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Anti-drone protest in UK over domestic opening of Reaper control center (VIDEO) — RT News

April 28, 2013

Anti-drone protest in UK over domestic opening of Reaper control center (VIDEO) — RT News.

Using Drones is a cowardly development in pesuit of destructive aggression  against populations. They remove personal responsibility for murderous actions and quite often as  seen in Pakistan result in indiscriminate death and destruction.  The arguement is that  it protects the lives of soldiers on the ground.  The greater reality is that these weapons like all weapons will quickly become available to anyone with enough money to buy them. They are mass produced and like all commodities of war are for sale on the world markets.

The very soldiers that they are intended to protect will become targets of the sae system.


Waiting on the World to Change

April 23, 2013

Waiting on the World to Change.
Possibly one of the best articles I have ever read. There is an aspect of human nature that is common to all humans that is a natural reluctance to lie. Strange as it may seem in this age. It can be seen in psychology and in the stress within the human organism. Our controllers ( politicians and the like) are not immune to this. Deep within their psyche they are tied just as we are to the collective mind. That mind is disparate to live in TRUTH by default.
The incompetent manner in which these attempts are produced indicates some need to reveal their real nature to the rest of the world. Change may come because the holes in the dam ae been produced by our efforts and at some point a flood of truth will ensue.

Solar Revolution

April 19, 2013

The Sun affects all aspects of life

The sun affects our lives to a much larger extend than what we have been aware of so far. Since our Sun is heading towards a rare activity maximum, it is most likely that we will be directly affected. Undoubtedly our sun determines our life. Without our sun there would be no life on earth – the sun creates  and sustains life. But it has an influence on human life that goes beyond the physical and biological aspect. Our sun influences our emotions and our consciousness and this influence extends to the point that one could even ask whether it may be possible that the sun determines our collective destiny?  If we include all available scientific data into the equation, this question can be answered with a clear yes.

The scientific discipline of ​​research that is concerned with the sun, goes back to 1915. The Soviet physicist Prof. Alexsandr Chizhevskii coined the term Heliobilogie. As the term suggests, the sun –  Helio (s) – and biology – the science of living – are brought together –
In the past decades, heliobiology has greatly advanced, taking into accout relevant data from nearly all disciplines of science – from astrophysics, radio astronomy and geophysics, to the medical fields. Summarizing the most relevant research, we can clearly say that the Earth is in a process of a comprehensive transformation in which our sun plays a major role. Solar acitivity has a significant influence on the electromagnetic fields of the earth.

Other factors i.e. radio waves and gravitational waves emerging from the center of our galaxy are additional variables which interact with each other and effect our biology.

Our moods and state of consciousness are determined by our neuro-chemical molecules (neurotransmitters and hormones), which can be activated and / or inhibited by these fields. The relevance of external electromagnetic fields for the neural structures of our brains become apparent when you take a look at the the resonant frequencies of the earth – the so called Schumann resonance frequencies – which are virtually indistinguishable from the electromagnetic fields of the human brain (see Fig. 1 below).

Fig. 1: The left side shows two electromagnetic frequencies of the Earth (Schumann Resonances).

On the right side you can see two EEG measures of electrical activity of the brain of a human.

The paralells in this graph confirm that the psychological and mental aspects of our human body interact with with external natural fields. Our body is constantly in communication and interaction with its environment. Like the EM fields of a cell phone are not confined to the spatial mass of a cell phone – and interact with remote EM fields and EM waves, there are direct connections between the EM fields of our body and the EM fields of the sun. Basically in our biological body is constantly in direct contact with EM fields from the entire cosmos. The prerequisite for this is the resonance , the equality of frequencies. Resonance occurs when the frequency between the transmitter and receiver are the same.

Recent research suggests even a resonance between the radio waves of a supernova located in the center of our galaxy and the resonance frequency of our DNA. Since the resonance frequency of our DNA was discovered,  some specialists in astrophysics have been on the lookout for such frequencies in space. The frequency in question is 150 MHz. As it stands, some radio astronomers have already been successful. Both our active sun, and some high-energy radiation sources from the deep reaches of our universe, emit the resonant frequency of our DNA[1].

I have been aware of the effects of 150 MHz based on my own scientific studies for a long time.  These radio waves (150 MHz is a frequency in the range of radio waves) can cause hallucinations in humans exposed to this field. These hallucinations can raise our cognitive abilities significantly and this effect can cause an increase of awareness. Due to the observed increase in the intensity of cosmic radio waves, it is inevitable that these events will have an impact on our perception and our consciousness. How exactly these factors affect our consciousness, is shown in my film SOLAR (R)EVOLUTION.

Thank you for joinig us on this journey!



A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest ~ With Suzanne Spooner

April 18, 2013

Note from Ron: Last week, after waiting months for the opportunity, I finally had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Suzanne Spooner. After we reviewed the recordings and discussed it, we have decided that there might very well be material that will be of value to others in what we recorded. I find that this is not an easy thing, publishing to the world what you have dredged up from your subconscious, but Suzanne has smoothed the way for me as well as let me keep personal things to myself, for which I cannot thank her enough. I offer this to anyone interested, for what you may glean from it. So! Here we go. Note from Suzanne Spooner: Several months ago my dear friend and fellow TAUKer had mentioned he would like to have a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session with me. Our only issue was the distance separating us. Ron lives in Florida, I live in Iowa and QHHT sessions must be done in person. I mentioned to Ron that my husband and I would be in St. Pete’s for vacation in April and would he consider the drive up from Miami for a session? He said yes and everything fell in line. We made plans for him to stay with us overnight in our rental home as his drive was substantial and his session would run about 4-5 hours. Mr. Head arrived, we sat down to dinner and conversation and talked a little about his upcoming session. As we sat down the next morning, I believe Ron mentioned that it felt like something big was going to happen! The room was already feeling electric with energy and I agreed with him. I didn’t want to lead him in expectations but thought that his channeling buddy, Archangel Michael might pop through for a chat during the time of the session where Ron’s High Self came through to answer the list of questions Ron had prepared. I had Archangel Gabriel come through at a session with a different client and The Council of Twelve came through at my own session once, so guest appearances weren’t uncommon. I advise my clients, prior to a QHHT session to leave their slate clean of all expectations as ANYTHING can happen. We started the session. We were guided by Ron’s HS to two past lives. One in ancient times, before history as we know it was recorded we were told. In this life he had no responsibility. Ron referred to this as a ‘vacation life’. Swimming in the ocean for food and living on a beach seemed to be the theme. The next life he was born into a family of tribal leaders who accepted great responsibility for the tribe members and their way of life. It was later explained that Ron had had many lives like this second one. The contrast of the two lives shown then was one of no responsibility and one of much responsibility. We finished looking at those experiences and I called forth his High Self (Subconscious, The Universal Mind~ There are many names we put to this energy. It’s the bigger version of us. The part of us that has been with us since the very beginning)

via A QHHT Session with Ron Head and an Unexpected Guest ~ With Suzanne Spooner.

The revealing of Lies

April 17, 2013

Those who have studied history know that nothing invigorates and empowers an authoritarian regime more than a spectacular act of violence; some sudden
senseless loss of life that allows the autocrat to stand on the smoking rubble
and identify himself as the hero
it’s at moments like this that the public still in shock from the horror of the tragedy that has just unfold before them can be lead into the most ruthless despotism, despotism that now bears the mantle of security. Acts of terror and violence never benefit the average man or woman they only ever benefit those in positions of power. This is why Nero fiddled while Rome burned and give them a chance to throw the christians to the lions and rebuild the capital of the roman empire in his only image . This is why Hurst and the war mongers of the emerging American empire were delighted by the destruction of the USS Maine in Havana harbor in  1888 it gives them the excuse they needed to arouse the public into supporting the Spanish-American war. This is white Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 the six-day war. Strafing and torpedoing it relentlessly for hours in a vain attempt to send it to the bottom . The Israelis believed that the Loss of the Liberty can be blamed on Egypt would draw the Americans in the war; this is why there are hundreds of documented examples of government staging attacks in order to blame them on their political enemies in every civilization in every culture in every historical period .
Authoritarianism knows that spectacular acts of violence help the further consolidate and empower and control. Sadly, throughout history there have been all too many willing to allow attacks to occur or to pretend that attacks have occurred or even to attack their own population in order to further their political agenda.
To think that such staged provocations and false flag attacks no longer occur would be as unrealistic as believing that human nature itself has changed. The powerful people no longer seek to increase their power or that influence is never used for deceit or manipulation, that lies are no longer told to the satisfy greed or slake their thirst for control, it  is to be believed that our society is immune from those things that we’ve seen in every other society in every other era in-short it’s a dangerous illusion.
The people are once again learning the power of this delusion. They’re learning the extent to which they have been lied to they are once again studying their history.
The russians are learning how the FSB was caught planting bombs in Moscow in
1999 during a terrorist  scare that swept Putin into power and stir the public into supporting the second Chechen war ; they’re learning how their autocratic ex-president came to power campaigning on the graves of those his old FSB cronies had killed.
The israelis are learning how Mossad has been caught time and again posing as a very muslim terrorists they claim to be opposing   ( Their motto being “By Wise council thou shall do war”) some say “By way of deception, thou shalt do war”  they are learning how Israel uses the specter of terror to further extend their blank check drawn on American funds to expand their police state back home and maintain their hardline stance. The world sixth largest nuclear superpower supposedly threatened by the possibility that one of their neighbors may one day obtain a single nuclear weapon. The British are learning how their SAS officers were caught dressing up as Arabs in Iraq driving around with trucks full of munitions shooting at police the stir up ethnic tensions and ensure that permanent bases could be built in the region they’re learning how Haroon Rashid Aswat  the supposed mastermind behind the 7/7 bombings was working for British intelligence they are learning how British intelligence participated in IRA bombings.
The indians are learning how the Mumbai attack was helped by a USA  agent who is
cooperating with investigators so that he won’t face questioning by foreign authorities
the canadians are learning how their own provincial police dressed up as protesters in 2007 and threaten violence against other police in order to force a crackdown on peaceful protests.
 And the Americans, the Americans are learning that there were multiple bombs found dismantled and taken out of the Alfred P Murrah building on April 19/19 /95 . They are learning that Timothy McVeigh had written a letter to his sister in which he claims to be in the special forces for the US army. They are learning the bombing was being directed by FBI informants just as the 1993 World Trade Center bombing was. They’ are learning about 9/11 in the Gulf of Tonkin. They are learning about ‘Operation Northwoods’ and their own army counterinsurgency manuals that teach officers how to commit false flag attacks to blame on their enemies.
In short the people are learning the truth and now we see the same build up to a false flag event taking place that we saw in 1995, at that time the US had a corporate media desperate to fling mud it anyone concerned by the actions of their government and it had a government that was desperately unpopular. Today we see the exact same factors at play if anything the situation today is worse than it was the run-up to the Oklahoma city bombing with media consolidation meaning that groups of concerned citizens like the OATH KEEPERS are being attacked by the controlled minions on both the left and the right
and now it is not just the militia that is being demonized by the establishment it is veterans and gun owners third party supporters and libertarians antiwar protesters to human rights campaigners people who are upset with the government giving trillions to the banks that have engineered or current financial crisis everyone is now a potential terrorist according to the governmental and media agencies that they need to limit our range of acceptable opinion and control dissent.
Even the word ‘terrorist’ means something more than it did back in 1995 now after the false flag attack of 2001/ 11 allowed the passage of the Patriot act after the bogeyman of Al-Qaeda,  gave the NSA the opportunity to announce  that they were collecting everyone’s emails and everyone’s telephone calls after the former white house press secretary came out and admitted that the Bush administration had made up terror threats
in order to scare the people of the supporting the government now we know what the real
definition of terrorism is. It is government’s scaring their own populations into line but there’s something else that’s different now from what it was in 1995; the people are learning something else about terrorism they are not terrorists for speaking out against their government; they are not terrorists for wanting the government to stop selling their
children into servitude to pay bankers their bonuses; they are not terrorists for pointing out that the FBI and the CIA and Mossad and MI6 are behind every major international terrorist event. The people are not terrorists because they do not want to see more death, they do not want more destruction or the spilling of blood of their fellow citizens, it is not in their interest.
Death and destruction only ever served the governmental financial and industrial interests who always growing power and wealth in the wake of every tragedy.
Time and time again the people pay with their lives and the government’s and the banks
profit. The war machine only grows and becomes more prosperous.
The people do not want terrorism because it does not benefit them it only benefits the existing power structure and this time if there is another staged event to blame on the government’s enemy of the day the people will know whom to blame for the Corbett Report in Western Japan I am James Corbett The Corbett Report

