If only

If only my love could fall upon the loveless, like gentle rain.

Soaking their fleshly clothes, seeping through those angry layers.

If only my words could reach those closed and troubled hearts.

Make my words like the wind that falls upon the face, drawn into their gasping breath.

Flow through lungs, branching through greedy veins and igniting their precious blood.

Let my words linger in the pools of precious blood and fill that heart with loving light.

Let my love sing the Sacred song that resonates in life. So all can dance in joy and love.

Should night fall upon us all let us call for the bringers of Creations light.

For many wander within the dream of dreams.

If only they could be woken by the gentle kiss of morning light.

Alas, it is not to be.

The wind of change that howls at the door will soon be wrapped around this naked soul.

Laughter from the cracks of thunderous light.

I know, I know, I come soon. I linger just awhile to feel the splendour and sigh.

I will remember.

20121011-022315 PM.jpg


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