The Friendship Case

The Friendship Case
Space Brothers teach lessons of brotherhood

by Gerard Aartsen

Ongoing contacts between dozens of Italians and the Space Brothers during the course of two decades demonstrate the loving, supportive and respectful way in which the Space Brothers approach those of us on Earth.

“Their very appearance in our skies in friendship carries the cosmic message of brotherhood.” – George Adamski

Around the same time that George Adamski was openly establishing, on the advice of his space contacts, the international Get Acquainted Program (GAP) to foster greater understanding and friendship between people worldwide who were interested in the UFO phenomenon, the Space Brothers themselves were setting up similar efforts, albeit less publicly, in many countries around the world.

A large-scale and inspiring example of this has recently come to light in Italy where a considerable number of Space People, who were living and working in underground bases, had regular contact with dozens, if not hundreds of Italians. According to the recent documentary Il Caso Amicizia (‘The Friendship Case’), similar projects were going on in other European countries and in Siberia, South America and Australia at the same time.

Not long before his death, the prominent Italian psychologist and theologian Bruno Sammaciccia decided to disclose his experiences with a group of Space People, which started in 1956 and continued into the late 1970s. While this case, and especially the information coming from the Space Brothers, shows many striking parallels with the information coming from other contactees, it differs in that the humans involved were not taken aboard spacecraft, but rather given access to underground and underwater bases.

BrunoSammaciccia_GaspareDeLama.jpg (21171 bytes)
Bruno Sammaciccia (left), with Gaspare De Lama, and Bruno’s German Shepherd dog Dik that served as an ‘amplifier’ after the friends from space had implanted ‘nuclei’ in his paws.

Professor Sammaciccia, who held four university degrees and was nominated by UNESCO as ‘Man of the Year’ in 1982, had previously had “extensive experiences in paranormal phenomena” and “had met many Masters from the East”. In April 1956, Sammaciccia, who lived in Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy, and two of his friends, Giancarlo, an accountant, and Giulio, an engineer, had a strange experience. They were studying a map of Ascoli Piceno, north-west of Pescara, with regard to possible treasure hidden in the castle there, when a pen flew out of its penholder and landed on the map. When they took out a piece of paper, the pen wrote: “Now I am going to explain to you who I am, where I come from, and what I want to ask you; I am here to give you of our goodness and knowledge.” All the while they were experiencing a strange “beneficent sensation”.

“Are you ready?”

A few days later they went back to the castle in Ascoli Piceno, where they heard a voice say: “Now, my friends, stay calm, because I am going to have one of us appear. Are you ready or aren’t you?” As they met their space friends for the first time, they felt an intense emotion as first one then a second person appeared from behind a wall. One of the two men, who both spoke Italian, was over 2.5 metres tall, while the other was no more than a metre in height.

Bruno Sammaciccia’s fascinating account of what was to be a long-term, large-scale case of contact with the Space People was recently documented by the author Stefano Breccia, who included it in his book Mass Contacts, first published in Italian in 2006. Sammaciccia’s story gives many details and captures brilliantly not only the different characters of some of the people involved, but also the sense of humour displayed by the Space Brothers.

One unintentionally amusing episode describes when Dimpietro, a 3-metre tall extra-terrestrial, commonly referred to by the friends as “the poplar”, decided it was time to introduce himself to Sammaciccia’s wife Rafaella. When she came home she found Dimpietro sitting on the kitchen floor of their flat in Milan, because he didn’t want to scare her with his height. Unfortunately, when she saw the human “poplar” in her kitchen she was so frightened that she fled into the bedroom and remained there until her husband returned. Dimpietro was the commander of the largest base in central eastern Italy, while there were smaller bases below Lake Como near Milan, in Bologna, in Rome, in Pescara, in Pineto, and elsewhere.

On their first encounter the friends were told: “This is a critical time in human history. We are not here to conquer, because there is nothing to conquer. We have been on Earth for many centuries, living in secret bases around the planet.” And in response to concerns about their strongly ethical perspective on life compared to that of humans: “Our goodness and truth will be stronger than human doubts.”

Perego_Zinsstag_Adamski.jpg (15546 bytes)
From left to right: Italian diplomat and Amicizia participant Alberto Perego, Florence mayor Maioli, Swiss Adamski associate Lou Zinsstag, and George Adamski (June 1959)

Fostering friendship

While Professor Breccia was an engineer who admits he was more interested in the technology of the Space People, Sammaciccia’s interest was in their philosophy and ethics. The Space Brothers who contacted him and his friends actively worked to foster a sense of friendship and shared responsibility by going through the roundabout process of eliciting the group’s help in procuring food, fruits and even materials, which they could have clearly resourced in less conventional ways, if they even needed them at all. Sometimes the friends were reimbursed for the costs of the goods, but it was regularly left up to them to furnish the required funds.

