Pope Francis:Political Identities, Jesuit Allegiance

Pope Francis: His Jesuitical, Extraterrestrial, “False Prophet”, and Political Identities



Oh Jesuit, Oh Jesuit! But Jesus was not like this!”

Pope Francis: His Jesuitical, Extraterrestrial, “False Prophet”, and Political Identities

by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

VANCOUVER, BC – Already controversial within hours of his nomination to the Papacy, Argentine-born Pope Francis I has now been identified by informed hermeneutics researchers as the possible “Petrus Romanus” or “False Prophet” of the Book of Revelation.

March 13 is a significant date, both in Exopolitics and in the hermeneutical interpretation of Pope Francis !.

March 13, 2013, the date of Pope Francis I nomination, was the 16th anniversary of the Phoenix Light, a massive space craft that overflew Phoenix, AZ. on March 13, 1997. March 13, 1997 is a significant event in the Exopolitical community that follows the Extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

“Ironically, a major trial opened up in Buenos Aires on March 5, 2013 a week prior to Cardinal Bergoglio’s investiture as Pontiff. The ongoing trial in Buenos Aires is: ‘to consider the totality of crimes carried out under Operation Condor, a coordinated campaign by various US-backed Latin American dictatorships in the 1970s and 1980s to hunt down, torture and murder tens of thousands of opponents of those regimes.'”

The Jesuit Oath Exposed

“Go ye, then, into all the world and take possession of all lands in the name of the Pope. He who will not accept him as the Vicar of Jesus and his Vice-Regent on earth, let him be accursed and exterminated.”
Professor Arthur Noble

International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS.org) Arrest Warrant for Pope Francis I

A citizen’s tribunal of conscience, the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS.org) has issued an arrest warrant against Pope Francis I for alleged crimes he committed in Argentina. An ITCCS.org Jury concluded its case on January 30, 2013 for Pope Francis I predeccessor, Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI). “On February 4, 2013 a diplomatic note was issued to the Vatican Secretariat by a European government working with the ITCCS.org Common Law Court, concerning its impending Arrest Warrant against one of the accused, Joseph Ratzinger (aka Pope Benedict). On February 11, 2013 Joseph Ratzinger resigned as Pope,” according to the ITCCS Secretariat.

 International Arrest Warrant issued against Pope Francis I, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, for Crimes against Humanity and Child TraffickingPetrus Romanus

Refering to the Prophecy of St. Malachy, one source states:“The Prophecy of the Popes (Latin: Prophetia Sancte Malachiae Archiepiscopi, de Summis Pontificibus) is a series of 112 short, cryptic phrases in Latin which purport to predict the Roman Catholic popes (along with a few antipopes), beginning with Pope Celestine II. The alleged prophecies were first published by Benedictine monk Arnold Wion in 1595. Wion attributes the prophecies to Saint Malachy, a 12th‑century Archbishop of Armagh, Ireland.

“Given the very accurate description of popes up to 1590 and lack of accuracy after that year, historians generally conclude that the alleged prophecies are a fabrication written shortly before they were published. The Roman Catholic Church also dismisses them as forgery.[1][2] The prophecies may have been created in an attempt to suggest that Cardinal Girolamo Simoncelli’s bid for the papacy in the second conclave of 1590 was divinely ordained.

“Proponents of the prophecies claim that Pope Benedict XVI corresponded to the pope described in the penultimate prophecy. The list ends with a pope identified as “Peter the Roman”, whose pontificate will allegedly bring the destruction of the city of Rome and usher in the beginning of the Apocalypse.”

 Chris Putnam, co author of the well-regarded hemeneutical book “Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here” writes in Petrus Romanus Arrives on 3/13/2013 at 20:13 Hours! “That’s up to you decide. But the biblical prophecy alone points toward the papacy. Indeed this second beast is predicted to be viewed “like a lamb” and the accolades expressed on 3/13/2013 at 20:13 support that perception. This probably seems mean spirited to some but as protestants we feel well within our rights to assert that all claimants to Vicar “instead ”of Christ as false prophets. However, if the predictions of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Malachy are truly at their culmination, then the second beast, the one from the earth, who is called the “false prophet” (Rev. 16:13; 19:20; 20:10) or Petrus Romanus who will lead the world to worship the dragon [Anti-Christ], has arrived in Pope Francis but I am not a prophet… only time will tell.”  

The Vatican, Jesuits & Extraterrestrials

Pope Francis I, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio to Italian immigrants to Argentina  is the first Jesuit Pope, and was director of the Jesuit order in Argentina under the military dictatorship in Argentina.

Researcher Paola Harris has documented the active role of Jesuits in the Vatican’s search for Extraterrestrials, most recently through the agency of Jesuit Gabriel Funes, SJ, Director of the Vatican Observatory in Rome.

  May 13, 2008 Vatican ET Interview by Gabriel FunesOn  May 13, 2008, Father Gabriel Funes, a Jesuit priest who directs the Vatican’s observatory at Castel Gandolfo, near Rome declared that ”As an astronomer, I continue to believe that God is the creator of the Universe. The search for extraterrestrial life does not contradict belief in God.” He added that some aliens might even be innocent of the original sin. “How can we rule out that life may have developed elsewhere?” Funes said. “Just as we consider earthly creatures as ‘a brother,’ and ‘sister’. Why should we not talk about an ‘extraterrestrial brother’? It would still be part of creation.” When Funes calls the Extraterrestrial “our brother or sister”,  we are involved in some revolutionary thinking. That statement goes beyond saying that we are not alone in the Universe.

To make this statement even more important, the newspaper Il Osservatore Romano released the interview. The newspaper Il Osservatore Romano is the official mouthpiece of the Vatican. In the article, Funes stated “Even if we don’t currently have any proof, the hypothesis” of extraterrestrial life cannot be ruled out”. “Just as there are a plethora of creatures on Earth, there could be others, equally intelligent, created by God,” he said.

ETs & Monsignor Corrado Balducci

It is with this statement that he echoes the words of Monsignor Corrado Balducci, my friend and UFO researcher many years in the field. Balducci is known to us researchers as the “unofficial” voice of the Vatican. At many UfO Conferences in Italy , Monsignore Balducci, once Vatican Nuncio to Washington DC, often echoed Father Funes when he said in Public “ All is possible.” God created us to give praise to Him, as I imagine he created others species to do the same. How can God be glorified without a varied creation?
When I was living and working in Italy for the past fifteen years, I lived very close to the Vatican. I would dine often with Monsignor Corrado Balducci who was also an expert Demonologist, at his home near Via Anastasio II . He wanted to be the priest to open the door to this study of  Ufology and he told me that since no one has ever hindered him, it serves as a silent approval. I believe that now the approval is not so silent with the Vatican proclamation of Father Funes!

Balducci and I both would share information and often  I would ask him if he thought that there were aliens who were demons. He would tell me“ the devil does not need UFOs”. He believed that over the last 150 years, this phenomenon has appeared sequentially and with an increasing spreading and frequency rate.  He wanted to make it clear that Spiritualism or the paranormal and Ufology are two different types of manifestations.  He was very adamant that on evolutionary scale there is something between us and the angels and they could be ETS.  Essentially we were at the bottom of evolutionary the ladder because we know the difference between good and evil, and often choose evil.