How Metahistory Works

April 15, 2013

How Metahistory Works
Socrates was no scholastic. He was a loner who questioned the common sense of his time. Yet he did not try to spell out a vision of his own. He made a point of not being a visionary and of being, in effect, antischolastic. He examined the faith and morals of his time, riciduled claims to knowledge that were based on uncritical reliance on consensus, and exerted himself to show how ignorant, confused, and credulous most people are… Walter Kaufmann, The Future of the Humanities

To foster free and conscious choice of beliefs, rather than unconscious enactment of them, offers two tools: metacritique, the radical analysis of beliefs and belief systems, and an open source narrative for evolving a different story of what it means to be human.

It is now widely recognized that human beings in all times and cultures enact stories (scripts, or agendas) of six recurrent types: religious, racial, national, sexual, political, and familial. We look into the content and composition of these stories to see how they drive behavior. The power of stories is universally appealing, but even more powerful is the transmission of fundamental beliefs in story form.

We behave as we believe.

The effect of a story or script is to produce identification, but usually this happens in an unconscious way. We adapt the beliefs encoded in story form without a truth-testing process, or a clear awareness of what the beliefs actually entail.

Once the beliefs carried in stories are exposed, their motivational force can be examined and the behaviors driven by them changed. The blind enactment of scripts at personal and collective levels is typical of human history, but beyond history there is another way to manage the power of beliefs, a path of reasoned choice and enlightened response. A path of alignment.

Belief Change

The motto of Bioneers, who collaborate with the Marion Institute to offer the annual conference, Bioneers by the Bay, is “connecting for change.” The mix and merge of our different realities induces a sharper, more compassionate sense of our common reality. Beliefs that we have acquired through others can be changed by dialogue with others (but not without confronting fear and attachment, emotions that link us to unsustainable beliefs). Belief-change is the single most revolutionary action leading to a sane and sustainable future for human life on earth. On this site we examine beliefs to discover what guides the human animal, for better or worse. Belief-change enables us to make personal and social commitments freed of blind conformity to received stories, imposed rules, and unexamined agendas. 

It is easy to talk about change, but more difficult to change the way we talk about ourselves and our experiences in the first place. To make the shift toward more cogent and effective language, a syntax for optimal living, metahistory considers different expressions of belief found in stories of all kinds, from Biblical tales to news reports. This process invites dialogue, shared explorations of our collective and personal scripts. Because we all enact scripts of the six types, often in tight combinations (familial and religious scripts, for instance), we are all qualified to detect how the power of stories is demonstrated in our lives and in the world at large. Participation is the essence of the journey that takes us beyond the conditioning of history.

Beliefs inherent to science, religion and culture (the three formats) can drive human behavior in blind and harmful ways. Metahistory assesses the hidden dynamics of motivation to determine what is insane and inhumane in human belief-systems. The insights so gained applied in a direct way to personal release and realignment. The most potent way to change behavior is to change the beliefs that drive it, but to do so one must courageously and honestly investigate and evaluate our innermost convictions.

Metahistory is a pro-active discipline for radical change in personal, social, and collective terms. Through the open narrative, it offers a framework for commitment to a shared planetary vision. Metahistory goes beyond a mere recounting of facts and events, and even beyond the interpretation of these facts and events. It goes beyond debating about ideas because beliefs, rather than ideas per se, determine the ultimate background of everything conceived and achieved by human beings. Belief is the matrix from which ideas emerge, even when those ideas eventually lead to liberation from specific beliefs.

To detect belief is to discern the hidden dynamics of history, as well as what frees us from history.

Faith in the Species 

In this site we propose living without faith based on unverifiable beliefs and propositions, but we encourage faith that can be tested by real-life experience. Faith is a huge concern for many people because, as noted above, the most essential questions of life seem to be unanswered, or answerable: Does God exist? Why are we born? What happens when we die? Is the soul immortal? Will we see those we love after death? Does chance exist? Who guides us, or judges us, throughout life? What power directs the course of history? How will this world end?
It is easy to leave these questions to faith, but who provides the answers and beliefs to be taken on faith? No matter what the issues, faith always comes down to trust in sources believed to lie outside or beyond our innate capacities. Although it seems to confer power—due to the way it allows us to face the unanswerable issues of life—faith is futile and disempowering.

Above and beyond all else, metahistory poses the question:

If our faith were invested in lies and delusions, how would we know?

The very nature of faith blinds us to the veracity of what we embrace on faith—unless it can be personally tested. We affirm that the authenticity of individual experience is superior to any faith, except faith in humanity itself. Thus, Metahistory encourages faith in the species, in human potential, but not excluding the spiritual and supernatural dimension of human experience, either. It is not a form of secular humanism, but it addresses the key problems that humanism fails to solve.

Going beyond history means initiating a different story, the adventure of our shared liberation from imposed scripts. As the process unfolds, all our beliefs are brought into focus in the single and ultimate issue: our belief in humanity itself, in the potential of the human species to realize its mysterious role in the cosmos. Gnostics taught that human life is this adventure in learning, an experiment in novelty. Guided by faith in human potential and a Gaian story for all species, metahistory provides a visionary path toward all that is truly excellent, and truly humane, in the ageless striving of the human spirit.

Pope Francis to revolutionise running of church with new advisory panel | World news |

April 15, 2013

There could be interesting changes afoot which could indicate the dissolution of the corrupt Vatican bank. There could be more to come such as returning the wealth of the church back to the people. There is always hope.

Pope Francis to revolutionise running of church with new advisory panel | World news |

Hy-Brasil the Celtic tale

April 14, 2013


There is a tradition in the west of Ireland that Hy Brasil becomes visible on the horizon in the direction of the sunset every seven years, and many independent witnesses have testified to this through the ages right up until a century or so ago. When Evans-Wentz was collecting stories in Ireland he was told that the summer of 1908 had been a particularly good one for sightings, with many educated witnesses of a normally sober and rational tendency. Otherwise the island only seems to show itself when its inhabitants choose, or when trouble threatens Ireland.

Nevertheless, so certain were people of its existence that for several hundred years it was shown on many Atlantic charts as a real place. One of the earliest examples was in 1325 when Genoese cartographer Dalorto positioned it west of Ireland. The 1597 map by Giovanni Magini, shows the twin island further south and marked as ‘Brafil’. It is commonly described as being a circular island more or less bisected by riversThe last sighting of the island occured in 1872. Author T. J. Westropp and several companions claim to have seen the island appear and then vanish


According to reports this was the third time that the author had seen Hy-Brasil and had brought his mother and companions to witness it for themselves.
The island was once again brought into the public mind in late 2010 with a TV series revelation.
In 1980 Sgt Jim Penniston was stationed at Brentwaters military base. During the UFO incident in Rendlesham Forest, he claims that he touched a UFO and telepathically received a message in the form of binary code, which he wrote down in a small note book shortly after the incident, telling no one about it for three decades.
On the History Channel program ‘Ancient Aliens’ this binary was said to have been decoded by Internet programmer Nick Ciske.
Below the decoded message followed the navigational co-ordinates of an area off the west of Ireland which correlates to the site of Hy-Brasil.
The decoded message read:
Exploration of Humanity Continuous For Planetary Advance
52° 09′ 42.532″ N
13° 13′ 12.69″ W
So, did / does Hy-Brasil actually exist?
Some people claim that what people are acutally seeing is an area near Ireland called the Porcupine Bank.
Porcupine Bank is an area of the Irish shelf approximately 200 kilometers west of Ireland. The relatively raised area of seabed lies between the deep-water Porcupine Seabight and Rockall Trough.
The northern and western slopes of the bank feature species of cold-water corals.
Could it be possible that during times of extreme spring tides that this Bank is epxosed to the surface of the sea? As early as 1870 a paper was read to the Geological Society of Ireland suggesting this identification.
If so, this could explain the reports of land which subsequently disappear quite quickly.
Of course another possible theory is that Hy-Brasil is in fact the lost realm of Atlantis which was said to be situated beyond the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar).
The supposed location of Hy-Brasil is indeed beyond the Pillars and therefore fits into the Atlantis location as mentioned by Plato. Is this enough to say that they are one and the same? Certainly the location and the mythology would agree.

DNA Activation Of The WingMaker

April 12, 2013


DNA Activation Of The Wingmaker

Wingmakers Atonement Level One

As we all know the human instrument carries a standard two helix DNA strand in order to make the change to the wingmaker light body we must first clear out old habits left over from past lives and awaken the inner light being that awaits within each and everyone of us.

This activation brings us into balance with the wholeness navigator within each of us and aligns us with the first source creator of all universal life, As we begin this activation the light encoded helix of the light body we begin to understand the universal wholeness as a vast fields of energy, and our own source and that of the higher fields of vibration that flow throughout the universe. It is at the cellular level of the DNA that this change takes place.