As the Space Brothers taught the group: “Love in its most unselfish sense, as well as ethics, respect and altruism should guide every thought and every action. These values are essential to ensure a safe and healthy evolutionary process. A lesson that humanity has to put in practice, if it is to avoid the risk of terrible self-destruction.” According to the Space Visitors their main task was to make sure humanity would not use its nuclear arsenal and to help our evolutionary progress, trying to push us to a higher level of understanding, even sharing some of our suffering in the process.

In confirmation of Benjamin Creme’s insistence that the Space Visitors are utterly harmless, author Stefano Breccia, who had some encounters of his own, says in the documentary based on Sammaciccia’s account: “They said they were incapable of causing harm to anyone. Even their devices [which were consciously impregnated with their sense of ethics and morality] would refuse to harm anyone. Indeed, they said if they weren’t able to avoid hurting someone, then in that case they would self-destruct.”

Over the years the people who had experiences with the Space Brothers grew in number and included people from all walks of life: some rather well-known in Italian society, such as university professors, a television journalist, a famous painter, as well as the Italian consul Alberto Perego, who had his first sighting of a UFO over St Peter’s Basilica in Rome in December 1953.

While Bruno Sammaciccia refers to the Space People as ‘the W56′, with the number ‘56′ referring to the year when the contacts started, and ‘W’ being double ‘V’ for ‘Victory’, they referred to themselves as ‘Akrij’ (pronounced ‘Aukree’). Interestingly, ‘Akrij’ in one form or another, is a fairly familiar occurrence in terrestrial languages – in Sanskrit it means ‘sages’, in Egyptian it means ‘deities’, the Greek form means ‘people in high places’, while a similar word in Arabic translates as a ‘group of friends’.

In his story Bruno Sammaciccia relates how the Space Brothers were able to use any transistor radio to relay their messages. Many of these were recorded and one of the messages from the Brother referred to as Sigir is played in the video documentary about the Amicizia case:

“Dear friends… Do not doubt us, as none of us will waver. Stay united. United. United. Endure your mutual weaknesses, while struggling to improve your humanity and your friendship towards us.
Our world is hard for you to understand, dear friends. That is natural. However, with affection and trust you can be close to our hearts, which are always open towards you, and understand us more. We embrace you with warm affection and sincere friendship.
Yours, Sigir”

Worldwide effort

Apart from many details of the Space People’s advanced technology, knowledge and their control of natural laws reminiscent of the abilities of great avatars (Sai Baba) and senior disciples (Madame Blavatsky), a striking feature of this case is the similarity with George Adamski’s Get Acquainted Program (GAP). While an in-depth look at Adamski’s mission shows that the coming of the UFOs is not an event in itself, but is happening in support of the awakening of humanity to the spiritual realities of life and the return to the everyday world of the Elder Brothers of our Spiritual Hierarchy, the Friendship Case provides ample evidence that Adamski’s GAP was not an isolated attempt, but part of a worldwide effort by the Space Brothers.

Introducing GAP to his supporters around the world in 1957, Adamski wrote: “The idea is that the citizens of each nation, through these efforts, will grow into closer united friendship with their countrymen, without discrimination or divisions of any kind. In time it is hoped that these national efforts will overflow into worldwide understanding and friendship.”

Breccia’s book documents that the Friendship efforts were not limited to Italy, but that similar projects were going on in Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, South America and elsewhere. One of the main protagonists in Germany contacted Breccia after hearing about his plans to publish the story of Bruno Sammaciccia and his friends, and the writer added the information from his German contact to his book.

Unfortunately, over the years, discord arose among the Italian friends and the group eventually broke up, just as the 17 GAP chapters around the world withered with the passing of George Adamski. However, the documentary concludes that the real essence of the experience was “the immense example of love, dedication and respect that [the Space People] impressed in the hearts of the eyewitnesses” that are still alive. As Gaspare De Lama, one of the Amicizia participants, says: “They enriched me. They put me into contact with an almost impossible world full of love.”

The presence of the Space Brothers and the return of the Masters as our Elder Brothers, however, not only furnish proof but also guarantees that such a world is possible. We only need to take Their lessons to heart and put them into practice.

