The Mystery of the Gulf of Aden

In 2008 a set of mysterious and long-forgotten caves was rediscovered by a British exploration team consisted of Andrew Collins, Sue Collins, and Nigel Skinner-Simpson with the help of engineer Rodney Hale. The caves were found through solid background research and precise calculations based on stellar alignments and a forgotten archaeological diary made by the British diplomat Henry Salt in 1817. After the discovery was officially reported to Dr. Zahi Hawass, Hawass denied that the caves existed but soon took a film crew into the cave system for a reality TV show.

In this intriguing documentary, interviews with all of the team members are interspersed with recreations of Henry Salt and actual film and photos of the cave system under the Giza pyramid complex and its initial rediscovery.

We all know by now that the Gulf of Aden has also been under scientific scrutiny for years because of the proven magnetic anomaly that was discovered there. The Gulf of Aden was one of the first places where a reversely magnetized sea floor was recognized. The questions wave on, why nations send warships from all around the world to the Gulf of Aden? It is NOT because of the so called piracy problem let me tell you that! Just do the math.. Do you really believe that they are they sending extremely expensive warships and soldiers and equipment to save cargo (that is less worth) from pirates? Or is it because of the magnetic anomaly occurring? Are there underground bases built deep into the sea? Why all of this attention in Yemen? Is it UFO contact from another universe coming through the Stargate to help us save this abused world we live in? What do you think about this vortex that spins in the sea? You be the judge…

Swirl at gulf of aden

Could this be a picture of a STARGATE, that’s opening in the Sea at the gulf of Aden? Just off the Coast of YEMEN. Look at the swirl pattern just like a portal in the sky..I believe that an intergalactic vortex to another world obviously can’t be ruled out as a possibility at least!

Project Camelot:

This is the second interview with the team from Giza Geomatrix. We cover what Bill Brown and his team have found using Ground Penetrating Radar…within the Khufu Temple complex that extends from the Giza Plateau and beyond, revealing a hidden technology. In this ground breaking interview the team talks about the cover-up and nefarious digs as well as a mysterious force field that is keeping even the powers-that-be from getting close to what may be the entrance to the Hall of Records. According to their findings, a tunnel system exists below that goes from there to the Great Pyramid and all the way to Saqqarra.

Edgar Cayce stated the following:

“A record of Atlantis from the beginning of those periods when the Spirit took form, or began the encasements in that land; and the developments of the people throughout their sojourn; together with the record of the first destruction, and the changes that took place in the land; with the record of the sojourning of the people and their varied activities in other lands, and a record of the meetings of all the nations or lands, for the activities in the destruction of Atlantis; and the building of the pyramid of initiation, together with whom, what, and where the opening of the records would come, that are as copies from the sunken Atlantis. For with the change, it [Atlantis] must rise again. In position, this lies — as the sun rises from the waters — as the line of the shadows (or light) falls between the paws of the Sphinx; that was set later as the sentinel or guard and which may not be entered from the connecting chambers from the Sphinx’s right paw until the time has been fulfilled when the changes must be active in this sphere of man’s experience. Then [it lies] between the Sphinx and the river”. [378-16; Oct 29, 1933]

Richard Gabriel and Bill Brown also talk about what they believe they have discovered as an Earth Protection System that connects important power places around the planet. They believe this can be activated to create a force field that will protect the Earth from coming Earth changes and Solar Cycle 24. More:

So I think there must be a connection between these two occurrences. There could be a massive structure under Aden, remember what Herodotus spoken about?

Underground Structures at Giza by Ray Alex

That massive complex particularly impressed Herodotus and he spoke in awe of the structure:

There I saw twelve palaces regularly disposed, which had communication with each other, interspersed with terraces and arranged around twelve halls. It is hard to believe they are the work of man, The walls are covered with carved figures, and each court is exquisitely built of white marble and surrounded by a colonnade. Near the corner where the labyrinth ends, there is a pyramid, two hundred and forty feet in height, with great carved figures of animals on it and an underground passage by which it can be entered. I was told very credibly that underground chambers and passages connected this pyramid with the pyramids at Memphis.

Looks like many of the Stargate phenomena is always connected to water. The many water shaft and chamber are also discussed in a detailed examination. And appears in Ian Lawton and Chris Ogilvie-Herald’s Giza: The Truth, published in the UK.

The-Sun’s magnetic field is changing

Also the magnetic polaritys of the sun have gone through a significant shift, and scientists are indicating this could soon happen on earth as well. The earth’s magnetic fields hold our collective thoughts, feelings, and consciousness. Could the shifting of the magnetic fields perhaps be mirroring the revolution of human consciousness that we are currently experiencing? Could it also perhaps have to do with our entry into a region of space known as the “photon band”, which has in previous cycles indicated quantum shifts in planetary evolution?

Another thing that Ive been thinking about is the fact that the most efficient shape to produce a focused electric field in order to create an ionized beam that would be used as not just an antenna but as a conductor to the ionosphere, is that of the pyramid. A conical shape would also work but when building a large structure out of available materials then the pyramid shape wins out. Not just any pyramid shape but one that has the exact shape as the great pyramid at Giza.

Electric Pyramid

The pyramid really meets the requirements of both electrical field focusing and that of a coil form for a large Tesla type coil. When activated, it could not only produce an ionized beam off its top thereby creating a very tall antenna but would in total create a fairly efficient transmitting device. All you would need is enough locally continuously generated power to make it work. So whats my conclusion with all these theories? Well Stargates obviously have a connection with water. Which is found among other suspicious places in the gulf of Aden. the Pyramids in Giza have underground constructions and water. They both are connected by electromagnetic fields. And think of the fact that water molecules are polar, so they will also be affected by a very strong magnet. The gulf of Aden carries an axial magnetic anomaly and increased magnetic fields everywhere, and it is proven that the Giza pyramids also has the same properties. Could all these characteristics and  all these components be related, to get the Stargates functioning?  More:


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