It is obvious that in the Future, the Catholic Church and the Pope will have a difficult time incorporating this belief in official dogma. Maintaining official Catholic doctrine may be impossible in this disclosure process because it is all unmapped territory as yet.

Unlike Father Funes who says that humans are the only ones possibly with original sin and therefore Jesus did not need to die for the sins of others in the Cosmos, Monsignor Balducci in 2004 said that  Jesus did. He said “ Yes, of course. Jesus died for all beings in the cosmos. In the sacred Scriptures, He is called King of the Universe at least sixty -six times. Balducci adds “never underestimate the great mercy or compassion of God, whose grace and compassion surpasses all, and that means it relates to all of creation in all the cosmos .”

In his interview, Father Funes however, claims that original sin, which by Christian tradition occurred in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit of a particular tree, refers to the fallen state from which humans can be saved only by God’s grace. Asked about the difficult theological question, Father  Funes answered: “If other intelligent beings exist, it’s not certain that they need redemption.” They could “have remained in full friendship with their creator” without committing the original sin, he said. If not, extraterrestrials would benefit equally from the “incarnation,” in which Jesus Christ, the Son of God, assumed earthlings’ flesh, body and soul in order to redeem them, which Father  Funes called “a unique event that cannot be repeated”.

UFOs in Sacred Art

This is revolutionary considering that the Catholic Church has avoided the UFOS subject for centuries although UFOs are clearly depicted in Renaissance art. The blessed are usually followed by beams or balls of light in great works of art.


The Annunciation of St Emidus by Carlos Crivelli-1486

Extraterrestrials & the Vatican

Something has changed with the Vatican when – Pope Benedict XVI named a new director for the Vatican Observatory. Father José Gabriel Funes will succeed a controversial American, Father George Coyne. Father Funes, an Argentine Jesuit, is already a member of the Vatican Observatory team. The outgoing Father Coyne, also a Jesuit, has been director of the Observatory which includes the observatory on  Mt Graham ,Arizona for more than 25 years, and now steps down at the age of 73.

Last year Father Coyne drew worldwide attention for his public comments on the topics of evolution and the theory of intelligent design. In an August 2005 column for the London Tablet, the Jesuit astronomer criticizes arguments put forward by Cardinal Christopher Schönborn questioning the Darwinian theory of evolution. A few weeks later, speaking at a conference in Florida, Father Coyne said that “intelligent design isn’t science, even if it pretends to be.”

The Vatican Observatory

The Vatican Observatory was established by Pope Leo XIII in 1891 to advance astronomical knowledge and to demonstrate the Church’s support for the physical sciences.

 Originally it was located at Castel Gandolfo, near the Pope’s summer residence. In 1981, because of the smog that obscures viewing of the sky near Rome, the main observatory was moved to Arizona, and Father Funes was spending most of his time there. Now observatory scientists can get down to business and study all the scientific evidence on origins of life and the universe and not just try and force fit the  Catholic faith into the myth of evolution. “Intelligent Design” and the “Abrupt Appearance” will now be discussed along with evidences that show that life just hasn’t been on Earth very long.

The scientific community and the church have split more than four centuries ago in the outcome of Galileo’s persecution, who said that neither the Earth nor the Sun were situated in the center of the universe. In 1633, he was tried for heretic beliefs and forced to deny his theory.

“The church has somehow recognized its mistakes. Maybe it could have done it better, but now it’s time to heal those wounds and this can be done through calm dialogue and collaboration”, said Funes. The beginning of the reconciliation between church and science began in 1992 with Pope John Paul’s declaration saying that Galileo’s trial was a “tragic mutual incomprehension”.

Since then the Vatican Observatory has been frantically trying to close the gap between science and religion. Its meteorite collection is currently one of the largest on Earth. The observatory was opened in 1891 by Pope Leo XIII and is located in Castel Gandolfo. The team of cleric researchers often participates in studies held at the observatory at the University of Arizona. 

The Mt. Graham, AZ Vatican Observatory site holds a special place. It is the home of the southernmost extension of many species as well as being, simultaneously, the location of the northernmost extension of others. The Sonoran and Chihuahuan desert populations also meet in this vicinity. Thus it was critical to assess the impact of the observatory presence upon the species represented on the top of Mt. Graham, especially those listed as endangered or threatened.. There is another issue which has come to the fore more recently than the environmental issues. This is the issue of the religious significance of Mt. Graham to the Apache tribe, specifically those living on the San Carlos Reservation. 

The question is “are the Jesuits then looking for ET?” 

Two major  Vatican observatories, an avante guard  astronomer priest, we need only add that it is it’s OK to believe in aliens and we can see a revolutionary change in policy. But then Monsignor Balducci has been studying UFOS for Years. He has met most of the important American researchers, such as Steven Greer and Dr. John Mack, Whitely Strieber and  Dr. Richard Haines. He also had several meeting with Mexico’s own Jaime Maussan who saw him in Rome and filmed him in Washington DC when Balducci gave permission to all the Spanish world to embrace the extraterrestrial reality because it does not conflict with the Catholic religion. I accompanied him to Washington DC to Steven Basset’s X-Conference from Rome to receive a special award for courage.  In this timeline, Padre Balducci precedes Father Funes, Vatican astronomer who in reality verifies Balducci’s own claims.

UFOs fascinate Mosignore Balducci and he approaches the topic voluntarily even with strangers.He says”  We should believe contactees and witnesses who say they see UFOS because it is based on human testimony, as are our Gospels. Since a great deal of the Catholic faith is based on witness testimony, we must realize how important human testimony is. It would be a tragedy if we began to be suspicious of all people who report that they experienced something unusual like seeing crafts in the sky.

He adds, “What I understand, there are some very credible witnesses who have seen this phenomenon and have come forward. They are courageous and should not be dismissed. Many church fathers have addressed the extraterrestrial presence in early philosophical works. In fact, testimony is a form of communication of our faith. Imagine what could happen to individual and social life if the value of human testimony were diminished, an act which would logically cause the decrease and disappearance of our faith, which is essential for daily life! “

Balducci adds, “I think that we need to examine it, then formulate theological and Biblical considerations on the habitability of other planets. First of all, there is a clarification: We should exclude that angels use spaceships, because they are merely spiritual beings. They are wherever they want to be, and in the rare cases when they show themselves, they have no difficulty in assuming a visible form. We can say the very same thing about dead people. The Holy Virgin, in the very few cases when she seems to contact humans (very exceptional episodes and to be confirmed in their authenticity), continues to choose other very different ways to transmit to us her maternal affection, her urgencies, her maternal claims or her sweet reproaches. We need to separate these realities.”

I asked Monsignor Balducci how he reached these conclusions.

