The prisons

Piranesi (1720-1778) was an Italian artist who gained fame for his engravings of the views and architecture of Ancient Rome.


The prison is the place where humans are placed to be excluded from everyday interactions of the World. Their particular world is enclosed, with little chance of personal growth and joys are often restricted to the confines of their circumstances. It is in the main a miserable condition.

The world that is in existence at the moment for all humans is very much like that. Much of the populace is chained by debt and anchored securely to a system that ensures their free time is limited and social interaction occurs by proxy via on-line social groups.
The population, have their minds bombarded with trivia and constantly assaulted by manufactured desires that create unworthiness and envy.
The greatest and most restrictive of prisons is the mind and if that has its natural freedoms of expression and creativity halted then Depression, Anger, illness prevail.

The prisoner rarely raises their heads in case the guards interpret that small gesture one of defiance to authority. Yet authority belongs to no one but the individual. In a balanced sane society and culture agreements are made for interaction that produce no harm. One does not desire to become the overlord nor does one desire to cheat or manipulate.

The social forms that we call governments rule by fear and the threat of inflicting misery upon their people. Yet all contribute to their success in continued oppression.

Governments are elected so surely they should be mindful of their duties to the electorate. Yet time and again we see governments relinquish their power to great corporate entities that have managed to swallow much of the human and physical resources of the world.
To list all of the crimes against human kind would be exhaustive. It would be much better for you my dear friend to go and search for truth rather than be told. Examine your own and your fellows conditions, in all nations. Use your faculties of reason and skepticism to arrive not at anyone else’s view of truth but your own.


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