First we must learn to work with angels and the higher self and understand the need for cutting cords and healing ones self first. Both of these techniques can be found in the pages cutting cords and spiritual healing within this site.

Source codes are embedded activators of the resonated imprint left behind by the first source at the point of our creation and carry the universal code of light and love of the first source, creator of all universal life and it is here that we find our individual uniqueness or source.

DNA Activation is a process of expanding the two helix DNA into a 4 helix strand and doubling it again into 4, then 6 and so on till it is a 12 strand helix. It is here that we heal our genetic code with light and love.

Once the healing process has taken place then we can move forward. Archangel Michael would be a good choice for the healing part of this process and you’ll need your higher self as well.

Wingmakers Atonement Level One

24 helix DNA Activation

Physical Meditation

To prepare for this technique you’ll need to be familiar with working with the angelic realms of the first source and your Higher Self. Make sure you study this technique thoroughly before attempting it. when you are ready find a nice quite place to sit down where you will be comfortable and relax.

Step One

Now I want you to close your eyes and visualize a pure white light flowing over you then I want you to visualize a double pointed termination crystal with one point one foot above your head and the other point about one foot below your feet.

Step Two

Then I want you to visualize that there is another double pointed termination crystal around the spiritual heart or thymus chakra between the heart and throat chakra.

Step Three

When you feel you have preformed this part correctly visualize that the two crystals are spinning around you and moving them faster, as they move faster see your body filling with light.

Step Four

In your own time I want you to visualize that your body is getting smaller and till you are a small as a atom and when you have done this move the smaller version of yourself into your body and move it into the cellular level of your DNA and focus on one cell of your DNA Strand and move the smaller version of yourself into that cell and blend with that cell.

Step Five

Now once you have blended with the cell see that cell spiting into two cells of the same portion and fill them with light.

Step Six

Then in your own time see the two strands spiting into six strands of the same portion and fill the Six strands with light and love. Let there be light, Let there be love.

Step Seven

When you have done this see the six strands spitting again into 12 strands of the same portion and feel the love, feel the love, feel the light. and stabilize this new cellular structure with light and love. Feel the love, Feel the love, feel the light.

Step Eight

Then in your own time encase the new twelve strand helix in light and love and double it again so that there are 24 strands in this cell. and blend this new 24 strand helix with your DNA and see it encoding with the other cells of your DNA strand making them 24 helix cell as well. Feel the light, Feel the light, Feel the love.

Step Nine

Now I want you to call upon your higher self or Archangel Michael and ask them to activate the first atonement of the wingmaker in this new 24 helix code and heal any imperfections in your genetic structure due to past life tumour or present life tumour that might be present in your genetic structure. feel the light, feel the light, feel the love, feel the love.

Step Ten

Then visualize that there is a beautiful light radiating just above you and see that pure white light move down the hara line through the crown chakra opening all the chakras as it moves down to the base chakra and ground this energy into the earth star and say out loud I awaken the ability of Clairvoyance Now, I awaken the ability of Clairaudiance Now, I awaken the ability of Clairsentiance Now. Feel the light, feel the light, feel the love. These are the only three abilities to be opened at the first atonement.

Step Eleven

When you are ready thank your higher self or Archangel Michael for the first atonement of the wingmaker and thank the first source as well. Remember service through gratitude. Then in your own time move the smaller version of yourself out of your body and return it to normal size and ground yourself to the earth. feel at one with the earth, feel the love feel the love, feel the light.

Step Twelve

Now in your own time open your eyes but don’t rush you may feel light headed so take your time. for the next couple of weeks as this process takes place you may feel tired, sleep when you need to and drink alot of water as you may feel warm from the transformation process. This is natural and the DNA activation can take time to adjust to.


Your higher self or Archangel Michael will know what to do at the first atonement so leave them to do their business and enjoy the experience.

From The Wingmakers Equinox written 1986

WingMakers’ Philosophy: Chamber One



Life Principles of the Sovereign Integral

The entity model of expression is designed to explore new fields of vibration through biological instruments and transform through this process of discovery to a new level of understanding and expression as a Sovereign Integral. The Sovereign Integral is the fullest expression of the entity model within the time-space universes, and most closely exemplifies Source Intelligence’s capabilities therein. It is also the natural state of existence of the entity that has transformed beyond the evolution/saviorship model of existence and has removed itself from the controlling aspects of the Hierarchy through the complete activation of its embedded Source Codes. This is the level of capability that was “seeded” within the entity model of expression when it was initially conceived by First Source. All entities within the time-space universes are in various stages of the transformational experience and each are destined to achieve the Sovereign Integral level as their Source Codes become fully activated.

The transformational experience is the realization that the entity model of expression is capable of direct access to Source Intelligence information, and that the information of First Source is discovered within the entity level of the Sovereign Integral. In other words, the human instrument, complete with its biological, emotional, and mental capabilities, is not the repository of the entity’s Source Codes. Nor is the human instrument able to reach out and gather in this liberating information — this glorious freedom to access All That Is. It is the entity that is both the harbor of, and instrument of access to, the Source Coding activation that permits the transformational experience to manifest through the integration of the human instrument and the sovereign entity.

The transformational experience consists of the realization that perceived reality is Source Reality personified in the form of individual preferences. Thus, Source Reality and sovereign reality become inseparable as the wind and air. This confluence is realized only through the transformational experience, which is unlike anything known within the time-space universes.

There have been those upon terra-earth who have experienced a shallow breath of wind from this powerful tempest. Some have called it ascension; others have attributed names like illumination, vision, enlightenment, nirvana, and cosmic consciousness. While these experiences are profound in human standards, they are only the initial stirrings of the Sovereign Integral, as it becomes increasingly adept at touching and awakening the remote edges of its existence. What most species define as the ultimate bliss is merely the impression of the Sovereign Integral whispering to its outposts of form and nudging them to look within to their roots of existence and unite with this formless and limitless intelligence that pervades all.

The transformational experience is far beyond the calibration of the human drama much like the stars in the sky are beyond the touch of terra-earth. You can observe the stars with your human eyes, but you will never touch them with your human hands. Similarly, you can dimly foresee the transformational experience with the human instrument, but you cannot experience it through the human instrument. It is only accessed through the wholeness of the entity, for it is only in wholeness that the Source Codes and their residual effects of Source Reality perception can exist. And truly, this wholeness is only obtained when the individual consciousness is separated from time and is able to view its existence in timelessness.

Nevertheless, the human instrument is critical in facilitating the transformational experience and causing it to trigger — like a metamorphosis — the integration of the formful identities into the Sovereign Integral. This is the next stage of perception and expression for the entity model, and it is activated when the entity designs its reality from life principles that are symbolic of Source Reality, as opposed to the reality of an external source that is bound to the evolution/saviorship model of existence.

These life principles are Source Intelligence templates of creation. They are designed to create reality from the perspective of the Sovereign Integral and hasten its manifestation within the fields of vibration that has thus far repelled it. They are principles that construct opportunities for the integration of the entity’s formless and formful identities. They are bridges that the human instrument — with all of its componentry intact — can experience the Sovereign Integral perception of wholeness.

As the human instrument becomes increasingly responsive to Source Intelligence it will gravitate to life principles that symbolically express the formative principles of prime creation. There are wide ranges of expressions that can induce the transformational experience of the Sovereign Integral and liberate the entity from time-space conditioning and external controls. Inasmuch as the expression can vary, the intent of the expression is quite narrowly defined as the intent to expand into a state of integration whereby the human instrument becomes increasingly aligned with the Sovereign Integral perspective.

There are three particular life principles that accelerate the transformational experience and help to align the human instrument with the Sovereign Integral perspective. They are:

1) Universe relationship through gratitude

2) Observance of Source in all things

3) Nurturance of life

When the individual applies these principles, their life experience reveals a deeper meaning to its apparently random events — both in the universal and personal contexts.



Universe Relationship through Gratitude

This is the principle that the Universe of Wholeness represents a collective intelligence that can be personalized as a single Universal Entity. Thus, in this model of inference, there are only two entities in the entire cosmos: the individual entity and the Universal Entity. Inasmuch as the individual is impressionable and constantly changing to adapt to new information, so is the Universal Entity, which is a dynamic and living template of potential energies and experiences that are coherent and as knowable as a friend’s personality and behavior.

The Universal Entity is responsive to the individual and its perceptions and expressions. It is like a composite omni-personality that is imbued with Source Intelligence and responds to the perceptions of the individual like a pool of water mirrors the image that overshadows it. Everyone in a human instrument is indeed, at their innermost core, a sovereign entity that can transform the human instrument into an instrument of the Sovereign Integral. However, this transformation is dependent on whether the individual chooses to project an image of a Sovereign Integral upon the “mirror” of the Universal Entity, or project a lesser image that is a distortion of its true state of being.

The principle of universe relationship through gratitude is primarily concerned with consciously designing one’s self image through an appreciation of the Universal Entity’s supportive “mirror”. In other words, the Universal Entity is a partner in shaping reality’s expression in one’s life. Reality is an internal process of creation that is utterly free of external controls and conditions if the individual projects a sovereign image upon the mirror of the Universal Entity.

This process is an interchange of supportive energy from the individual to the Universal Entity, and this energy is best applied through an appreciation of how perfect and exacting the interchange occurs in every moment of life. If the individual is aware (or at least interested in having the awareness) of how perfect the Universal Entity supports the individual’s sovereign reality, there is a powerful and natural sense of gratitude that flows from the individual to the Universal Entity. It is this wellspring of gratitude that opens the channel of support from the Universal Entity to the individual and establishes a collaboration of purpose to transform the human instrument into an expression of the Sovereign Integral.

It is principally gratitude — which translates to an appreciation of how the inter-relationship of the individual and the Universal Entity operates — that opens the human instrument to its connection to the sovereign entity and its eventual transformation into the Sovereign Integral state of perception and expression. The relationship of the individual with the Universal Entity is essential to cultivate and nurture, because it, more than anything else, determines how accepting the individual is to life’s myriad forms and manifestations.

When the individual accepts changes in sovereign reality as the shifting persona of the Universal Entity, they live in greater harmony with life itself. Life becomes an exchange of energy between the individual and the Universal Entity that is allowed to play out without judgment and experienced without fear. This is the underlying meaning of unconditional love: to experience life in all its manifestations as a single, unified intelligence that responds perfectly to the projected image of the human instrument.

It is for this reason that when the human instrument projects gratitude to the Universal Entity, regardless of circumstance or condition, life becomes increasingly supportive in opening the human instrument to activate its Source Codes and live life within the framework of the synthesis model of expression. The feeling of gratitude coupled with the mental concept of appreciation is expressed like an invisible message in all directions and at all times. In this particular context, gratitude to the Universal Entity is the overarching motive behind all forms of expression that the human instrument aspires to.