Balducci answered, ” My conclusions come from my research in parapsychology and demonology. There are human testimonies concerning the UFO phenomenon—in particular the abduction phenomenon—which are essential to historical truth and must  be considered seriously. These things cannot be attributed to the “devil.” He does not need UFOs. This has nothing to do with the Devil. These important UFO sightings by credible people must be taken into account because there are so many witnesses. It is as important as scientific research is!

“If we live in constant skepticism, we will destroy society and our dignity as human beings. We will believe no one. Catholicism, which is partially based on human testimony—primarily letters of followers of Jesus (Apologists), who explained the religious phenomena of Jesus and the resurrection and presented a certain truth. The church has based many of its doctrines on this human testimony.

“The Existence of  UFOs is not contrary to one’s faith or Catholic Church doctrine? The acronym UFO (Unidentified Flying Object), is used here in a wider sense to include the existence of living beings on other planets. The aim of my intervention and speaking out is to underline that something real must exist in the phenomena, and that this does not conflict at all with Christian religion, and is considered positive, even among theologians.

“First, Something real must exist. Secondly, I have made some theological considerations on the habitability of other planets. Thirdly, much  witness testimony favors it. Conclusion: Something real must exist. These ideas are mine, and I do not represent the Vatican.  However, I am told that the Holy Father Pope John Paul II is has seen me on Italian TV several times and follows my radio homilies. If there were some objection, I’m sure I would know. I have much research in this topic. I believe there to be no problem here.! I heard that Padre Pio said something of this nature. Don Andrea Beltrami (1870-1897), the Salesian Father and servant of God, prayed also for the possible inhabitants of other planets. Of the 16 booklets he wrote, one seems to deal with this topic.

“Second is the recently sanctified Padre Pio, who was beatified by Pope John Paul II on May 2, 1999, and canonized on June 16, 2002.  He was asked the following question: “Father, some claim that there are creatures of God on other planets, too.” Padre Pio replied, “What else? Do you think they don’t exist, and that God’s omnipotence is limited to this small planet Earth? What else? Do you think there are no other beings who love the Lord?”  Another time someone asked him, “Father Pio, I think the Earth is nothing, compared to other planets and stars.” His answer: “Exactly! Yes, and we Earthlings are nothing, too. The Lord certainly did not limit His glory to this small Earth. On other planets other beings exist who did not sin and fall as we did.”

In the May 13, 2008 interview done by the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, Funes adds that such a notion “doesn’t contradict our faith” because aliens would still be God’s creatures. Ruling out the existence of aliens would be like “putting limits” on God’s creative freedom.”

So Both Monsignore Balducci and Father Funes are in agreement here. They know a phenomenon exists, and although we don’t know who these aliens are, it is possible that they are more evolved than Man is today.

Maybe we can learn from them.

Paola  Leopizzi Harris
July 20,  2008
Boulder Colorado.

Are Extraterrestrials “the dragon” identified in the Book of Revelation?

One hermeneutical interpretation would have “the dragon” of the Book of Revelations identified as “Extraterrestrial civilizations that the False Prophet (putatively Pope Francis I) promotes to humanity.  This role of a Jesuit Pope, promoting “Official ET Disclosure” along with other major institutions such as the United Nations and the major space-faring and extraterrestrial knowledgeable nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, and China, would certainly fulfill one dystopian view of extraterrestrial “Disclosure”, that of a false flag extraterrestrial invasion such as was predicted by Dr. Wernher von Btraun on his death bed and related to Disclosure Project witness Dr. Carol Rosin.

dr carol rosin

Dr. Carol Rosin in the Disclosure Project. May 9, 2001



3-13-97/3-13-13 Extraterrestrial connection?

March 13 is a significant date, both in Exopolitics and in the hermeneutical interpretation of Pope Francis !.

March 13, 2013, the date of Pope Francis I nomination, was the 16th anniversary of the Phoenix Light, a massive space craft that overflew Phoenix, AZ. on March 13, 1997. March 13, 1997 is a significant event in the Exopolitical community that follows the Extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

If there is a meaningful, synchronistic relationship between the March 13, 1997 Phoenix Lights date and the March 13, 2013 Pope Francis I nomination date, then there may re a meaningful relationship between the Extraterrestrial civilization and/or human black budget faction piloting the space ships involved in the Phoenix Lights sightings and the nomination of Jesuit Pope Francis I.  As a Jesuit Pope, Francis could intentionally lead and “official disclosure” of either (1) an Extraterrestrial race behind the Phoenix Lights, which could be non-benevolent or benevolent, or (b) a False Flag “Extraterrestrial” operation by black budget human UFO craft, if in fact the Phoenix Lights were human ARVs (Alien Reproduction Vehicles).
Either way, Jesuit Pope Francis I would, under these scenarios fulfill the “False Prophet” role which leads humanity to “worship” the dragon, namely Extraterrestrial visitors or black budget false flag operation whose mission is to prop up the New World Order, including the Vatican.

Currently, the Phoenix Lights experts focus on the March 13 date without correlating this to the March 13, 2013 installation of Pope Francis I.

Lynne Kitei, MD, Phoenix Lights expert writes,

“Do you believe that the 16th anniversary of the historic & still unexplained March 13, 1997 AZ mass sighting was 3.13.13? To honor the witnesses, investigators and event, as well as to raise awareness of this enigmatic topic in a credible forum, I am hosting a special commemorative celebration TODAY at the Scottsdale Harkins Shea Cinema.”

On March 13, 2013 Extraterrestrial researcher Larry Lowewrites,

Phoenix Lights plus 16. Still no answers.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 marks the 16th anniversary of one of the most enigmatic events in Arizona and UFO history, a state-wide sequence of observations and reports that has come to be known as the Phoenix Lights. This is a misnomer. Given the scope of the sightings reports and the nature of the real unknowns, the event would better be named the Arizona Objects.

More than a decade and a half later, the general public and the historical record is no closer to an understanding of the events of March 13, 1997 than the night the reports flooded over Arizona, despite any number of books, documentaries and radio shows on the subject.

And we are not a Post-it note closer to understanding what happened than when the Phoenix UFO Examiner reviewed the situation two years ago. Which is why the easiest way to write a piece worth reading on the events is to revise that article. Or I could just give you the link.

“This is because there has never been a full, formal investigation, properly funded, headed up by experienced researchers and staffed with an interdisciplinary team, tasked with determining the origin, method and motive for presenting to the populace of cities stretching from Henderson, Nevada to the Mexican border an apparent overflight of as many as 8 different very large, silent objects that seemed to defy both gravity and physics as we know it.” — Phoenix UFO Examiner

Mystery 360 – UFO’s over Phoenix
In the meantime, data is lost and so are the diligent private investigators who attempted to make sense of it all.

We must note the passing in the last year of Richard Motzer, MUFON field investigator and Michael Tanner, one of the principles at Village Labs, which served as the defacto center of inquiry into the reports. Both left behind significant amounts of personal data on the events, how, when and if any of that information will come to light is anyone’s guess.