Ongamira_Argentina_space_bro_light_beings.jpg (25654 bytes)

Still photographs have recently surfaced from a film or video recording taken in circa 2006 in the Ongamira region in Argentina, north-east of the capital Buenos Aires, which shows beings of light coming out of the ground through a staircase or exit of light. The beings and the exit were not visible to the people present at the time of filming, but were only seen when the filmmaker looked at her images at home. Benjamin Creme has confirmed that the images are of Space Brothers (seen in the etheric) exiting a solid physical underground structure. Ongamira is in the Cordoba province of Argentina where, according to Benjamin Creme (Share International April 2000), local people interact with the Space Brothers based there. (Photographs: Monica Coll; source:


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Adamski on the issue of offering Proof
“…unless the person himself has that something necessary to recognize truth, it would make no difference what was presented as evidence, he still would want concrete proof to suit his own understanding, ignoring all the other minds in the world. It is almost like this: …as Jesus said, “…he who has the depth of life within his being needs none of these, but he who has not, as Jesus said, “shall ask for signs, but no signs shall be given,” for if they were, the doubters would not understand them. His words are just as true today. He who has the truth asks not for proof, for his inner feeling recognizes that truth which is in itself proof.

Was it not the so-called professed authorities in times gone by, as they are today, who criticized and disparaged everything proposed for the betterment of man? The kind of proof demanded was premature and could not in wisdom be given. But time and patience finally vindicated those who brought forth the ideas. Humanity is that much better off today because of them—not because of the skeptics! It is no different today…”      George Adamski

“We’ve been ordered to work up a national debunking campaign, planting articles in magazines and
arranging broadcasts to make UFO reports sound like Poppycock.” CIA report January 1953.

“The UFOs are known by the major governments in the world to be real, to exist, to be very advanced spacecraft… Most of the UFOs visiting this planet come from Mars and Venus. Most of them, even the Venusian ones, are made on Mars, which is a kind of great industrial planet. All of them are of subtle, etheric, not dense physical, matter. They can lower the vibrational rate of that matter until it comes within the range of our sight, so for a limited  period they are visible. Normally, unless you have etheric vision, they would be invisible, but to the Martians, the Venusians and so on, they are visible because they are in that same kind of energy. If you went to Mars, you would see nothing, yet there are more people on Mars than on this planet.

Their technology is thousands of years ahead of ours at the present time…All the planets, without exception, are inhabited… UFOs are  absolutely real. They cannot usually be seen by us because their normal state is on the higher etheric, not solid, physical levels. When we do see them, this is because they lower the vibrational rate of the vehicles to come within our vision, as a temporary manifestation…They help us in many ways and without them this earth would be a very painful place indeed. They mop up a great deal of the nuclear radiation which we release into the atmosphere through nuclear experimentation. Even if a test is underground, contaminated, poisoned dust flies up into the atmosphere. The space   beings have ‘implosion’ devices which neutralize this nuclear radiation. Without their assistance our rivers and streams would be undrinkable; we would, literally, be dying… Without their help we would be in a very sad state…Their intention is totally beneficial …All Hierarchies of all the planets in this system are in touch with each other, and everything that takes place in an extra-terrestrial sense takes place under Law.

So, why do the ruling elite worked steadily for the past 60+ years to cover-up UFO appearances? Because the truths of this matter will inspire/move us make great changes in the world   – to end war, poverty, wage slavery, & pollution & to rebuild the world so that everyone can flourish.  Such changes are naturally seen as tremendous threats to the ruling elite’s monopolies & the power they have over the people.

The Space Brothers are here out of concern for the way the Earth & the people are  being treated by the corrupt & powerful few. Laws that they are obliged to follow strictly limit the amount of assistance they can render their younger brothers on earth.  If they did too much for us, we would not learn the necessary lessons. 

Nobody, not even the Christ (AKA: Maitreya Buddha, the Imam Mahdi, Krisha, Kalki Avatar, the Messiah) and the Masters of Wisdom are allowed to do for us, what we can & must do for ourselves. They can share advice & information, send beams of energy to groups/individuals inspiring them to carry-on,  but the actual work of saving the planet & mankind must be done by the people. We have to save ourselves. We are told by people in touch with our planet’s Hierarchy that it is clear that  we will successfully break free from the corrupt ruling elite & build a beautiful new world based upon the principles of sharing, justice brotherhood/sisterhood & love. The only question is when and that depends upon the amount of work done by the people who are activily working for the impending changes.

Follow this link to get some ideas of what to expect:

An outline of what to expect from the future :   The Promise of the Future

The problems confronting us should be faced with courage, with truth, and understanding, as well as with the willingness to speak factually, with simplicity and with love, in the effort to expose the truth and clarify the problems which must be solved. The opposing forces…must be routed…”  The Tibetan

“Inside The Space Ships”  by George Adamski (1955) excerpt…

Most articles appearing on this web site have been published on this website with the
permission of Share International

“Extraterrestrials are our brothers, here to help” 
by Gerard Aartsen
Increasing sightings of UFOs raise important questions for both science and religion.

