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How to grow a lemon tree from seed

May 27, 2014

Great info

Growing Wild

When life gives you lemons, grow trees!

If you’ve ever seen a flowering lemon tree, you’ll understand why. For those of you who haven’t, allow me explain. Their lush, dark green, oval leaves have a glossy texture that shimmers in sunlight. Their delicate white flowers bloom with a citrus fragrance and are soft to the touch. Their exotic nature provides an alluring quality. And, finally, they bear the exciting possibility of fruit!

Typically, lemon trees flourish outdoors year-round in hot, sunny regions, but they can also thrive indoors as edible houseplants in cold-season climates. At the organic food store where I work we have a healthy lemon cutting producing massive fruit in a garage setting all year. It makes for an impressive sight during the dead of a Canadian winter!

And while rooting cuttings is a sensible option for fast fruit, lemon tree cuttings are not readily available in many…

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Birthing Souls

May 26, 2014

Time/Space Nurseries and the Birth of Souls

When Dr. Michael Newton,, a certified Master Hypnotherapist, began regressing his clients back in time to access their memories of former lives, he stumbled onto a discovery of enormous proportions: that it is possible to see into the spirit world through the mind’s eye of subjects who are in a hypnotized or superconscious state; and that clients in this altered state were able to tell him what their soul was doing between lives on Earth. His book, Journey of Souls, presents ten years of his research and insights to help people understand the purpose behind their life choices, and how and why our soul – and the souls of those we love – lives eternally. His follow-up book, Destiny of Souls, is highly recommended as well. Also, you can check out Michael Newton’s touring schedule. In May of 2004, Dr. Newton’s new book entitled Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression was released. Dr. Newton is also the founder of The Society for Spiritual Regression. The following is an interesting take upon the ‘Birth of souls’

What was most astonishing to me when I read Dr. Newton’s series of book was the part about the Nursery. As I mentioned earlier, when souls become more advanced, they will be assigned certain tasks in the spirit world. Some are assigned jobs in the learning centres, while others get to work … in the Nursery, where new souls are born! I’m going to spend a little time on this section, because it is quite stunning.
It certainly seems like the concept of birth is not just something we experience in the physical; it also happens in the spirit world — souls are born as we speak!
Dr. Newton says that it’s quite unusual to get clients who can remember their own births as souls. When this happens, it’s often younger souls, who don’t have a long history; therefore it’s easier to remember. Still, even they have only fleeting memories of their own genesis. “Destiny of Souls”, chapter 5, starts out with a quote from one of the beginner souls, who have told very similar things. I need to quote in full here to give the reader the idea:

My soul was created out of a great irregular cloudy mass. I was expelled as a tiny particle of energy from this intense, pulsating bluish, yellow and white light. The pulsations send out hailstorms of soul matter. Some fall back and are reabsorbed but I continued outward and was being carried along in a stream with others like me. The next thing I knew, I was in a bright enclosed area with very loving beings taking care of me.
I remember being in a nursery of some sort where we were like unhatched eggs in a beehive. When I acquired more awareness I learned I was in the nursery world of Uras. I don’t know how I got there. I was like an egg in embryonic fluid waiting to be fertilized and I sensed there were many other cells of young lights who were coming awake with me. There was a group of mothers, beautiful and loving, who…pierced our membrane sacs and opened us. There were swirling currents of intense, nurturing lights around us and I could hear music. My awareness began with curiosity. Soon I was taken from Uras and joined other children in a different setting[14].
Now we’re going to describe the other side of this coin; the “nurses” in the nursery, who take care of the newborn souls. They are highly specialized in doing this task and are called Incubator Mothers. To become one, we have to be very advanced souls, because this task requires perfectionism, or the newborn will not develop as planned. Once again, I need to quote directly, because this is information I haven’t seen anywhere else, and still, according to Dr. Newton, he has had several cases who have described the same thing.
This soul’s name is Seena[15], and is what Dr.Newton calls a Level V soul, which means she is very advanced. N stands for Dr. Newton, who is asking the questions, and S stands for Seena:

N: Seena, what has been your most significant experience between your lives?