Every breath, every word, every touch, every thought, every thing is centered on expressing this sense of gratitude. A gratitude that the individual is sovereign and supported by a Universal Entity that expresses itself through all forms and manifestations of intelligence with the sole objective of creating the ideal reality to activate the individual’s Source Codes and transform the human instrument and entity in to the Sovereign Integral. It is this specific form of gratitude that accelerates the activation of the Source Codes and their peculiar ability to integrate the disparate componentry of the human instrument and the entity, and transform them to the state of perception and expression of the Sovereign Integral.

Time is the only factor that distorts this otherwise clear connection between the individual and Universal Entity. Time intervenes and creates pockets of despair, hopelessness, and abandonment. However, it is these very “pockets” that often activate the Source Codes of the entity and establish a more intimate and harmonious relationship with the Universal Entity. Time establishes separation of experience, and the perceived discontinuity of reality, which in turn creates doubt in the Universal Entity’s system of fairness and overarching purpose. The result creates fear that the universe is not a mirror, but rather a chaotic, whimsical energy.

When the human instrument is aligned with the Sovereign Integral and lives from this perspective as a developing reality, it attracts a natural state of harmony. This does not necessarily mean that the human instrument is without problems or discomforts, rather it signifies a perception that there is an integral purpose in what life reveals. In other words, natural harmony perceives that life experience is meaningful to the extent you are aligned with the Sovereign Integral, and that your personal reality must flow from this strata of the multidimensional universe in order to create lasting joy and inner peace.

Gratitude is a critical facet of love that opens the human instrument to acknowledge the role of the Universal Entity and redefine its purpose as a supportive extension of sovereign reality, rather than the whimsical outreach of fate or the exacting reaction of a mechanical, detached universe. Establishing a relationship with the Universal Entity through the outflow of gratitude also attracts life experience that is transformative. Experience that is richly devoted to uncovering life’s deepest meaning and most formative purpose.



Observance of Source in All Things

This is the principle that First Source is present in all realities through all manifestations of energy. IT is interwoven in all things like a mosaic whose pieces adhere to the same wall, and are thus, unified. However, it is not the picture that unifies the mosaic, but the wall upon which its pieces adhere. Similarly, First Source paints a picture so diverse and apparently unrelated that there appears to be no unification. Yet it is not the outward manifestations that unify, it is the inward center of energy upon which the pieces of diversity are layered that unifies all manifestations.

This centerpiece of energy is the collective storehouse of all life in all fields of vibration within the Universe of Wholeness. It is First Source who divests ITSELF in all forms through the projection of ITS Source Intelligence in to all fragments of life. Thus, Source Intelligence — acting as an extension of First Source — is the unifying energy that is the “wall” upon which all the pieces of life’s mosaic adhere. Life flows from one energy Source that links all to All and one to One.

Observance of Source in All Things is the principle that all manifestations of life convey an expression of First Source. It does not matter how far the unifying energy has been distorted or perverted; the Source can be observed. It is the action of perceiving the unification of energy even when the outward manifestations appear random, distorted, unrelated, or chaotic.

When all manifestations of life are genuinely perceived as fragmentary expressions of First Source, the vibration of equality that underlies all life-forms becomes perceptible to the human instrument. Life initially emerges as an extension of Source Reality, and then, as an individuated energy frequency invested within a form. It vibrates, in its pure, timeless state, precisely the same for all manifestations of life. This is the common ground that all life shares. This is the tone-vibration of equality that can be observed within all life forms that unifies all expressions of diversity to the foundation of existence known as First Source. If an individual is able to look upon any form of life with the outlook of equality, then they are observing Source in all things.

While this may seem like an abstract concept, it is actualized through the practice of looking for the outward and inward manifestations of First Source. In a very real sense, the individual expects to observe the workings of Source Intelligence in every facet of their experience. It is the unassailable expectation that everything is in its rightful position, performing its optimal function, and serving its purpose to activate the fullest expression of its life in the present moment. It is the outlook that all life is in a state of optimal realization and experience regardless of condition or circumstance. It is the perception that life is perfect in its expression because it flows from perfection, and that no matter how divergent its manifestations are, life is an extension of Source Reality.

In light of the obvious turmoil and apparent destruction that accompanies life on terra-earth, this is an outlook or perception that seems naive. How can life — in all its forms and expressions — be perceived as optimal or perfect? This is the great paradox of life, and it cannot be reconciled with the human instrument’s mental or emotional capabilities. It can only be understood in the context of the entity, which is deathless, limitless, timeless, and sovereign. Paradoxes exist because the human drama is too limited in scope and scale to allow a perception of wholeness to intervene and illuminate how the pieces of the puzzle are unified in perfect relation.

The dimensions of time and space and the elements of energy and matter circumscribe the human drama. It is played out upon the stages of survival and dysfunctional behavior because of the Hierarchy’s methods of controlling information and manipulating conditions. The entity within the human instrument is largely unexpressed and under-utilized in the human drama, and therefore, life’s apparent perversions and imperfections are seen in isolation as impediments to perfection rather than perfection itself.

Life is perfect in its resolve to expand and express an intelligence that is limitless. This is the fundamental purpose of life in all its diverse manifestations, and this is the presence of First Source — expressing ITSELF as a vibration of equality — that can be observed in all things. Sensory input derived from the human instrument is limited to frequencies in specific ranges that only convey an echo of this Source vibration. The true frequency is understood through deliberate and focused contemplation of equality inherent in all things, and the ability to penetrate beyond the picture of a thing to the origin of the picture.

These insights require a new sensory system beyond the five-senses that rule the human world in your time. These new senses are the outgrowth of the Source Code activation, and represent the first stage of the transformation experience. With this new perceptual ability, the human instrument will be capable of sensing not only the presence of First Source, but also the timeless essence within all life that is individualized and uniquely separate from First Source.

Calling forth the perceptions of the entity within the human instrument is the ideal method to access a lasting sensitivity to the Source vibration. This is how an individual can develop the ability to observe Source in all things. It is not only that First Source is within every individual manifestation of energy, but is also the wholeness of life itself. Thus, the principle requires an observance of Source in all ITS diverse forms of manifestation, as well as in the wholeness of life.



Nurturance of Life

Life, in this definition, is an individual’s sovereign reality. It is subjective and impressionable to the human instrument. Life is the wholeness of experience flowing past the individual’s field of perception in the dimension of nowness. There is never a closure to life or final chapter written. It is eternal, but not in the abstract sense of never ending or beginning, but rather in the real sense that life is ever expanding in order to express Source Intelligence in all fields of vibration within the Universe of Wholeness.

The nurturance of life is the principle that an individual is in alignment with the natural expansion of intelligence inherent within all life. This is an alignment that enhances the life-energy that flows past the individual with the clear intent of gentle support. It is the action of identifying the highest motive in all energy forms and supporting the flow of this energy towards its ultimate expression. In so doing, the action is performed without judgment, analysis, or attachment to outcome. It is simply nurturing the energy that flows from all manifestations and supporting its expression of life.

This is a departure from the normal perception that nurturing support can only be granted when energy is in alignment with personal will. However, when the individual can view life as an integrated energy flowing in the expression of expanding intelligence, life is honored as an extension of First Source. In this context, there is no energy that is misdirected or unworthy of support and nurturance. While this may seem contrary to the evidence of abusive energy upon terra-earth, even energy that is laden with “evil intent” is nevertheless energy that is flowing outward in search of a higher expression.

All forms of energy can be nurtured and supported to their highest expression, and this is the fundamental action of this principle. It requires the ability to perceive the causal motive and ultimate expression of life-energy as it passes through the individual’s sovereign reality. Energy is an element of life that is so subtly interwoven with form that it is one; in much the same manner as space and time are inextricably linked in union. Energy is a motive. It is intelligent beyond the mind’s ability to reason. While it is a force that can be subject to human applications that deny its highest expression, energy is always imbuing life with the motive to expand and evolve.

Life-energy is always in a state of becoming. It is never static or regressive in its natural state. The human instrument is very capable of nurturing this natural expansion of energy to forge new channels of expression and experience. In fact, it is the primary purpose of the human instrument to expand the life-energy that encircles its sovereign reality within physical existence and transform it to new levels of expression that more accurately reflect the perspective of the Sovereign Integral.

There are many specific actions that can be taken to nurture life. Each entity is, in a sense, programmed within its Source Codes to transmute energy through a tremendous variety of means. Working through the human instrument, the entity is able to collect and store energy within the human instrument and re-direct its purpose or application. The transmutation of energy can occur on either the personal or universal levels of expression. That is, within the sovereign reality of an individual, energy can be transmuted to conform to a vision of personal welfare, or aligned with a vision of universal welfare and goodwill.

One of the best methods to transmute energy is through one’s belief system. All beliefs have energy systems that act like birthing chambers for the manifestation of the belief. Within these energy systems are currents that direct life experience. The human instrument is aware of these currents either consciously or unconsciously, and allows them to carry it into the realm of experience that exemplifies its true belief system.

By cultivating beliefs that expand and transform energy, the human instrument is able to engage energy systems that are nurturing to life in all its myriad forms. When beliefs are clearly defined as preferred states of being, the energy system is engaged in nowness — not in some future time. Now. The energy system becomes inseparable from the human instrument and woven into its spirit like a thread of light. Clarity of belief is essential to engaging the energy system of the belief, and allowing the nurturance of life to prevail in all activities.

So again, the nurturance of life is critical to both personal and universal realities within the Universe of Wholeness which contains all the fields of vibration that are interlinked like threads of an infinitely expanding fabric. Thus, as the individual awakens to their creative power to transmute energy and enhance it with the clear intent of gentle support, they become transmitters of Source Reality and architects of the synthesis model of existence.

Through the ongoing application of these life principles, Source Intelligence increasingly becomes the identity of the entity, and the entity becomes the identity of the human instrument. Thus, identity is transformed, and in the wake of this transformation, the Sovereign Integral unifies the human instrument with the entity, and the entity with Source Intelligence. It is this unification and shifts of identity that is the explicit purpose in expressing the life principles of the Sovereign Integral. If there is any other intention or objective these principles will remain misunderstood and their catalytic powers dormant.

It is the perspective of the Sovereign Integral that all life is pure love in its fullest expression, and that in this single concept, all life is conceived and forever exists. This becomes the core belief from which all other beliefs arise, and by their extension, one’s belief system emerges with a clear intent of supporting this fundamental perspective; of nurturing, observing, and appreciating the Universe of Wholeness as the cradle from which all life is created, evolves, and ultimately acknowledges.

