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“Our task is to harvest from the mortal world fruits for the immortal.” – Rudolf Steiner

Who with the eye of reverence may discern
How crystals form within the soul of Earth,
Watch in the quickening seed the clear flame burn,
In life see death, and in decay new birth…
He who has found his kin in man and beast
And in that kinship God’s own Brotherhood,
At the high Table of the Grail shall feast,
Sup with the Lord of Love, taste holy food…
He, seeking, finds (God’s promise shall suffice),
The pathway to forgotten Paradise.

Manfred Kyber

“It is inevitable that we must ask the question: How does a God incarnate into the
body of a human being?” Adriana Koulias

“Instead of going to a Davachan, to a spiritual region, as man does after death, the Christ-Being made the sacrifice to seek the earth as his heaven. The…

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