For those of you who want to see a documentary version of the event unfold on the big screen, including remarks by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, there will be the annual commemorative screening of witness Lynne Kitei and director Steve Lantz’s film, developed from her book, at 1 PM, Sunday, March 17 at the Scottsdale Harkins Shea 14 Cinema. After the screening there will be a talk and Q&A with Navajo Rangers Ret. Lt. Jon Dover and Sgt. Stanley Milford Jr. It is clear now that the origin history of the ancient native peoples of the southwest is part of the larger picture.

The reasoning behind that clarity was presented in a recent podcast by Paul Von Ward, who has assembled the grand unification of the ancient aliens meme. UFO researchers are increasingly realizing and speaking out on the notion that the UFO enigma is best understood as an unrealized aspect of the nature of consciousness itself. Von Ward was one of the first to make that connection but not the first.

“Defined by Jenny Randles in her 1983 book, UFO Reality, as “the sensation of being isolated, or transported from the real world into a different environmental framework…where reality is but slightly different, [as in] the fairytale land of Oz.” E.g., UFO witnesses commonly report that their neighborhood strangely lacked, during the sighting experience, the usual background sounds of barking dogs or other animal sounds. UFO investigators may note that there were no other witnesses to a daylight sighting in a populated area, or that no motor vehicles were seen on what is normally a busy city street. Randles adds: “There appears to be a zone of influence surrounding these close encounters. If you are inside of it, then you experience the episode in all its glory and as a total reality. If you are outside of it, then the UFO sighting might as well not have happened.

“The Oz factor certainly points to consciousness as the focal point of the UFO encounter…Subjective data that override objective reality could be internal [from our subconscious], external [e.g., from some other intelligent agency], or both…The encounter has a visionary component. You might interpret that as meaning it is all in the imagination. But it really means that there is a direct feed, if you like, from the source of the encounter to the consciousness of the witness…Some witnesses report a strange sensation prior to the encounter — a sort of mental tingling as if they are aware that something is about to happen. They just have to look up and see what is there, as if it had called to them silently…Then time seems to disappear and lose all meaning.” See MUFON UFO Journal, June 2004, pgs.18-19; also Reality Transformation.

A direct feed, from causative agency to consciousness of the witness, appears in cases of astro-alignment. E.g., witnesses may be sky watching, perhaps with binoculars or small telescope, and see a lighted object slowly approach the moon and then move precisely around the edge. Parallax would prevent other observers, even a short distance away, from seeing the same display. Witnesses get the impression the display was staged precisely for them. An isolated case of such astro-alignment could be coincidence but there are multiple instances. See CUFOS International UFO Reporter, October 2009.

– UFO Help

For those willing to take in a double-header, former British MOD UFO Desk manager Nick Pope will be speaking at Phoenix MUFON, 2 PM, Saturday, March 16 at University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, with a skywatch following in the evening. Pope will discuss the events at RAF Bentwaters and the deeper questions behind the UFO enigma.

Two years later, the basic questions remain unanswered — What did every one see? Why so few photographs taken? Why did the then-Governor mock the witnesses and then, a decade later, make the claim that he was a witness?

If it was a test of advanced, experimental terrestrial aerospace technology, why was it conducted in the 5th busiest airspace in the country at the time? If it was a test of advanced mass perception management technology what was the point, how much did it cost to develop and how is that technology being used?

What do we make of the reports that Luke Air Force base was closed down briefly at 9 PM while a large black triangular object made a short stop on the ramp and took off again, headed northwest? What do we make of the reports that Air Force operations rooms around the state were very concerned about the events unfolding in the skies over Arizona?

What do we make of the continuing and now increasing number of people coming forward over a decade later, to file a report on a cold, cold case for which there is no publicity value, most of which tend to match the kinds of reports delivered in the immediate aftermath of the evening?

What happened to the 650 odd observer’s names and contact information that was delivered to Village Labs by Councilwoman Frances Barwood? And what happened to the videotape of the overflight of a downtown hotel that was intercepted on the way to her office from the witness who took it?

How do we correlate other reports from around the nation in the days prior to and following the event of other similar large, silent black objects?

Who had the means, motive and opportunity to perpetrate a wave of reports of phenomenally large objects across an entire state on the occasion when the appearance of a comet would insure some percent of the population would be looking at the right direction at the right time? Who benefited by the wave of reports? What was the benefit of such a display?

The list goes on and on.

But the biggest question of all remains unasked.

How could an event of this magnitude go un-investigated by responsible authorities and unexplained — other than the unsatisfying and debatable assertion that a small number of lights captured on video were military illumination flares?

The answer can only be that the authorities do not want to reveal the true nature of the origin of the reports — if they know it — for whatever reason. Which makes us wonder why that would be the case. What is so secret that it requires keeping a major event of this nature an enigma, relegated to cultural myth, thinly shrouded in a flimsy wrapping of late night training operations?

And why don’t we, as a society, care?

In his final book, the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek decried the lack of investigation into the subject by presumably responsible agencies — The FAA, USAF and NASA. A thoughtful treatise on this subject was penned by author Leslie Kean in 2002.

Beyond the events across Arizona a decade and a half ago, the entire UFO enigma remains officially unaddressed, relegated to non-status by a kangaroo court of sham investigation by the University of Colorado in the late ’60’s. By not even looking into it properly, our political and academic leadership is denying a path of inquiry that could presumably lead to a paradigm shifting moment in the development of our civilization.

What are they afraid of?

Alternative hermeneutics: The Dragon as “The New World Order/Leader”

An alternative, non-exopolitical interpretation of Pope Francis I role as the False Prophet would frame him in a dominant role model supporting the imposition of a false cosmology accompanying a world police state commonly referred to as the “New World Order”, supporting “anti-Christic” institutions and leaders, that is institutions and leaders that are genuinely Source-directed.

“Washington’s Pope”: Pope Francis I close ties with military dictatorship on Argentina

In “Washington’s Pope”? Who is Pope Francis I? Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Argentina’s “Dirty War”, Prof Michel Chossudovsky writes:
The Vatican conclave has elected Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as Pope Francis I

Who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio? 

In 1973, he had been appointed “Provincial” of Argentina for the Society of Jesus.

In this capacity, Bergoglio was the highest ranking Jesuit in Argentina during the military dictatorship led by General Jorge Videla (1976-1983).

He later became bishop and archbishop of Buenos Aires. Pope John Paul II elevated him to the title of cardinal in 2001

When the military junta relinquished power in 1983, the duly elected president Raúl Alfonsín set up a Truth Commission pertaining to the crimes underlying the “Dirty War” (La Guerra Sucia).

The military junta had been supported covertly by Washington.

US. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger played a behind the scenes role in the 1976 military coup.

    Kissinger’s top deputy on Latin America, William Rogers, told him two days after the coup that “we’ve got to expect a fair amount of repression, probably a good deal of blood, in Argentina before too long.” … (National Security Archive, March 23, 2006)

“Operation Condor”

Ironically, a major trial opened up in Buenos Aires on March 5, 2013 a week prior to Cardinal Bergoglio’s investiture as Pontiff. The ongoing trial in Buenos Aires is: “to consider the totality of crimes carried out under Operation Condor, a coordinated campaign by various US-backed Latin American dictatorships in the 1970s and 1980s to hunt down, torture and murder tens of thousands of opponents of those regimes.”