These life principles are merely symbols represented in words and served to the human instrument as a potential recipe to stir awake the embers of light that tirelessly burn within. There are no specific techniques or rituals that are required to invoke the power of these principles. They are simply perspectives. In a real sense, they are intentions that attract experience that expand consciousness. They do not provide quick fixes or instant realizations. They are amplifiers of personal will and intention that clarify how one lives. Their transformative power is contained exclusively in the intent of their application.

Through these life principles of the Sovereign Integral, the individual can become a master of unlimiting the Self. Boundaries are set, veils are pulled down, and one’s light is subdued, simply because external, hierarchical controls create fear of the unknown and mystical practices of a sovereign being. In these life principles, if they are truly applied with proper intent, are the tools to accelerate the emergence of the Sovereign Integral and feel its perspective, its insights, and its empowered abilities to create new realities and shape them as learning adventures that liberate and expand consciousness. This is the underlying purpose of the principles and perhaps the best reason to explore them.


Student/teacher/ Lyricus teaching 1
  1.  Student: What prevents me from experiencing my innermost self?
  2. Teacher: Nothing.
  3. Student: Then why don’t I experience it?
  4. Teacher: Fear.
  5. Student: So, then fear prevents me?
  6. Teacher: Nothing prevents you.
  7. Student: But didn’t you just say that fear is the reason I can’t experience this state of consciousness?
  8. Teacher: Yes, but it does not prevent you.
  9. Student: Then what does?
  10. Teacher: Nothing.
  11. Student: Then what role does fear play?
  12. Teacher: If you are in prison, what do you fear most when you dream of being liberated?
  13. Student: Returning to prison… So, you’re saying that I fear experiencing my inmost self because I will return to my ignorance.
  14. Teacher: No. I am saying that your fear of ignorance holds you in ignorance.
  15. Student: I’m confused. I thought you were saying that I feared the experience of my highest self, but now it sounds like you’re saying that I fear my human self. Which is it?
  16. Teacher: You fear the return to your human self after experiencing the God-fragment within you.
  17. Student: Why?
  18. Teacher: If you are thirsting in the desert, what is it that you desire above all else?
  19. Student: Water?
  20. Teacher: So if I gave you a glass of water, you’d be satisfied?
  21. Student: Yes.
  22. Teacher: For how long?
  23. Student: Okay. I see your point. What I would desire above all else is to be near water so I could drink whenever I wanted, or better yet, I would want to leave the desert entirely.
  24. Teacher: And if you loved the desert, wouldn’t you fear to leave it?
  25. Student: You’re saying that I fear the experience of my inmost self because I would want to leave this world behind, but how can I fear this when I have no experience of it whatsoever?
  26. Teacher: This is not the fear that floods your body when someone is about to kill you. It is the fear of a shadow so mysterious, ancient, and primordial that you know immediately that it transcends this life and this world, and its knowing will change you irrevocably.
  27. Student: So it’s really this change that I fear?
  28. Teacher: It’s the irrevocability of the change that you fear.
  29. Student: But how do you know? How do you know I fear this so much that I cannot experience my inmost self?
  30. Teacher: In order to keep the human instrument in stable interaction with its world, the designers of the human instrument created certain sensory constraints. Because these were not absolutely effective, there was also designed into the Genetic Mind of the human species an instinctual fear of being displaced from its dominant reality. For these two reasons, I know.
  31. Student: But this isn’t fair. You’re saying my capacity to experience my inmost self has been diminished by the very beings that designed it. Why? Why should I be continually frustrated to know I have a God-fragment inside me, but not be allowed to interact with it?
  32. Teacher: Do you love this world?
  33. Student: Yes.
  34. Teacher: You are here as a human instrument to interact with this world and attune to its dominant reality, and bring your understanding of your inmost self to this world even if this understanding is not pure, strong, or clear.
  35. Student: But if I had this experience of my inmost self, couldn’t I bring more of this understanding into this world?
  36. Teacher: This is the fallacy that frustrates you. Do you think the experience of this sublime energy and intelligence can be reduced to human translation?
  37. Student: Yes.
  38. Teacher: Then how?
  39. Student: I can teach others how it feels to be in rapport with their souls. I can bring more light to this world and inspire others to seek this out within themselves. Isn’t this what you do?
  40. Teacher: Have I taught you how to achieve this state?
  41. Student: No. But you have inspired me.
  42. Teacher: Are you sure? Haven’t I just told you that you can’t experience this state in the human instrument? Is that inspiration by your definition?
  43. Student: I didn’t mean in this specific case, but you inspire me to think deeper into the issues or problems that confront me.
  44. Teacher: If you want to bring more light into this world, why will interaction with your inmost self enable you to do so?
  45. Student: That’s just it. I don’t know if it will. It just seems logical that it would. Don’t all good teachers have this insight? Don’t you?
  46. Teacher: It’s true that there are teachers who can switch their dominant realities, and have learned to integrate this in their life without losing balance or effectiveness in this world, but they are extremely rare.
  47. Student: I know this. But this is what I aspire to learn. It is learned isn’t it? Can’t you teach me?
  48. Teacher: No, it is not learned. It is not teachable. It is not acquired through instruction, esoteric technique, or revelatory process.
  49. Student: Then how do those teachers who have this ability acquire it?
  50. Teacher: No one acquires this ability. That’s my point. No teacher within a human instrument on Earth at this time, or any previous, has the ability to live as a human and simultaneously live as a God-fragment. Nor does any teacher juggle between these realities with certainty and control.
  51. Student: I’m surprised to hear this. Why is this so?
  52. Teacher: For the same reasons I told you earlier. Do you not think this applies to all humans?
  53. Student: Even Jesus?
  54. Teacher: Even Jesus.
  55. Student: Then why do I have this desire? Who put this notion into my head that I should be able to experience this inmost self or God-fragment?
  56. Teacher: If one experiences the wind, do they not understand something of a hurricane?
  57. Student: I suppose.
  58. Teacher: And if they experience the rain, don’t they understand even more about hurricanes?
  59. Student: Yes.
  60. Teacher: If you never experienced a hurricane, but you experienced wind and rain, might you be able to imagine a hurricane better than if you never experienced wind and rain?
  61. Student: I should think so.
  62. Teacher: Such is the case of the God-fragment within the human instrument. You can experience unconditional love, supernal beauty, harmony, reverence, and wholeness, and in so doing, you can imagine the features and capabilities of the God-fragment within you. Some teachers have simply touched more of the edges of the God-fragment than others, but I assure you, none have entered into its depths while living in the human instrument.
  63. Student: But don’t some teachers travel outside their body?
  64. Teacher: Yes, but they are still living in a human instrument whilst they travel. Everything I said still applies.
  65. Student: So what do I do? Give up the desire to have this experience?
  66. Teacher: There is a fish that can leave its underwater world upon the equivalent of wings. While it is only for a short time, it experiences the realm of the air-breathers. Do you think this flying fish ever desires to touch a cloud, climb a tree, or venture into a forest?
  67. Student: I don’t know… I doubt it.
  68. Teacher: Then why does it fly above the water?
  69. Student: I suppose it’s an instinct, something of an evolutionary imperative—
  70. Teacher: Exactly.
  71. Student: So you’re saying this is true of humans as well. We strive to experience our God-fragment out of an evolutionary imperative or compulsion?
  72. Teacher: Yes, and like the flying fish, when we break from our world it is only for a short time and we fall beneath the surface once again. But while we are above the surface of our world, we momentarily forget we are just a human with a beginning and an end. Yet, when we do this, we do not imagine that we can touch the face of God within ourselves.
  73. Student: But I do. I feel that I can, and even should, touch this God-fragment.
  74. Teacher: You think this way because you have the hopeful exuberance and naïveté of a person unacquainted with the experience of First Source.
  75. Student: So you don’t feel this way?
  76. Teacher: Anyone attuned to the highest vibrations of their innermost self will feel this and be guided by it. The only difference is that I am content in knowing that I will not experience it while I am embodied in a human instrument.
  77. Student: And what does this contentment provide you that I don’t have?
  78. Teacher: The ability to channel my energy into this world rather than to apply it in the pursuit of another.
  79. Student: But I thought you said it is an evolutionary imperative? How do I control this desire or ambition?
  80. Teacher: Live in this world with all your passion and strength. See the God-fragment in this world, even if it is only a diminished beacon or tired light. See it! Nurture it! Do not be so quick to look for it in the depths of your heart or mind where you believe it might be.
  81. Student: It’s hard not to be disheartened at the sound of these words. It is like someone telling me that the vision I had was merely a mirage, or a trick of the light.
  82. Teacher: This is a world of shadows and echoes. You can chase the source of these if you desire, but you will likely do so at the loss of living in this world. You will diminish your experience of the shadows and echoes, and this is the very reason you incarnated upon this planet at this time.
  83. Student: But it sounds so passive, as if I should settle for experiencing this world, and not try to change it. I feel like I’m here with a mission to improve it, to change it for the better, and I’m missing some experience, some capability to do this. What is it I feel and why?
  84. Teacher: When you experience the warmth of the sun, do you change the sun?
  85. Student: No.
  86. Teacher: And if you hold a piece of ice in your hands, do you change it?
  87. Student: Yes. It begins to melt.
  88. Teacher: So there are some things you can only experience, and there are some things you can change.
  89. Student: And I should know the difference.
  90. Teacher: It helps.
  91. Student: I know this. It’s elementary. I’m not sure it helps me feel less disheartened.
  92. Teacher: You know this, I agree, but you have not necessarily practiced it. It is a principle of life to practice discretion and discernment, and while people will think this concept elementary, it is a critical difference in living life in a state of fulfillment or, as you put it, frustration.
  93. Student: So I can’t change the fact that the God-fragment within me is unknowable to my human mind, and I need to accept that. Is that the lesson to be learned here?
  94. Teacher: No.
  95. Student: Then what is?
  96. Teacher: The concept of the God-fragment within you has power. It can be contemplated, but it cannot be experienced as a dominant reality in a human instrument. Through this contemplative approach you can learn discernment, and through this discernment you will learn how to navigate in the world of shadows and echoes in such a way that you bring changes that are in accord with the objectives of First Source. You externalize the will of the God-fragment, rather than seek its experience. In so doing, you eliminate the fear and frustration energies that flow through your mind.
  97. Student: Thank you. Your teaching just struck the chord I have been seeking since I found this path, and I feel its resonance.
  98. Teacher: In resonance you will be guided.


