Here we are having passed that special date that has occupied our hopes and dreams. ( Well at least for those who have been plauged by visions and whispers) . On the surface nothing seems to have changed.
After the 12. 21.2012 there was a significant and palpable feeling of disappointment . No trumpets, no blast of heavenly light. Certainly no sign of mass landings of craft or disclosure of any sort . No one simply dissolved.
For those who are high profile channellers it must have been very disappointing . In general there was an air of mocking, and sadness in the collective mind.
Communications from the realms above seemed apologetic, they also seemed to be somewhat at a loss to explain the ‘Damp Squib of an event’ . That had planted itself so firmly in the psyche of humans. Just look at the movies and literature that it spawned.
It is always a problem when promises are made and dates set. The child becomes excited and impatient. 
The change in vibrational frequency is a delicate event. It has been underway for many, many years. It happens to all not just those that sit cross legged meditating . They are facilitators, the needle point that allows the first break in the thick skin of consciousness .
For any who believe that maybe it has all been a fantasy I would point out that a major destructive war has been averted, violence world wide has reduced significantly and we have not been burnt to a crisp by the Sun.
Consciousness requires time to reach that critical point , the wave of awakening starts with a trickle and becomes a flood.
Those millions of fellow entities that exist outside of our planetary sphere know well the danger of exposure to a violent and unpredictable culture. 
This is a birth of a new form of consciousness not a just an arrival of other beings.

Before us is the promise of a new beginning still in its infancy., The fears of the past are diminishing in power as the World as we have known it begins its rapid decline.

The new time of consciousness is the time of universal unified consciousness. The old time is the time of the evolution of the egoic individualized consciousness. (emerging now is a new species and a new collective mind)  

During this previous cycle, consciousness has emerged from a tribal unconscious of spiritual equality into a dialectical struggle between those who dominate through the reinvention of reality and those who uphold the sufficiency of spiritual Reality. The upholders of the reinvention of reality have incarnated to play roles such as politicians, bankers, CEOs of pharmaceutical companies, etc.

This dialectical struggle has created the tension in consciousness that has dominated your line of force for the last six thousand years. This is the climax of the struggle between spirit and matter.

All the sacred books and teachers of holy truth have arisen solely for the purpose of upholding the remembrance of spiritual reality against the rising tide of materialism.

Even so, the followers of these sacred books and holy teachers themselves always end up reinventing reality and calling it by the name of yet another religion. In this way the progressive force of the upholders of the reinvention of reality have come to prevail. In this patriarchal script, the weight of matter always proves superior to the etheric mantle of spirit, which it easily tears to shreds. But this is soon to change.

The dialectic between spirit and matter is known as history, the progress of the reinventers of reality in time – the dominating patriarch – and their unceasing pursuit of power and total world conquest. History itself is a fabrication, moulded to suit the purposes of those that determine its purpose. A long endeavor undertaken by beings that have ruled in hidden realms by minions that have been no more than puppets.

Finally, about 500 years ago, the objective of conquering the entire line of force for the benefit of those upholding the reinvention of reality as the principle purpose of human existence had been attained. The last remnants of tribal consciousness could then be squeezed into this artificial matrix fueled by greed where money reigns as the supreme arbiter.

In this  final stage of the present time of consciousness, the seed within the DNA of human kind was able to flower. This was the age of the flowering of ego, male dominance and the triumph of the individualization of consciousness. In the New Time, comes the emergence and balance of the earth-centered feminine energy that does not fit into existing frameworks.

In this final age all vestiges of the tribal unconscious and the older hierarchies of spiritual reality were pushed aside in favor of the complete reinvention of Reality, the new world order. Consciousness was now privatized through media of mass communication. Anyone could think and do what they wanted – within the limits set by the protectors of the social order. What you call nature was devalued to the condition of a raw commodity resource bank where Earth’s precious resources were unfeelingly stripped and sold to the highest bidder.

The Elders of the stars have watched carefully assessing the progress of humanity gauging the vibrational forces that emanate from this sphere.

The time now ending is the Time of the Testing of Consciousness. It is the testing of the individual soul. Who you think you are and who you actually are, are two entirely different things.

You have theories about how you came to be which make no sense. You are closer to the truth when you place GOD (Galactic Ordering Dynamic) in the position of having created you. This Dynamic is the source of all life. It is vast in scope, integrated into all that exist, there is no beginning or end. It is primal intelligence and its purpose is to explore and create and return.

As the emanation of the Higher Reality, the template of your being was “fashioned” by divinely directed “biological engineers” in another line of force of reality. Our galaxy was selected as a test zone. The test zone was designed by cosmic engineers to accommodate sequences of aeons of consciousness in which your species was the test case for the emergence of “spiritual consciousness.

Following the final testing of the present time of consciousness, the New Time will dawn, the flowering of spiritual consciousness. For this we are being prepared as a new cosmic species.

Within our DNA is contained the mixture of all those participating entities as it unfolds and begins to flower the triumph will be known.


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