For further details, see Operation Condor: Trial On Latin American Rendition And Assassination Program By Carlos Osorio and Peter Kornbluh, March 10, 2013

The military junta led by General Jorge Videla was responsible for countless assassinations, including priests and nuns who opposed military rule following the CIA sponsored March 24, 1976 coup which overthrew the government of Isabel Peron:

”Videla was among the generals convicted of human rights crimes, including “disappearances”, torture, murders and kidnappings. In 1985, Videla was sentenced to life imprisonment at the military prison of Magdalena.”

Wall Street and the Neoliberal Economic Agenda

One of the key appointments of the military junta (on the instructions of Wall Street) was the Minister of Economy, Jose Alfredo Martinez de Hoz, a member of Argentina’s business establishment and a close friend of David Rockefeller.

The neoliberal macro-economic policy package adopted under Martinez de Hoz was a “carbon copy” of that imposed in October 1973 in Chile by the Pinochet dictatorship under advice from the  “Chicago Boys”, following the September 11, 1973 coup d’Etat and the assassination of president Salvador Allende.

Wages were immediately frozen by decree. Real purchasing power collapsed by more than 30 percent in the 3 months following the March 24, 1976 military coup. (Author’s estimates, Cordoba, Argentina, July 1976). The Argentinean population was impoverished.

Under the helm of Minister of Economy Jose Alfredo Martinez de Hoz, central bank monetary policy was largely determined by Wall Street and the IMF. The currency market was manipulated. The Peso was deliberately overvalued leading to an insurmountable external debt. The entire national economy was precipitated into bankruptcy.

Wall Street and the Catholic Church Hierarchy

Wall Street was firmly behind the military Junta which waged “The Dirty War” on its behalf. In turn, the Catholic Church hierarchy played a central role in sustaining the legitimacy of the military Junta.

The Order of Jesus –which represented the Conservative yet most influential faction within the Catholic Church, closely associated with Argentina’s economic elites– was firmly behind the military Junta, against so-called “Leftists” in the Peronista movement.

“The Dirty War”: Allegations directed Against Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Condemning the military dictatorship (including its human rights violations) was a taboo within the Catholic Church.  While the upper echelons of the Church were supportive of the military Junta, the grassroots of the Church was firmly opposed to the imposition of military rule.

In 2005, human rights lawyer Myriam Bregman filed a criminal suit against Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, accusing him of conspiring with the military junta in the 1976 kidnapping of two Jesuit priests.

Several years later, the survivors of the “Dirty War” openly accused Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of complicity in the kidnapping of  priests Francisco Jalics y Orlando Yorio as well six members of their parish,  (El Mundo, 8 November 2010)

Bergoglio, who at the time was “Provincial” for the Society of Jesus, had ordered the two “Leftist” Jesuit priests and opponents of military rule  “to leave their pastoral work” (i.e. they were fired) following divisions within the Society of Jesus regarding the role of the Catholic Church and its relations to the military Junta.

While the two priests Francisco Jalics y Orlando Yorio, kidnapped by the death squads in May 1976 were released five months later. after having been tortured, six other people associated with their parish kidnapped as part of the same operation were “disappeared” (desaparecidos). These included four teachers associated with the parish and two of their husbands.

Upon his release, Priest Orlando Yorio “accused Bergoglio of effectively handing them over [including six other people] to the death squads … Jalics refused to discuss the complaint after moving into seclusion in a German monastery.” (Associated Press, March 13, 2013, emphasis added),

    “During the first trial of leaders of the military junta in 1985, Yorio declared, “I am sure that he himself gave over the list with our names to the Navy.” The two were taken to the notorious Navy School of Mechanics (ESMA) torture center and held for over five months before being drugged and dumped in a town outside the city. (See Bill van Auken, “The Dirty War” Pope, World Socialist Website and Global Research, March 14, 2013

Among those “disappeared” by the death squads were Mónica Candelaria Mignone and María Marta Vázquez Ocampo, respectively daughter of the founder of of the CELS (Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales) Emilio Mignone and daughter of the president of Madres de Plaza de Mayo, Martha Ocampo de Vázquez. (El Periodista Online, March 2013).

María Marta Vásquez, her husband César Lugones (see picture right) and Mónica Candelaria Mignone allegedly “handed over to the death squads” by Jesuit “Provincial” Jorge Mario Bergoglio are among the thousands of “desaparecidos” (disappeared) of Argentina’s “Dirty War”, which was supported covertly by Washington under “Operation Condor”. (See memorialmagro.com.ar)

In the course of the trial initiated in 2005:

    “Bergoglio [Pope Francis I] twice invoked his right under Argentine law to refuse to appear in open court, and when he eventually did testify in 2010, his answers were evasive”: “At least two cases directly involved Bergoglio. One examined the torture of two of his Jesuit priests — Orlando Yorio and Francisco Jalics — who were kidnapped in 1976 from the slums where they advocated liberation theology. Yorio accused Bergoglio of effectively handing them over to the death squads… by declining to tell the regime that he endorsed their work. Jalics refused to discuss it after moving into seclusion in a German monastery.” (Los Angeles Times, April 1, 2005)

“Holy Communion for the Dictators” 

The accusations directed against Bergoglio regarding the two kidnapped Jesuit priests and six members of their parish are but the tip of the iceberg. While Bergoglio was an important figure in the Catholic Church,  he was certainly not alone in supporting the Military Junta.

According to lawyer Myriam Bregman:  “Bergoglio’s own statements proved church officials knew from early on that the junta was torturing and killing its citizens”, and yet publicly endorsed the dictators. “The dictatorship could not have operated this way without this key support,” (Los Angeles Times, April 1, 2005 emphasis added)

The entire Catholic hierarchy was behind the US sponsored military dictatorship.  It is worth recalling that on March 23, 1976, on the eve of the military coup:

    “Videla and other plotters received the blessing of the Archbishop of Paraná, Adolfo Tortolo, who also served as vicar of the armed forces. The day of the takeover itself, the military leaders had a lengthy meeting with the leaders of the bishop’s conference. As he emerged from that meeting, Archbishop Tortolo stated that although “the church has its own specific mission . . . there are circumstances in which it cannot refrain from participating even when it is a matter of problems related to the specific order of the state.” He urged Argentinians to “cooperate in a positive way” with the new government.” (The Humanist.org, January 2011, emphasis added)

In an interview conducted with El Sur, General Jorge Videla, who is now serving a life sentence for crimes against humanity confirmed that:

    “He kept the country’s Catholic hierarchy informed about his regime’s policy of “disappearing” political opponents, and that Catholic leaders offered advice on how to “manage” the policy. 

    Jorge Videla said he had “many conversations” with Argentina’s primate, Cardinal Raúl Francisco Primatesta, about his regime’s dirty war against left-wing activists. He said there were also conversations with other leading bishops from Argentina’s episcopal conference as well as with the country’s papal nuncio at the time, Pio Laghi.