S: (without hesitation) I go to the place of…hatching — where souls are hatched. I am an Incubator Mother, a kind of midwife.

N: Are you telling me you work in a soul nursery?

S: (brightly) Yes, we help the new ones emerge. We facilitate early
maturation…by being warm, gentle and caring. We welcome them.

N: Please explain the surrounds of the place to me.

S: It’s…gaslike…a honeycomb of cells with swirling currents of energy above. There is intense light.

N: When you say “honeycomb,” I wonder if you means that the nursery has a beehive structure, or what?

S: Um, yes…although the nursery itself is a vast emporium without seeming to be limited by outside dimensions. The new souls have their own incubator cells where they stay until their growth is sufficient to be moved away from the emporium.

N: As an Incubator Mother, when do you first see the new souls?

S: We are in the delivery suite, which is a part of the nursery, at one end of the emporium. The newly arrived ones are conveyed as small masses of white energy encased in a god sac. They move slowly in a majestic, orchestrated line of progression toward us.

N: From where?

S: At our end of the emporium under an archway the entire wall is filled with a molten mass of high-intensity energy and…vitality. It feels as if it’s energized by an amazing love force rather than a discernible heat source. The mass pulsates and undulates in a beautiful flowing motion. Its color is like that on the inside of you eyelids if you were to look through closed eyes at the sun on a bright day.
N: And from out of this mass you see souls emerge?

S: From the mass a swelling begins, never exactly from the same site twice. The swelling increases and pushes outward, becoming a formless bulge. The separation is a wondrous moment. A new soul is born. It’s totally alive with an energy and distinctness of its own.

Dr. Newton’s note: Another one of my level Vs made this statement about incubation. “I see an egg-shaped mass with energy flowing out and back in. When it expands, new soul energy fragments are spawned. When the bulge contracts, I think it pulls back those souls which were not successfully spawned. For some reason these fragments could not make it on to the next step of individuality.”

N: What do you see beyond the mass, Seena?

S: (long pause) i see this beatific glow of orange-yellow. There is a violet
darkness beyond, but not cold darkness…it is eternity.

N: Can you tell me more about the line of progression of new souls moving toward you out of the mass?

S: Out of the fiery orange-yellow the progression is slow as each hatchling emerges from the energy mass. They are conveyed off to various points where mothering souls like myself are positioned.

N: How many mothers do you see?

S: I can see five nearby…who, like me…are in training. N: What are the responsibilities of an Incubator Mother?

S: We hover around the hatchlings so we can…towel-dry them after opening their gold sacs. Their progression is slow because this allows us to embrace their tiny energy in a timeless, exquisite fashion.

N: What does “towel-drying” mean to you?

S: We dry the new soul’s…wet energy, so to speak. I can’t really explain all
this well in human language. It’s a form of hugging new white energy. N: So, now you see basically white energy?
S: Yes, and as they come next to us — up close — I see more blue and violet glowing around them.

N: Why do you think this is so?

S: (pause, then softly) Oh…I see now…this is an umbilical…the genesis cord
of energy which connects each one.

N: From what you are saying, I get a picture of a long pearl necklace. The souls are the pearls connected in a line. Is this at all accurate?

S: yes, rather like a string of pearls on a silvery conveyer belt.

N: OK, now tell me, when you embrace each new soul — dry them out — does this give them life?

S: (reacts quickly) Oh, no. Through us — not from us — comes a life force of all-knowing love and knowledge. What we pass on with our vibrations during the drying of new energy is…the essence of a beginning — a hopefulness of future accomplishment. The mothers cal it…”the love hug.” This involves instilling thoughts of what they are and what they can become. When we enfold a new soul in a love hug it infuses this being with our understanding and compassion.

N: Let me carry this vibrational hugging one step further. Does each new soul have an individual character at this point? Do you add or subtract from its given identity?

S: No, this is in place upon arrival, although the new soul does not yet know who they are. We bring nurturing. We are announcing to the hatchling that it is time to begin. By…sparking…its energy we bring to the soul an awareness of its existence. This is the time of the awakening.