Inside The Space Ships 
by George Adamski  (1955)
excerpt from the book with the same name.

Invisible peril 
Global warming, toxic pollution, and radiation from nuclear power plants pose immediate threats to life on earth. Humanity must awaken to these dangers and change direction.

The Path to the Sun
by the Master — , through Benjamin Creme
The time is coming when humanity will learn the truth of the immeasurable service rendered to them by those from our sister planets using craft we call UFO’s.

The reality and work of the Space Brothers
by Janez Ferjancic
An interview with Benjamin Creme, explaining UFO activities, their purpose in creating crop circles and pointing to a future in which we on Earth will cooperate with them for mutual benefit.

Q. How much does the desire for power and control figure into the reason that the governments have been keeping UFO information from the public?
A. It is paramount. It is ignorance and fear that drives the governments to act as they do. They understand that if humanity knew that the Space Brothers really existed, and these spacecraft with such a command of space and time really existed, we could ask them to help, because our governments obviously do not know what to do. They could advise and teach humanity. Who needs governments like we have today when we have these beneficent, harmless beings waiting to help us?
–From: UFOs: Their Spiritual Mission — Questions & Answers with Benjamin Creme — Part 1

Q. What is the purpose of the Space Brothers’ underground bases on this planet? What are they doing there?
A. We have despoiled everything on this planet. All land, air, rivers, sea and oceans are polluted. The spaceships go down into the depths of the oceans and neutralize the pollution as far as they are allowed. We have stored nuclear energy waste in the Atlantic and Pacific, and the Space Brothers do their best to nullify the effects of these terrible sources of toxic waste, so they have a lot to do. It is an ongoing process. They have devices which can neutralize the worst elements of pollution, particularly that of high-level nuclear radiation. But they are limited by the Law of Karma in how much they are allowed to help us.
UFOs: Their Spiritual Mission — Questions & Answers with Benjamin Creme — Part 1

Countdown to Disclosure

Benjamin Creme discusses UFO’s and the Space Brothers,
the Environment, and Etheric Matter at his 2010 NYC lecture

UFOs & Ancient Wisdom  — Gerard Aartsen explains the situation.
The Space Brothers are here to help.

All the planets, without exception, are inhabited… UFOs are absolutely real. They cannot usually be seen by us because their normal state is on the higher etheric, not solid, physical levels. When we do see them, this is because they lower the vibrational rate of the vehicles to come within our vision, as a temporary manifestation…
Without their assistance our rivers and streams would be undrinkable; we would, literally, be dying… Without their help we would be in a very sad state…” 

— Benjamin Creme – 

Not a failed missile test.

“We’ve been ordered to work up a national debunking campaign, planting articles in magazines and arranging broadcasts to make UFO reports sound like Poppycock.”
–CIA report January 1953.  Obviously, they have been very persistent & successful.

So, why do the ruling elite  cover-up UFO appearances? Because they do not want to let go of their power. The ruling elite are ignorant & afraid of ending their monopolies.   They clearly are not interested in changingthe world. Evidently, they are very comfortable with things as they are (including: war, poverty, environmental degradation/pollution, & unemployment). 

Any changes to the status quo are viewed as big threats to the ruling elite’s power over the people. Threats to the status quo are also viewed as threats to the national security – which is really concerned about  keeping less than 1% of the people in power. 

Humanity  can and eventually will work very well with everyone flourishing & living in peace. The terribly dysfunctional human family will become functional.  That will require some help from a very special person, who the world has not yet met. He is known in some circles as the World Teacher. More details are linked to this page for anyone who wants to know about Him.

Watch for more UFO appearances  that will be far too awesome to be written off as “failed missile tests”. UFO activity is opening minds and stimulating thought all over the globe. Many millions know that they exist, but that those in power are keeping it all under wraps.   The major changes that we will see in the coming years are about LOVE, not religion. Religion is fine if you like it, but it is not mandatory.  In the coming decades, the human family will  build a beautiful new civilization that will be characterized by the principles of sharing, justice, brotherhood & love.

Photo of a UFO descending from clouds
in Palm Desert, California

Why don’t the space brothers  materialize a space ship at a large gathering of national leaders and approach them publicly? Why do they only make limited appearances? At this time, karmic laws prohibit them doing any more. They can’t do for us what we can and must do for ourselves and they can’t infringe man’s free will. They are working with Maitreya, the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom (who form the esoteric Spiritual Hierarchy for our planet) in service to humanity, doing everything that the law allows them to do to help us.   After Maitreya is working openly from the world stage and everyone knows about Him, the Space Brothers will become known and understood as our brothers and neighbours. 

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