    “They advised us about the manner in which to deal with the situation,” said Videla” (Tom Henningan, Former Argentinian dictator says he told Catholic Church of disappeared,  Irish Times, July 24, 2012, emphasis added)

It is worth noting that according to a 1976 statement by Archbishop Adolfo Tortolo, the military would always consult with a member of the Catholic hierarchy in the case of the “arrest” of a grassroots member of  the clergy. This statement was made specifically in relation to the two kidnapped Jesuit priests, whose pastoral activities were under the authority of Society of Jesus “provincial” Jorge Mario Bergoglio. (El Periodista Online, March 2013).

In endorsing the military Junta, the Catholic hierarchy was complicit in torture and mass killings, an estimated “22,000 dead and disappeared, from 1976 to  1978  … Thousands of additional victims were killed between 1978 and 1983 when the military was forced from power.” (National Security Archive, March 23, 2006).

The Role of the Vatican

The Vatican under Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II played a central  in supporting the Argentinian military Junta.

Pio Laghi, the Vatican’s apostolic nuncio to Argentina admitted “turning a blind eye” to the torture and massacres.

Laghi had personal ties to members of the ruling military junta including  General Jorge Videla and Admiral Emilio Eduardo Massera.

Admiral Emilio Massera in close liaison with his US handlers, was the mastermind of “La Guerra Sucia” (The Dirty War). Under the auspices of the military regime, he established:

    “an interrogation and torture centre in the Naval School of Mechanics, ESMA [close to Buenos Aires], … It was a sophisticated, multi-purpose establishment, vital in the military plan to assassinate an estimated 30,000 “enemies of the state”. …  Many thousands of ESMA’s inmates, including, for instance, two French nuns, were routinely tortured mercilessly before being killed or dropped from aircraft into the River Plata.

    Massera, the most forceful member of the triumvirate, did his best to maintain his links with Washington. He assisted in the development of Plan Cóndor, a collaborative scheme to co-ordinate the terrorism being practised by South American military régimes. (Hugh O’Shaughnessy, Admiral Emilio Massera: Naval officer who took part in the 1976 coup in Argentina and was later jailed for his part in the junta’s crimes, The Independent, November 10, 2010, emphasis added)

Reports confirm that the Vatican’s representative Pio Laghi and Admiral Emilio Emilio Massera were friends.

(right: Admiral Emilio Massera, architect of “The Dirty War” received by Pope Paul VI at the Vatican)

The Catholic Church: Chile versus Argentina

It is worth noting that  in the wake of the military coup in Chile on September 11,1973, the Cardinal of Santiago de Chile, Raul Silva Henriquez openly condemned the military junta led by General Augusto Pinochet. In marked contrast to Argentina, this stance of the Catholic hierarchy in Chile was instrumental in curbing the tide of political assassinations and human rights violations directed against supporters of Salvador Allende  and opponents of the military regime.

    The man behind the interfaith Comité Pro-Paz was Cardinal Raúl Silva Henríquez. Shortly after the coup, Silva, … stepped into the role of “upstander,”a term the author and activist Samantha Power coined to distinguish people who stand up to injustice—often at great personal risk—from “bystanders.”

    … Soon after the coup, Silva and other church leaders published a declaration condemning and expressing sorrow for the bloodshed. This was a fundamental turning point for many members of the Chilean clergy… The cardinal visited the National Stadium and, shocked by the scale of the government crackdown, instructed his aides to begin collecting information from the thousands flocking to the church for refuge.

    Silva’s actions led to an open conflict with Pinochet, who did not hesitate to threaten the church and the Comité  Pro-Paz. (Taking a Stand Against Pinochet: The Catholic Church and the Disappeared pdf)

Had the Catholic hierarchy in Argentina  and Jorge Mario Bergoglio taken a similar stance to that of Cardinal Raul Silva Henriquez, thousands of lives would have been saved.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio was not, in the words of Samantha Powers, a “bystander”. He was complicit in extensive crimes against humanity.

Neither is Pope Francis “a Man of the People” committed to “helping the poor” in the footsteps of Saint Francis of Assisi, as portrayed in chorus by the Western media mantra. Quite the opposite: his endeavors under the military Junta, consistently targeted progressive members of the Catholic clergy as well as committed human rights activists involved in grassroots anti-poverty programs.

In supporting Argentina’s “Dirty War”, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has blatantly violated the very tenets of Christian morality which cherish  the value of human life.

“Operation Condor” and the Catholic Church

The election of Cardinal Bergoglio by the Vatican conclave to serve as Pope Francis I will have immediate repercussions regarding the ongoing “Operation Condor” Trial in Buenos Aires.

The Church was involved in supporting the military Junta.  This is something which will emerge in the course of the trial proceedings.  No doubt, there will be attempts to obfuscate the role of the Catholic hierarchy and the newly appointed Pope Francis I,  who served as head of Argentina’s Jesuit order during the military dictatorship.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio:  “Washington’s Pope in the Vatican”? 

The election of Pope Francis I has broad geopolitical implications for the entire Latin American  region.

In the 1970s, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was supportive of a US sponsored military dictatorship.

The Catholic hierarchy in Argentina supported the military government. The Junta’s program of torture, assassinations and ‘disappearances” of thousands of political opponents was coordinated and supported by Washington under the CIA’s “Operation Condor”.

Wall Street’s interests were sustained through Jose Alfredo Martinez de Hoz’ office at the Ministry of Economy.

The Catholic Church in Latin America is politically influential. It also has a grip on public opinion. This is known and understood by the architects of US foreign policy as well as US intelligence.

In Latin America, where a number of governments are now challenging US hegemony, one would expect –given Bergoglio’s track record–  that the new Pontiff Francis I as leader of the Catholic Church, will play de facto, a discrete “undercover” political role on behalf of Washington.

With Jorge Bergoglio, Pope Francis I  in the Vatican –who faithfully served US interests in the heyday of General Jorge Videla and Admiral Emilio Massera–  the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Latin America can once again be effectively manipulated to undermine “progressive” (Leftist) governments, not only in Argentina (in relation to the government of Cristina Kirschner) but throughout the entire region, including Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia.

The instatement of  “a pro-US pope” occurred a week following the death of  president Hugo Chavez.

“Regime Change” at the Vatican

The US State Department routinely pressures members of the United Security Council with a view to influencing the vote pertaining to Security Council resolutions.

US covert operations and propaganda campaigns are routinely applied with a view to influencing national elections in different countries around the World.

Similarly, the CIA has a longstanding covert relationship with the Vatican.

Did the US government attempt to influence the outcome of the election of the new pontiff?

Firmly committed to serving US foreign policy interests in Latin America, Jorge Mario Bergoglio was Washington’s preferred candidate.

Were undercover pressures discretely exerted by Washington, within the Catholic Church, directly or indirectly, on the 115 cardinals who are members of the Vatican conclave?

