabotage, Former Argentine officers-UCLA contacted by CIA to help with war in Nicaragua and engaging in direct actions like mining the harbours to make hem dangerous and costly for insurance and oil, prices go up, some ship got damaged, European powers came to know and protest it as violation of international law ; another strategy was to stage events where political opponents of govt get killed and govt blamed for this ; It was found out and protested as against American laws, CIA denies responsibility ; Tried to create a 2nd front and making Contas semi-legitimized ; plans to start another war in the South through dissident group but it fails; US sends carrier ships around Nicaragua and also starts listening to Nicaragua inland and international communication ; US army and Honduras start exercises near Nicaragua borders, built war facilities and fortifications and hand over all this to Contras, Americans return to US, 1984 President Regan starts replacing Low Intensity operations with full scale war ; Secretary Shultz proposed again the CIA, NSC and Black Operation mercenaries, as usual through the contractors, erecting domestic political opposition, media bribed, US cuts off aid and loans from US, World Bank etc. Sugar quota cut off. Exposed to US Congress and US press, Congress cuts aid to Contras but resumed later after Regan campaign, CIA starts getting private donations from Saudis, and other govts and persons, after1984 Regan man Oliver North plans selling Israeli anti-aircraft missiles to Iran while Iran was fighting Iraq, freeing of hostages, million of dollars through private weapon dollars and through Swiss banks to Contras –deal blows up in 1986 and in 1988 all aid to CIA for this adventure is cut off again…Bush comes as president : search for political solution, 1990 new elections, US gives 60 million dollars to opposition which gets 52% votes but Govt forms govt in collaboration with their opposition. US motives : world hegemony, its rule over all, turning all into their political slaves)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 12A (Age of Terrorism : Origins of Islam, World Trade Centro bombing, 9/11, Al-Quaida, Afghanistan)
HIST 3375 LECTURE 12B (CIA role in Iraq War)


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