The wholeness navigator/ Lyricus teachings 2




  1.  Student: Is God a physical being?
  2. Teacher: Are you?
  3. Student: Of course.
  4. Teacher: Then doesn’t it stand to reason that God is as well?
  5. Student: I don’t know…
  6. Teacher: Can a dead man govern a city?
  7. Student: No.
  8. Teacher: Then how does First Source govern the Grand Universe that is — at its most coarse expression — a physical manifestation?
  9. Student: First Source inhabits a body like you and me?
  10. Teacher: Can any person upon Earth create something more magnificent than their human instrument?
  11. Student: I can’t think of an instance.
  12. Teacher: So, within this world, the human instrument is the highest expression of materiality?
  13. Student: I think so.
  14. Teacher: And whatever a human creates, its creation is less magnificent than it is.
  15. Student: Unless it is a child.
  16. Teacher: And who is the child of First Source?
  17. Student: We are.
  18. Teacher: No. Humans are thousands of generations removed from First Source. Who was the original child or first creation of God?
  19. Student: I don’t know. Source Intelligence or Spirit?
  20. Teacher: Source Intelligence isn’t a creation of God; it is the mobility and presence of God.
  21. Student: Then I’m afraid I don’t know.
  22. Teacher: When a cloud emerges from a blue sky, there are specific conditions that create the cloud. It appears from the sky, but does not resemble the sky in color, scale, texture, or scope. And yet, is it not accurate to say that the cloud was a child of the sky?
  23. Student: I suppose, but what does this have to do with the physical body of God?
  24. Teacher: Think of First Source as the sky, and the physical body of First Source as the cloud.
  25. Student: So, the first child of God was the physical body of God?
  26. Teacher: Yes.
  27. Student: First Source created the conditions whereby its physical counterpart could manifest to govern the physical universe. Then which came first, the physical universe or the physical expression of God?
  28. Teacher: Do you elect a president before you have a nation?
  29. Student: Okay, I see your point. Is it true that we were created in the image of God?
  30. Teacher: There are genetic archetypes that reside within the physical manifestation of God, and these archetypes are seven-fold.
  31. Student: So there are seven manifestations of God? Are they all physical?
  32. Teacher: They can be summoned physically at will, but God appears to each of his seven offspring in the form they will recognize as their father.
  33. Student: Are you referring to the seven root races of Earth?
  34. Teacher: No. The seven races of humankind are part of the most ancient genetic line of the universe in which Earth is an infinitesimal component. I’m referring to the seven genetic archetypes that reside within the Seven Tribes of Light that are known as the Central Race. They are sometimes referred to as the Elohim, Shining Ones, or WingMakers.
  35. Student: And you’re saying that these beings are separated into seven, genetic groups?
  36. Teacher: The Grand Universe consists of seven universes, and each of these converges in the central-most region of the Grand Universe. It is within this region that the seven, physical manifestations of First Source live, each an archetype of the human instrument designed for the universe of its destiny.
  37. Student: Are you saying there are seven versions of God?
  38. Teacher: There is only one God, but there are seven human instruments — each with different attributes and capabilities — that the one God inhabits. Our universe is associated with the Seventh Archetype, and it is this expression of First Source that interacts with, and governs, our universe.
  39. Student: Are all seven universes like our own?
  40. Teacher: The physical worlds are similar in all material respects, but the life forms that populate them possess different genetic capabilities, forms, and expressions, each based on the archetype of First Source.
  41. Student: A human instrument from universe one would not be similar to a human instrument from any of the other six universes?
  42. Teacher: Correct.
  43. Student: But isn’t this true even within our own universe? Not all humanoid life forms look the same?
  44. Teacher: This is not a matter of appearance. You are 99% identical to a chimpanzee — genetically speaking — and yet you undoubtedly consider yourself quite different in appearance.
  45. Student: What you’re saying is that all humanoid life forms, regardless of where they are located within our universe, are genetically linked to the Seventh Archetype of First Source?
  46. Teacher: Correct, but you can extend this to include a broad spectrum of other life forms as well. In other words, it’s not just the human instrument.
  47. Student: Then in the other six universes, each has its own archetype that is embodied by God, and the life forms of these universes conform to this archetype — at least from a genetic perspective, if not in appearance. Is this accurate?
  48. Teacher: Yes.
  49. Student: Then the obvious question is why? Why does First Source divide itself into seven, genetic universes?
  50. Teacher: When you approach a vast mystery, a mystery as infinite as the Grand Universe, what do you, as the creator, desire above all other things?
  51. Student: Assurance that the universes will not be destroyed.
  52. Teacher: Assume that you have no doubt of this — so perfect is your plan.
  53. Student: Then I would probably want to inhabit what I created and explore it.
  54. Teacher: And how would you do this?
  55. Student: I would need to travel somehow.
  56. Teacher: Assume that you are the Seventh Archetype of First Source. You are alone in your universe, and the universe is populated only with celestial bodies. There are no sentient life forms and no method of travel.
  57. Student: But isn’t that what Source Intelligence is for? Doesn’t First Source utilize Source Intelligence for its travel or omnipresence?
  58. Teacher: Let me remind you that we are discussing a physical expression of God. The Seventh Archetype of First Source is not able to travel about the universe independent of the laws of the universe. You may think of these seven Archetypes as the Human Instruments of First Source, and attribute similar characteristics and limitations to them, as we ourselves must bear.
  59. Student: So, the physical archetypes of First Source do not share the omnipresence and omniscience of their Father?
  60. Teacher: They do not.
  61. Student: Do they operate as a team, or are they independent?
  62. Teacher: They operate in cooperation and collaboration, but they exercise their sovereign wills as it pertains to the universe under their charge.
  63. Student: Were the archetypes of First Source created right after the creation of the Grand Universe?
  64. Teacher: They were created in succession the same way a family is created.
  65. Student: Why?
  66. Teacher: There is much to learn from the creation of one that can be passed on to the next.
  67. Student: I want to see if I understand this correctly. At some point in time there was a Grand Universe created by First Source, consisting of seven universes, each governed by a physical expression of First Source. The universes were devoid of life other than celestial bodies like stars and planets. Is this correct so far?
  68. Teacher: Yes.
  69. Student: And then the creation of life occurred. How?
  70. Teacher: First Archetype of First Source created life forms, what we shall call, the Central Race of First Universe. These beings were very powerful and not unlike their creator in function and form. They, in turn, created the genetic structures that became the first, pure physical soul carriers that housed the individuated spirit energies of First Source.
  71. Student: And this repeated itself six more times?
  72. Teacher: Each universe was populated with genetic structures that were based on the Archetype of First Source for that particular universe. Each genetic structure had unique capabilities that were suited for the exploration and colonization of their particular universe.
  73. Student: So, there are seven, different, genetic structures of soul carriers exploring the Grand Universe. For what reason? Why does First Source design the universe this way?
  74. Teacher: The Grand Universe is a vast network of life-bearing planets that enable the individuated spirit consciousness, housed within a soul carrier or human instrument, to interact with the limitations that physical worlds — by their very structure — impose. By interacting with these limitations, the genetic structures evolve, and in this evolution, they become unified.
  75. Student: Are you saying that evolution’s final form is unity?
  76. Teacher: Not in all species, but in the most advanced formats of physical existence, unity is the outcome of evolution.
  77. Student: Why?
  78. Teacher: When you create something that is in your image, what do you think is the most difficult thing to do?
  79. Student: Let it go?
  80. Teacher: Correct. You want your creation to explore and colonize the universe, but you also want your creation to return. Thus, you instill a fundamental instinct within your creation to desire to return to their place of origin. This is the unification instinct and it is one of the most powerful instincts designed into the soul carriers, of which the human instrument is one.
  81. Student: Then human-like, soul carriers exist throughout the Grand Universe, and all of them are designed to explore the expanding universe, but also to return to the central-most region after they’re done. This doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  82. Teacher: It is not the soul carriers that return. These are physical-based vehicles that, like all physical matter, decay and transform. Only the Wholeness Navigator within the soul carrier neither decays nor transforms. It remains everlasting, and within this specific element of humanity it is designed to return to its origins.
  83. Student: Where does one draw the line between First Source and other life forms?
  84. Teacher: How do you mean this?
  85. Student: Are the Archetypes of First Source separate from First Source. In other words, do they have their own identity, or do they think of themselves as First Source? In the same way, what about the Central Race?
  86. Teacher: There are five rings of life that comprise First Source. At the center is the consciousness of First Source. At the whole is Source Intelligence. In between are three rings of life: the seven Archetypes of First Source, the Central Race, and the individuated spirit-essence, or Wholeness Navigator.
  87. Student: And each of these rings of life draws their identity from First Source?
  88. Teacher: Yes.
  89. Student: What you’re really saying is that all of these life forms are threaded together as one consciousness?
  90. Teacher: No more than a family is one consciousness.
  91. Student: They are separate?
  92. Teacher: They are both separate and unified.
  93. Student: How?
  94. Teacher: The five rings of life are distinct forms of consciousness. In the formless state, each ring of life is aware of its unity, purpose, and inherent kinship with the others. In the physical realms, where consciousness is expressed through a dimensionally focused soul-carrier, they have a diminished awareness of this connection. Thus, they are both separate and unified, depending upon which strata of consciousness the entity is focused.
  95. Student: Then you’re saying that even the Archetypes of First Source, since they have a physical body, operate in the three-dimensional world without a strong sense of connection to First Source? It hardly seems possible.
  96. Teacher: No one within the Central Race pretends to know the degree in which the Archetypes of First Source have a diminished capacity to recall their Source vibration. However, those within the Central Race are well aware of how the soul carriers of three-dimensional substance, create the condition of separation in which divine recall is reduced to such a degree that the entity regards itself as separate from First Source, and therefore its capabilities.