Author’s Note (Chossudovsky)

From the outset of the military regime in 1976, I was Visiting Professor at the Social Policy Institute of the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina. My major research focus at the time was to investigate the social impacts of the deadly macroeconomic reforms adopted by the military Junta. 

I was teaching at the University of Cordoba during the initial wave of assassinations which also targeted progressive grassroots members of the Catholic clergy.

The Northern industrial city of Cordoba was the center of the resistance movement. I witnessed how the Catholic hierarchy actively and routinely supported the military junta, creating an atmosphere of  intimidation and fear throughout the country. The general feeling at the time was that Argentinians had been betrayed by the upper echelons of the Catholic Church.

Three years earlier, at the time of Chile’s September 11, 1973 military coup, leading to the overthrow of the Popular Unity government of Salvador Allende,  I was Visiting Professor at the Institute of Economics, Catholic University of Chile, Santiago de Chile.

In the immediate wake of the coup in Chile,  I witnessed how the Cardinal of Santiago, Raul Silva Henriquez –acting on behalf of the Catholic Church– confronted the military dictatorship


The Jesuit Oath Exposed
“Go ye, then, into all the world and take possession of all lands in the name of the Pope. He who will not accept him as the Vicar of Jesus and his Vice-Regent on earth, let him be accursed and exterminated.”
Professor Arthur Noble

[The following is the text of the Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction as recorded in the Journals of the 62nd Congress, 3rd Session, of the United States Congressional Record (House Calendar No. 397, Report No. 1523, 15 February, 1913, pp. 3215-3216), from which it was subsequently torn out. The Oath is also quoted by Charles Didier in his book Subterranean Rome (New York, 1843), translated from the French original. Dr. Alberto Rivera, who escaped from the Jesuit Order in 1967, confirms that the induction ceremony and the text of the Jesuit Oath which he took were identical to what we have cited below. – A. N.]

When a Jesuit of the minor rank is to be elevated to command, he is conducted into the Chapel of the Convent of the Order, where there are only three others present, the principal or Superior standing in front of the altar. On either side stands a monk, one of whom holds a banner of yellow and white, which are the Papal colours, and the other a black banner with a dagger and red cross above a skull and crossbones, with the word INRI, and below them the words IUSTUM NECAR REGES IMPIUS. The meaning of which is: It is just to exterminate or annihilate impious or heretical Kings, Governments, or Rulers.

Upon the floor is a red cross at which the postulant or candidate kneels. The Superior hands him a small black crucifix, which he takes in his left hand and presses to his heart, and the Superior at the same time presents to him a dagger, which he grasps by the blade and holds the point against his heart, the Superior still holding it by the hilt, and thus addresses the postulant:

(The Superior speaks:)

My son, heretofore you have been taught to act the dissembler: among Roman Catholics to be a Roman Catholic, and to be a spy even among your own brethren; to believe no man, to trust no man. Among the Reformers, to be a Reformer; among the Huguenots, to be a Huguenot; among the Calvinists, to be a Calvinist; among other Protestants, generally to be a Protestant; and obtaining their confidence, to seek even to preach from their pulpits, and to denounce with all the vehemence in your nature our Holy Religion and the Pope; and even to descend so low as to become a Jew among Jews, that you might be enabled to gather together all information for the benefit of your Order as a faithful soldier of the Pope. You have been taught to plant insidiously the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace, and to incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace; to take sides with the combatants and to act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected, only that the Church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditions fixed in the treaties for peace and that the end justifies the means. You have been taught your duty as a spy, to gather all statistics, facts and information in your power from every source; to ingratiate yourself into the confidence of the family circle of Protestants and heretics of every class and character, as well as that of the merchant, the banker, the lawyer, among the schools and universities, in parliaments and legislatures, and the judiciaries and councils of state, and to be all things to all men, for the Pope’s sake, whose servants we are unto death. You have received all your instructions heretofore as a novice, a neophyte, and have served as co-adjurer, confessor and priest, but you have not yet been invested with all that is necessary to command in the Army of Loyola in the service of the Pope. You must serve the proper time as the instrument and executioner as directed by your superiors; for none can command here who has not consecrated his labours with the blood of the heretic; for “without the shedding of blood no man can be saved”. Therefore, to fit yourself for your work and make your own salvation sure, you will, in addition to your former oath of obedience to your order and allegiance to the Pope, repeat after me:

(Text of the Oath:)

I_______________ , now in the presence of Almighty God, the blessed Virgin Mary, the blessed St. John the Baptist, the Holy Apostles, St. Peter and St. Paul, and all the saints, sacred host of Heaven, and to you, my Ghostly Father, the superior general of the Society of Jesus, founded by St. Ignatius Loyola, in the pontification of Paul the Third, and continued to the present, do by the womb of the Virgin, the matrix of God, and the rod of Jesus Christ, declare and swear that His Holiness, the Pope, is Christ’s Vice-Regent and is the true and only head of the Catholic or Universal Church throughout the earth; and that by the virtue of the keys of binding and loosing given to His Holiness by my Saviour, Jesus Christ, he hath power to depose heretical Kings, Princes, States, Commonwealths, and Governments, and they may be safely destroyed. Therefore to the utmost of my power I will defend this doctrine and His Holiness’s right and custom against all usurpers of the heretical or Protestant authority whatever, especially the Lutheran Church of Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and the now pretended authority and Churches of England and Scotland, and the branches of same now established in Ireland and on the continent of America and elsewhere and all adherents in regard that they may be usurped and heretical, opposing the sacred Mother Church of Rome. I do now denounce and disown any allegiance as due to any heretical king, prince or State, named Protestant or Liberal, or obedience to any of their laws, magistrates or officers. I do further declare the doctrine of the Churches of England and Scotland of the Calvinists, Huguenots, and others of the name of Protestants or Masons to be damnable, and they themselves to be damned who will not forsake the same. I do further declare that I will help, assist, and advise all or any of His Holiness’s agents, in any place where I should be, in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Ireland or America, or in any other kingdom or territory I shall come to, and do my utmost to extirpate the heretical Protestant or Masonic doctrines and to destroy all their pretended powers, legal or otherwise. I do further promise and declare that, notwithstanding, I am dispensed with to assume any religion heretical for the propagation of the Mother Church’s interest; to keep secret and private all her agents’ counsels from time to time, as they entrust me, and not to divulge, directly or indirectly, by word, writing or circumstances whatever; but to execute all that should be proposed, given in charge, or discovered unto me by you, my Ghostly Father, or any of this sacred order. I do further promise and declare that I will have no opinion or will of my own or any mental reservation whatever, even as a corpse or cadaver (perinde ac cadaver), but will unhesitatingly obey each and every command that I may receive from my superiors in the militia of the Pope and of Jesus Christ. That I will go to any part of the world whithersoever I may be sent, to the frozen regions north, jungles of India, to the centres of civilisation of Europe, or to the wild haunts of the barbarous savages of America without murmuring or repining, and will be submissive in all things, whatsoever is communicated to me. I do further promise and declare that I will, when opportunity presents, make and wage relentless war, secretly and openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Masons, as I am directed to do, to extirpate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex nor condition, and that will hang, burn, waste, boil, flay, strangle, and bury alive these infamous heretics; rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women, and crush their infants’ heads against the walls in order to annihilate their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly I will secretly use the poisonous cup, the strangulation cord, the steel of the poniard, or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honour, rank, dignity or authority of the persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agents of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Father of the Society of Jesus. In confirmation of which I hereby dedicate my life, soul, and all corporal powers, and with the dagger which I now receive I will subscribe my name written in my blood in testimony thereof; and should I prove false, or weaken in my determination, may my brethren and fellow soldiers of the militia of the Pope cut off my hands and feet and my throat from ear to ear, my belly be opened and sulphur burned therein with all the punishment that can be inflicted upon me on earth, and my soul shall be tortured by demons in eternal hell forever. That I will in voting always vote for a Knight of Columbus in preference to a Protestant, especially a Mason, and that I will leave my party so to do; that if two Catholics are on the ticket I will satisfy myself which is the better supporter of Mother Church and vote accordingly. That I will not deal with or employ a Protestant if in my power to deal with or employ a Catholic. That I will place Catholic girls in Protestant families that a weekly report may be made of the inner movements of the heretics. That I will provide myself with arms and ammunition that I may be in readiness when the word is passed, or I am commanded to defend the Church either as an individual or with the militia of the Pope. All of which I,_______________, do swear by the blessed Trinity and blessed sacrament which I am now to receive to perform and on part to keep this my oath. In testimony hereof, I take this most holy and blessed sacrament of the Eucharist and witness the same further with my name written with the point of this dagger dipped in my own blood and seal in the face of this holy sacrament.