N: Seena, please help me here. When I think of obstetric nurses in a hospital maternity ward holding and nurturing new human babies, they have no idea what kind of person a baby will turn out to be. Do you function in the same manner — not knowing about the immortal character of these new souls?

S: (laughs) We function as nursery caregivers but this is not a human maternity ward. At the moment we embrace the new ones we know something of their identity. Their individual patterns become more evident as we unite our energy with them to give them sustenance. This allows us to better utilize our vibrations to activate — to ignite — their awareness. All this is part of their beginning.

N: As a trainee, how did you acquire this knowledge of the proper employment of vibrations with new souls?

S: This is something new mothers have to learn. If it is not performed properly, the hatchling souls move on not feeling fully ready. Then one of the Nursery Masters must step in later.

N: Can you take me a little further here, Seena? During your love hug, when you first embrace these souls, do you and the mothers discern an organized selection process behind the assignment of the new soul’s identity? For instance, could we ten courageous type souls come through followed by ten more cautious souls?

S: That is so mechanistic! Each soul is unique in its totality of characteristics created by a perfection that I cannot begin to describe. What I can tell you is that no two souls are alike — none — ever!

Dr. Newton’s note: I have heard from a few other subjects that one of the basic reasons each soul is different from the other is that after the Source
“breaks off” energy fragments to create a soul, what is left of the original mass becomes infinitesimally altered so it is not exactly the same as before. Thus, the Source is like a divine mother who would never create twin children.

N: (pressing, wanting my subject to correct me) Do you think this is a totally random selection? There is no order of characteristics with matched similarities of any kind? You know this to be true?

S: (frustrated) How could I know this unless I was a Creator? There are souls with similarities and those with none, all in the same batch. The combinations are mixed. As a mother I can tweak each major trait that I sense that this is why I can tell you no two have exactly the same combinations of character.

N: Well…(subject breaks in to continue)

S: I have the sense that there is a powerful Presence on the other side of the archway who is managing things. If there is a key to the energy patterns — we do not need to know of this…
Dr. Newton’s note: These are the moments I wait for in my sessions, where I try to push open the door to the ultimate Source. The door never opens more than a crack.

N: Please tell me what you feel about this Presence, about the energy mass which is bringing these new souls to you. Surely, you and other mothers must have thought about the origins of souls here even though you cannot see it?

S: (in a whisper) I feel the Creator is…close by…but may not actually be doing the work of…production…

N: (gently) Meaning the energy mass may not be the primary Creator? S: (uncomfortable) I think there are others who assist — I don’t know.

N: (taking another tack) Is it not true, Seena, that there are imperfections to the new souls? If they were created perfect, there would be no reason for them to be created at all by a perfect Creator?
S: (doubtfully) Everything here seems to be perfection.

N: (I temporarily move in another direction) Do you work only with souls
coming to Earth?

S: Yes, but they could go to all kinds of places. Only a fraction come to Earth. There are many physical worlds similar to Earth. We call them pleasure worlds and suffering worlds.

N: And do you know when a soul is right for Earth based upon your incarnation experience?

S: Yes, I do. I know that the souls who come to worlds such as Earth need to be strong and resilient because of the pain they have to endure along with the joy.

N: That’s my understanding, too. And when these souls become contaminated by the human body — particularly the young ones — this is because they are less than perfect. Might that be true?

S: Well, I suppose, yes.

N: (continuing) Which indicates to me that they must work to acquire more substance than they had originally in order to acquire full enlightenment. Would you accept that premise?

S: (long pause, then with a sigh) I think perfection is there…with the newly created. Maturity begins by the shattering of innocence with new souls, not because they are originally flawed. Overcoming obstacles makes them stronger but the acquired imperfections will never be totally erased until all souls are joined together — when incarnation ends.

N: Isn’t this going to be difficult with new souls being created all the time to take the place of those ending their incarnations on Earth?
S: This too will end when all people…all races, nationalities unite as one. This is why we are sent to places such as Earth to work.

N: So, when the training ends, will the universe we live in die as well?

