More Startling Insight on Trump’s Election, The 11/11 Portal and DAPL Protectors ~ By Suzanne Spooner

A wonderful insight into the times. I agree that Trump is not as bad as the media has made out and will need a little bit of time to work it out. The others such as Hillary Clinton are damaged goods and were moulded that way from their early years. I feel they are fading away rapidly as many who are behind them are. Turbulent days ahead but eventually after a severe wake up things will change.

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Hi Everyone,

What a wild time it has been since posting “Startling Insight Into Donald Trump’s Election, Intention and the Science of Ascension Explained“. The post has been re-blogged in lovely places like Kauilapele’s Blog, Golden Age of Gaia and Stankov’s Universal Law Press and others. Todd, my client and subject of this session, and I are very grateful to the reception this post and YouTube Clip are receiving. We ultimately hope it brings peace, understanding and a higher way of viewing these incredible and chaotic times we all are living. We know it is reaching exactly who needs to see it.

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