(He receives the wafer from the Superior and writes his name with the point of his dagger dipped in his own blood taken from over his heart.)

(Superior speaks:)

You will now rise to your feet and I will instruct you in the Catechism necessary to make yourself known to any member of the Society of Jesus belonging to this rank. In the first place, you, as a Brother Jesuit, will with another mutually make the ordinary sign of the cross as any ordinary Roman Catholic would; then one crosses his wrists, the palms of his hands open, and the other in answer crosses his feet, one above the other; the first points with forefinger of the right hand to the centre of the palm of the left, the other with the forefinger of the left hand points to the centre of the palm of the right; the first then with his right hand makes a circle around his head, touching it; the other then with the forefinger of his left hand touches the left side of his body just below his heart; the first then with his right hand draws it across the throat of the other, and the latter then with a dagger down the stomach and abdomen of the first. The first then says Iustum; and the other answers Necar; the first Reges; the other answers Impious. The first will then present a small piece of paper folded in a peculiar manner, four times, which the other will cut longitudinally and on opening the name Jesu will be found written upon the head and arms of a cross three times. You will then give and receive with him the following questions and answers:

From whither do you come? Answer: The Holy faith.

Whom do you serve? Answer: The Holy Father at Rome, the Pope, and the Roman Catholic Church Universal throughout the world.

Who commands you? Answer: The Successor of St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus or the Soldiers of Jesus Christ.

Who received you? Answer: A venerable man in white hair.

How? Answer: With a naked dagger, I kneeling upon the cross beneath the banners of the Pope and of our sacred order.

Did you take an oath? Answer: I did, to destroy heretics and their governments and rulers, and to spare neither age, nor sex, nor condition; to be as a corpse without any opinion or will of my own, but to implicitly obey my Superiors in all things without hesitation or murmuring.

Will you do that? Answer: I will.

How do you travel? Answer: In the bark of Peter the fisherman.

Whither do you travel? Answer: To the four quarters of the globe.

For what purpose? Answer: To obey the orders of my General and Superiors and execute the will of the Pope and faithfully fulfil the conditions of my oaths.

Go ye, then, into all the world and take possession of all lands in the name of the Pope. He who will not accept him as the Vicar of Jesus and his Vice-Regent on earth, let him be accursed and exterminated.

[Note: The following books on (or particularly relevant to) the Jesuits are held by the EIPS Library:

Anon.: The Female Jesuit. London, 1851

Anon.: The Mystery of Jesuitism. London, 1658

Anon.: The Secret Instructions of the Jesuits. London, 1824

Anon.: The Secret Instructions of the Jesuits. London, 1824

Barrett, E.B.: The Jesuit Enigma. London, 1929

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Wild, J.: Canada and the Jesuits. Toronto, 1889

Wylie, J.A.: Jesuitism: Its Rise, Progress and Insidious Workings. London, no date

Ybarra, T.R. (translator): The Kaiser’s Memoirs, by Wilhelm II. New York, 1922]

International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS.org) Arrest Warrant for Pope Francis I

A citizen’s tribunal of conscience, the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS.org) has issued an arrest warrant against Pope Francis I for alleged crimes he committed in Argentina. An ITCCS.org Jury concluded its case on January 30, 2013 for Pope Francis I predeccessor, Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI). “On February 4, 2013 a diplomatic note was issued to the Vatican Secretariat by a European government working with the ITCCS.org Common Law Court, concerning its impending Arrest Warrant against one of the accused, Joseph Ratzinger (aka Pope Benedict). On February 11, 2013 Joseph Ratzinger resigned as Pope,” according to the ITCCS Secretariat.

 International Arrest Warrant issued against Pope Francis I, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, for Crimes against Humanity and Child Trafficking
Posted on March 15, 2013 by itccs
Italians and others are empowered to apprehend the new Pontiff


The same Common Law Court that tried and sentenced his predecessor and other church and state officials has today issued an Arrest Warrant against the first Jesuit Pope in history, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
A signed and sealed copy of the Warrant is attached, and the text follows.

The Argentinian prelate assumed criminal liability and became subject to immediate arrest by occupying the Papal seat in the wake of the conviction of the Vatican as a criminal organization on February 25, 2013.
Bergoglio’s role in the death of Argentinian citizens during that country’s “Dirty War” and in the trafficking of the children of political prisoners also compelled the International Common Law Court of Justice to issue the Warrant today, which is one year in duration.
Italian and Argentinian citizens, and any man or woman, are authorized by the Warrant to be involved in Bergoglio’s public detaining.
“The Pope is the head of a predatory power that is waging an undeclared, centuries-old war against the entire non-Catholic world” commented ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett today in Vancouver, where he delivered a copy of the Arrest Warrant to the Catholic Archdiocese office.
“Since we and our children are being assaulted by a corporation that is a law unto itself, we have the right to defend ourselves and detain or stop altogether those responsible, as in any war”.
A Public Proclamation is being read out in twenty eight countries this week by ITCCS members, publicly banning those church and state officials who cannot be immediately arrested under these Warrants.

Citizens are encouraged to download and use the attached Warrant.
Issued by ITCCS Central Office
15 March, 2013


Oh Jesuit, Oh Jesuit! But Jesus was not like this!”

Source:  http://exopolitics.blogs.com/exopolitics/2013/03/informed-hermeneutics-researchers-identify-argentinian-pope-francis-1-as-possible-petrus-romanus-or-.html


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