  97. Student: Separate from the capabilities of First Source?
  98. Teacher: If you believe you are an ant, how do you behave differently than an eagle?
  99. Student: But an ant is not an eagle.
  100. Teacher: But the Wholeness Navigator is First Source. If the ant were an eagle, in every respect except form, but associated its capabilities with that of an ant, the eagle would slowly lose its ability to fly, it’s entire physical body, mind, and emotional make-up would change. Its soul carrier would literally devolve.
  101. Student: Our bodies cause our souls to devolve?
  102. Teacher: No. Our sense of separation from our Source vibration causes our human instrument to remain devolved. The devolution has already occurred; it is merely perpetuated.
  103. Student: Then the goal is to awaken this Source vibration and begin to re-associate with its divinity – this is what causes the human instrument to evolve in the direction of the Wholeness Navigator?
  104. Teacher: If you are going to start a fire, what do you need?
  105. Student: Dry wood, kindling and a lot of work generating sufficient heat to combust the kindling.
  106. Teacher: And what is the most critical of these?
  107. Student: I suppose the kindling.
  108. Teacher: Can you start a fire without any of the elements?
  109. Student: No.
  110. Teacher: Are you sure?
  111. Student: Well, I could start a fire with the kindling, but without the dry wood, it won’t last very long.
  112. Teacher: Aren’t they all critical then?
  113. Student: Yes.
  114. Teacher: And if I had all the critical components to start a fire, but I had no experience, would I be able to produce fire?
  115. Student: Probably not.
  116. Teacher: I might not even know, if someone were to give me all of these items, that their purpose was to create a fire. Correct?
  117. Student: Correct.
  118. Teacher: So we can add experiential knowledge as a critical component.
  119. Student: Yes.
  120. Teacher: And what if I didn’t see the need for a fire?
  121. Student: Okay, so you also need a reason or desire.
  122. Teacher: Yes. Desire and purpose is critical.
  123. Student: Okay, I agree we can add that to our expanding list.
  124. Teacher: And if we were outside and it was raining and our kindling became wet—
  125. Student: I understand, conditions must be right.
  126. Teacher: So conditions are important also?
  127. Student: Yes, but where are you going with this? I don’t understand how this applies to my question about what causes the Wholeness Navigator to evolve?
  128. Teacher: You simplified your question to the extreme. The equations of evolution are so complex that they are invisible to the mind of the human instrument. It is not merely the re-association with the Source vibration or God-Fragment that draws the Wholeness Navigator to it divinity and re-asserts its capabilities as a replica of First Source. This equation carries thousands upon thousands of critical elements bundled in a coherent, carefully orchestrated path. I wanted you to remember this.
  129. Student: But isn’t it necessary to simplify in order to approach the subject? How can anyone give all of these factors equal weight and still have an intelligent discussion?
  130. Teacher: That’s my point. You cannot.
  131. Student: So we can’t even discuss it?
  132. Teacher: No, not with any degree of accuracy. Evolutionary circuits are dependent on complex systems, and these systems are so vast and multifaceted that words – when applied to depict them – only serve to bring focus on one element and this element is never – in itself – powerful enough to catalyze or mobilize the evolutionary path.
  133. Student: So what does?
  134. Teacher: If you had a magical friend that was infallible in her judgment. Perfect in her decisions because she saw clear to the destination of First Source and therefore knew how to travel the landscape to achieve her reunion with God. What would you do with this friend?
  135. Student: I’d listen to them. I’d ask them for directions and guidance. I’d follow as closely behind them as I could.
  136. Teacher: Even if they led you to a cliff and jumped off.
  137. Student: Well, if I really believed they had this infallible judgment as you put it, yes, even if they jumped off a cliff. Somehow I’d trust that I would be okay if I followed them over.
  138. Teacher: What if they didn’t know you were following and they had capabilities that you did not? In this example, they could fly, but you could not.
  139. Student: I guess I would have made a terrible mistake in following them, and I’d die as a result.
  140. Teacher: So your friend’s judgment, even though it was infallible for herself, led to your own destruction.
  141. Student: Yes.
  142. Teacher: So who then do you offer your trust to?
  143. Student: Myself.
  144. Teacher: And why?
  145. Student: Because I know my own limitations.
  146. Teacher: So what do you think is the mobilizing factor for one’s evolutionary path to Wholeness and unity?
  147. Student: You mean if I could sum it up in a single concept – despite the fact you showed me earlier that it couldn’t be done?
  148. Teacher: You’re learning very well.
  149. Student: It would be to trust myself.
  150. Teacher: What part of your self?
  151. Student: The soul.
  152. Teacher: And not the carrier?
  153. Student: Okay, I would need to trust the whole of me.
  154. Teacher: Trust the parts and the whole. Trust the connection of these to First Source. Trust the God-Fragment that orchestrates all of this complexity into coherent experience and knowledge that assures the recollection of your divinity. Trust the evolutionary process defined by First Source. Trust each of these above the external voices that meet you, no matter how infallible they may appear to be. Trust your self-knowing and its ability to guide you in the ascending spiral of your journey.
  155. Student: Even though I am but a student?
  156. Teacher: Are we not all students?
  157. Student: But there are those who know more than me. I don’t feel like I know that much to trust myself. How can I overcome this self-doubt?
  158. Teacher: It is not something to overcome. If it were, would you then require trust?
  159. Student: I suppose not.
  160. Teacher: When you grapple with the finer distinctions of a concept, you invariably come to a wall that defines the limits of your memory or experience. When you find this wall, there is nothing wrong with seeking help from others, but remember that you are the entity that is most aware of your own needs. The wall that you find may be precisely what you need at that time.
  161. Student: Then it seems that I need to become more aware of my self-interests and needs.
  162. Teacher: The needs that you have which fuel your evolution as a Sovereign Integral. If you are hungry, your stomach will remind you. If you are tired, you will yawn and your eyelids will become unbearably heavy. What is the equivalent for your evolution as a Sovereign Integral?
  163. Student: It’s an interesting question. I don’t know.
  164. Teacher: What causes you to search for your higher self?
  165. Student: I guess unanswered questions. Not knowing who I am, where I am going, or why I am here.
  166. Teacher: Really? Unanswered questions awaken you to your highest self-interests?
  167. Student: I can tell by your question that I answered wrong. What is it then?
  168. Teacher: It is inspiration! Inspiration from the spiritual masters who came before you. Inspiration from Nature. Inspiration from art. But most importantly, it is the inspiration that enters from the realm of the Wholeness Navigator within you, into your human instrument and then tirelessly kindles your desire to recollect the reality of the God-Fragment stored inside you.
  169. Student: How do I recognize this inspiration?
  170. Teacher: It is not important to recognize it. It only matters that you feel it and welcome its presence because this is how you develop self-trust and self-knowing.
  171. Student: Are there techniques to accomplish this?
  172. Teacher: Of course.
  173. Student: What are they?
  174. Teacher: You haven’t invented them yet?
  175. Student: I thought you might know some that you could share.
  176. Teacher: I know my own. I do not know yours.
  177. Student: They’re different for everyone?
  178. Teacher: I don’t know.
  179. Student: How did you create your own techniques?
  180. Teacher: If you want to establish a relationship with someone that you want to know, what are some of the things you do?
  181. Student: I might invite them for a conversation over tea, or possibly write them an introductory letter describing my wish to meet them.
  182. Teacher: And if they don’t respond.
  183. Student: I will probably assume that they are too busy, or more likely, not interested in meeting me.
  184. Teacher: Then this is the problem.
  185. Student: What?
  186. Teacher: The human instrument gives up too easy, if it invites the Wholeness Navigator into its realm at all.
  187. Student: I think we’re all sensitive to rejection.
  188. Teacher: Do you think it’s possible to be rejected by the divine instruments of First Source?
  189. Student: I never thought about it before. Maybe?
  190. Teacher: It is not. The divine instruments of First Source are ever vigilant for sincere prayers, and never reject the offer to extend their presence within the human instrument of an entity that desires to ascend in consciousness. This is an immutable law of the universe.
  191. Student: Is there a better way to extend this invitation than simply asking in prayer?
  192. Teacher: It is not your words that will be heard. It is your feelings and the purity of their motivation. You could be drunk from wine and swearing in your loudest voice, but if your innermost feelings were pure, sincere, humble, and motivated by love, your invitation would be answered. In contrast, you could be meditating for days, striving to be of perfect character, and asking in the quietest whisper of a clear mind, but if you were tainted with the motivations of honor and pride, your invitation would most likely be declined.
  193. Student: Why would the Wholeness Navigator, or any divine instrument of First Source, care?
  194. Teacher: Why do you care if the food you eat is served on a clean plate or a dirty floor?
  195. Student: I don’t understand the comparison.
  196. Teacher: The human instrument is a vessel or soul carrier. Upon your planet, it houses the pure and perfect instrument of First Source: the Wholeness Navigator. If the human instrument is impure with thoughts of materiality, motivations of self-aggrandizement, or actions of hatred, it makes the soul carrier less receptive to the vibrations of the Wholeness Navigator. In some cases, the Wholeness Navigator, if it enters into such a vessel and offers its capabilities, these very capabilities are corrupted for selfish purposes.
  197. Student: So the Wholeness Navigator does not want its capabilities to become contaminated by an impure soul carrier?
  198. Teacher: This is partially true, but it is more that the God-Fragment within you chooses to expose its energies to a human instrument that has invited it to share its vision and understanding. Once it is invited, it will monitor the response of the human instrument to its presence. If the invitations are repeatedly extended, the God-Fragment will continue to materialize as an infused, spirit-led consciousness that directs the human instrument in its earthly mission.
  199. Student: It sounds like the God-Fragment takes over. Is that how it is?
  200. Teacher: The God-Fragment injects divine perspective to the human instrument. It enables the soul carrier to become the soul’s vision in service to First Source. In doing this, the human instrument is transformed.
  201. Student: I understand. I think I need some time to sort all of this out. Thank you for sharing your perspective and helping me with my understanding.
  202. Teacher: You are very welcome.