S: It may die before. It doesn’t matter, there are others. Eternity never ends. It is the process which is meaningful because it allows us to…savour the experience and express ourselves…and to learn[16].

So far Dr. Newton. This section in his book continues with some interesting conclusions that he has made from studying cases of new souls. He has grouped them as a list of four differences about their existence after they are created:
1. There are energy fragments which appear to return to the energy mass that created them before they even reach the nursery. I do not know the reason for their being aborted. Others, who do reach the nursery, are unable to handle learning “to be” on an individual basis during early maturation. Later, they are associated with collective functions and, from what I can determine, never leave the spirit world.
2. There are energy fragments who have individual soul essences that are not inclined, or have the necessary mental fabric, to incarnate in physical form on any world. They are often found on mental worlds, and they also appear to move easily between dimensions.
3. There are energy fragments with individual soul essences who incarnate only on physical worlds. These souls may well receive training in the spirit world with mental spheres between lives. I do not find them as inter-dimensional travellers.
4. There are energy fragments who are souls with the ability and inclination to incarnate and function as individuals in all types of physical and mental environments. This does not necessarily give them more or less enlightenment than other soul types. However, their wide range of practical experience positions them for many specialization opportunities and assignments of responsibility[17].
Common for all newborn souls, it seems, is that they start out on a gradient; they are not immediately thrown down to the hungry wolves on planets like Earth and are expected to survive. Instead, they are practicing on mental worlds first, without biological life. These worlds are only semi-physical, as a light form. None of these very young souls are yet part of any soul group, but several souls are sent to these worlds at the same time, without necessarily knowing (about) each other. They meet each other in this reality and often browse these worlds together, just to have fun. This way they also learn to communicate with each other and how to live in communities. They have no responsibilities and can do whatever they want in these holographic worlds, especially created for this purpose. Not until each soul feels comfortable in these worlds can they move on to the next step in their learning process and eventually incarnate on Earth or other planets.
3.7 The Meaning of Life
The ultimate question, I guess, when you are in Dr. Newton’s position and able to ask the subjects anything you want, is what is the meaning of life and what Source (God) really is. Of course, the subjects may only be able to answer this up to their certain level of experience, but it’s obviously a great opportunity to ask.
Dr. Newton tried to get these questions answered by addressing them from many different angles, and the following is a sum up of sorts on what the subjects told
The Reason for Existence:
o The ultimate objective of souls is to seek unification with the supreme source of creative energy.
o To explore and experience life in the physical in different dimensions and universes. Universes are created to live and die for the use of the Source. However, souls never die.
o Our collective wisdom makes the Source stronger.
o To be given life so we can arrive at a state of perfection […] The Source creates for fulfilment of Itself […] It desires to express Itself through us, by birthing.

Lastly, here is a BBC documentary on NDE (Near Death Experiences) where people who have died and come back talk about what happened after they left their bodies. It totally coincides with Dr. Newton’s research. Only difference is that the people interviewed in the BBC documentary came back; the ones Dr. Newton interviewed did not. .
[1] The book can be ordered at
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[3] The word Phoenix in The Phoenix Lectures is not referring to the occult bird, The Phoenix, but to the town in Arizona where the lectures were held.
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[6] See Jane Roberts’ “Oversoul Seven” trilogy, which can be ordered at, and listen to the channeling of the Pleiadians by Barbara Marciniak for more information on the Oversoul.
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[18] The Source that the subjects are talking about is more likely the energetic Unum as a whole, described in the Physics Papers in the Science Section of this website. The Ultimate Source is everything

Science Fiction or Just a Matter of Time? Time Travel From Ancient Mythology to Modern Science

May 14, 2014

Time travel as always caught the imagination of writers and scientist alike. Even before Einstien described the possibility in his equations . Stories of incredible events are peppered about in history often forming a mythology or merely a curiosity . In this modern age the understanding of the physics of time and the regognition that it is ‘not constant ‘ opens the possibilities of temporal interpretation quite widely .



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AntiquityNOW and Ancient Origins, with offices in London, England and Springwood, Australia, will be partnering on blogs and educational materials.

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