heart landscape



  1. Student : Is there a technique to gain Knowledge of God?
  2. Teacher: What God do you speak of?
  3. Student: The one and only source of all.
  4. Teacher: No
  5. Student: Why then are there some who seem blessed with the knowledge of God, and some that seem completely ignorant of his presence and value? Surely those who are enlightened discovered a technique to secure their knowledge.
  6. Teacher: There are no techniques. This is the great fallacy that has swept across the universe of sentient beings. We persist in our belief that there is a formula or ritual or teacher that can bring us enlightenment – or the knowledge of God.
  7. Student: If there is no technique or teacher, then why does all of this exist? Why do you, my teacher, sit before me? Or why are there books and learned masters here, in this instructional setting? Are you telling me they’re all worthless?
  8. Teacher: When there are questions there are answers waiting to be heard. All of this exists for the questions of people such as you. If these questions did not exist, this would not exist.
  9. Student: But what’s the point if the answers are not bringing me closer to the knowledge of God?
  10. Teacher: Why doesn’t the knowledge of destruction lay in the hands of the many instead of the hands of the few?
  11. Student: What do you mean?
  12. Teacher: Why is the knowledge of how to destroy humankind – on a mass level – so carefully safeguarded?
  13. Student: You’re talking about weapons of mass destruction?
  14. Teacher: Yes.
  15. Student: Naturally the technology is so destructive it needs to be managed and controlled by responsible governments.
  16. Teacher: Why is it controlled?
  17. Student: If it were in the power of any one person to destroy the lives of many, he or she might do so if they became sick of mind.
  18. Teacher: Is the knowledge of mass destruction the opposite of the knowledge of mass enlightenment?
  19. Student: I don’t know.
  20. Teacher: What if you were given the power to enlighten the masses of humanity or destroy humanity? Would you not be the most powerful person on earth?
  21. Student: I can’t imagine how I could be more powerful.
  22. Teacher: How would you choose to wield your power?
  23. Student: I suppose I’d have to have many advisors helping me to make the right decisions in order to build a great society that was rich in culture and learned citizens.
  24. Teacher: What if the citizens that you ruled rebelled? What if they chose to be independent of your power? What would you do then?
  25. Student: But if I had the power to enlighten them, why would they rebel? They would be enlightened and, as a result, they would choose to live harmoniously.
  26. Teacher: But some might not want to be enlightened. Perhaps they feel that they know what is best for their development and would resist an outside source, no matter how benevolent and wise.
  27. Student: Then I would let them have their own way.
  28. Teacher: Even if they killed themselves and behaved in decadence?
  29. Student: I would try to teach them how to behave properly so they would learn to live harmoniously.
  30. Teacher: Do you think they would listen?
  31. Student: If they didn’t, I’d place the good and respectful people separate from those that were warring and cruel.
  32. Teacher: I see. So you would divide your citizens into two groups?
  33. Student: It would be the only way to bring harmony to some, if it couldn’t be brought to all.
  34. Teacher: And if the warring and cruel citizens ultimately had children that desired to live in harmony, what would happen then?
  35. Student: They would only need to ask and they could rejoin the society.
  36. Teacher: So the citizens of your society would accept them without any problem and confer upon them the same social benefits that they themselves enjoy?
  37. Student: Yes.
  38. Teacher: And if they didn’t?
  39. Student: I would have to order it – make it a law – I suppose. But again, if I had the power to enlighten my citizens, they surely would forgive those that were led astray by their parents, and let them re-enter the broader society.
  40. Teacher: And what would be the result if one of these new citizens murdered someone within your enlightened society?
  41. Student: They would be expelled and punished.
  42. Teacher: Not enlightened?
  43. Student: I would assume they were not able to be enlightened.
  44. Teacher: So your power to enlighten was not perfect.
  45. Student: I guess not.
  46. Teacher: And what if the decadent society decided that the enlightened society should be conquered?
  47. Student: Why would they attack if they knew I had the power to annihilate them?
  48. Teacher: Perhaps they believed you didn’t actually possess the power, or if you did, that you would never use it.
  49. Student: We would then have to defend ourselves and capture the decadent society’s leaders and lock them up until they changed their ways of thinking and acting.
  50. Teacher: Then your power to destroy was not perfect either.
  51. Student: Not in the same way I thought it was.
  52. Teacher: You have answered these hypothetical questions wisely. Do you see how power complicates?
  53. Student: Yes.
  54. Teacher: Do you understand that having the power to enlighten or destroy is a type of power that most people consign to God?
  55. Student: Yes.
  56. Teacher: So I was asking you to play God, hypothetically.
  57. Student: I understand, but how does that answer my question about gaining the knowledge of God?
  58. Teacher: It may not. I simply wanted you to have a glimpse of the perspective of the human-imagined God.
  59. Student: Why?
  60. Teacher: If you want the knowledge of God, you must have some perspective on the position of a God.
  61. Student: But I didn’t mean that I wanted to have the knowledge of the God that humans have created.
  62. Teacher: It’s the only knowledge you can have.
  63. Student: Why can’t I obtain the knowledge of the true God, First Source? Why isn’t there a technique that I can use to find and acquire this knowledge?
  64. Teacher: Let’s return to our hypothetical scenario. Suppose that your power to destroy was simply a thought away. If you became angry, your power to destroy would be unleashed and the recipient of your anger would be obliterated.
  65. Student: Would it work the same way for enlightenment? In other words, would I be able to enlighten with a simple thought?
  66. Teacher: Yes.
  67. Student: Okay.
  68. Teacher: How many times a day do you have an angry thought and a thought to enlighten someone?
  69. Student: I don’t know. On a good day, I don’t have any angry thoughts.
  70. Teacher: On a bad day?
  71. Student: Maybe three or four.
  72. Teacher: Each time you have these thoughts, if you were angry with a person, your anger would harm the object of your rage.
  73. Student: What about the other side of the coin. What if I were loving and kind, would my thoughts enlighten them as well?
  74. Teacher: Precisely.
  75. Student: So, with nothing but my thoughts, I can harm or help a person.
  76. Teacher: Yes.
  77. Student: Then wouldn’t it make sense that if I had the knowledge of God, I would also have the discipline to control my thoughts and emotions?
  78. Teacher: No.
  79. Student: Why?
  80. Teacher: Because your dominant reality is that of a human being with all of its weaknesses and foibles. You are designed to have spontaneous thoughts and emotions. You have instincts that respond to stimuli, and you cannot control your natural thoughts or emotions. You can suppress them. You can ignore them. You can even extinguish them, but only for a period of time.
  81. Student: And this is why I can’t have the knowledge of God?
  82. Teacher: Correct.
  83. Student: Then every human is sealed inside a world of limitation because they have this inability to control their impulses – be they thoughts or emotions? It seems unfair.
  84. Teacher: Perhaps, but this same limitation is liberating.
  85. Student: In what way?
  86. Teacher: Do you know the will of First Source?
  87. Student: No, but I think I have an idea of what is aligned with the will of God and what is not.
  88. Teacher: If you truly know what is aligned and what it not, then you would need to know the will of First Source, would you not?
  89. Student: I mean that I know the general direction or intention of God’s will.
  90. Teacher: But not the details?
  91. Student: Correct. I know that what is of love and light is aligned with the will of God, and what is of evil and darkness is not. But I might not be able to distinguish between the more subtle shades of light and darkness or good and evil.
  92. Teacher: I see. And how did you arrive at this conclusion?
  93. Student: It is what I have been taught.
  94. Teacher: And who taught you this?
  95. Student: My teachers, the books I’ve read. Everyone believes this don’t they?
  96. Teacher: And because you have been taught that the will of God is knowable, you believe you can make the judgment that a loving act is aligned, but an evil act is not.
  97. Student: Basically, yes.
  98. Teacher: What if I suggested to you that understanding the will of God is one and the same as possessing the knowledge of God?
  99. Student: I’m not sure that I understand what you mean.
  100. Teacher: What do you think I mean? Make an effort to express your thoughts, no matter how murky they may be. Sometimes the fog lifts only when you struggle to see through it.
  101. Student: I have the sense that you’re suggesting that if I understand what the creator desires from his creation, I would also understand a key component of the knowledge of God. In other words, in order to have the knowledge of God, I must know what God wants from me, what he desired me to become.
  102. Teacher: And what do you think God wants you to become?
  103. Student: Liberated.
  104. Teacher: From limitation?
  105. Student: Yes. Exactly.
  106. Teacher: First Source desires that you live without limitation, but creates a soul carrier and a setting for that soul carrier to live within that is rooted in limitation. Why do think it is the will of God that you shrug off your limitations?
  107. Student: Because if I have no limitations, I am liberated of the things that reduce my spiritual awareness.
  108. Teacher: And what will you do then – when you are free of all limitation?
  109. Student: I’m not exactly sure, but it will be blissful and likened to what Buddha called Nirvana – freedom from desire.
  110. Teacher: Why would your Creator create you, set you in a soul carrier that was bound to a reality of limitation, construct an elaborate universe school to educate you, and commission a vast array of instructors, only to enable you to pass into Nirvana or a blissful state?
  111. Student: I don’t know. That’s in part what I’m trying to understand.
  112. Teacher: Are you sure?
  113. Student: Well it’s certainly one of the things I’m trying to understand.
  114. Teacher: If you’re trying to understand this, then answer my question.
  115. Student: But I don’t know the answer.
  116. Teacher: Try to articulate it as best you can.
  117. Student: I agree it doesn’t make sense that God would have me educated in the ways of the universe and then leave me to simply enjoy it, but I don’t know what else I would do. No one paints this picture very clearly.
  118. Teacher: The picture, as you put it, is found in the service to a plan. The plan is the collective unfolding of souls to realize the singular nature of universehood as an undivided process.
  119. We move from neighborhoods to cities, to states, to nations, to continents, to hemispheres, to planets, to solar systems, to galaxies, to local universes, to superuniverses, to the Grand Multiverse – the all-encompassing structure of our collective unity.
  120. And every step we emerge the victor of the lesser state of being in that our lives increasingly exemplify the presence of our collective perception of what is best for the evolutionary course set forth by First Source for the Grand Multiverse.
  121. Student: Okay, so this is the reason? To simply be able to hold the perspective of what is best for the Grand Multiverse? How can I ever know such a thing?
  122. Teacher: You cannot.
  123. Student: So again, I’m frustrated in ignorance. This seems to be the theme of spiritual matters.
  124. Teacher: It is only because you take the undivided process and leap to its end, wishing to bring it closer into your reality of now. Your patience is exceeded by your vision of what is to be.
  125. Student: I know. But what can I do about it?
  126. Teacher: Define the knowledge that you need to accomplish each step of your process. Don’t profess to need the knowledge of God before you have the knowledge of your earth world or the knowledge of your human instrument. Frame your knowledge in the context of your design.
  127. Student: How do you mean that?
  128. Teacher: You are a physical body with complex, emotional impulses and instincts; you are also a system of nerves and data collectors that feed your consciousness and brain. Moreover, you are a collective of consciousnesses that span your entire species and time. These elements comprise your human instrument.
  129. Like most seekers, you try to understand the mysterious substance of your inmost spirit – the Wholeness Navigator – before you understand your human instrument. And even more to the point, you seek to understand the Creator and sustainer of the Wholeness Navigator before you understand your inmost spirit.
  130. You have intuited the undivided process because it is stored within you, but if you stretch the reach of your understanding it is because you seek to know the stars before you know the planet upon which you stand. And I ask you, what good is the knowledge of the stars when your home is misunderstood?
  131. Student: You’re saying that I need to study my body and mind before I study the soul?
  132. Teacher: No, I’m saying the knowledge of God that you seek is contained in every step of the undivided process. It is not realized in some sudden, elusive revelatory experience at the end of your journey. It is found in every step along the way.
  133. Student: Yes, I understand this in concept. I’ve heard this many times before, but I sense that you’re making a different distinction here.
  134. Teacher: Perhaps. I’m only recommending that you understand the soul carrier before you seek to know the soul, and that you understand the soul before you seek to understand its creator. Otherwise, if you first channel your energy into understanding the Creator, you will see it marginally, and this partial knowledge will deform your understanding of the soul carrier and the soul within it.
  135. Student: But how will I know that my understanding of the soul carrier is adequate so that I can embark on the understanding of my soul?
  136. Teacher: The human instrument is an amazing composite of miraculous connections between the material and non-physical worlds. When you understand these connections, they will guide you to your understanding of the soul within you.
  137. Student: So then I should really be asking you about how I can gain the knowledge of these connections. Is that correct?
  138. Teacher: Yes.
  139. Student: So how do I? Is it the chakras that are key?
  140. Teacher: Much has been said and written about the energy centers that are revealed within the human instrument, but these energy centers are not the connections between the physical and non-physical realms.
  141. What weaves together the physical body with the non-physical bodies is what we refer to as the phantom core.
  142. Student: What is this composed of?
  143. Teacher: The phantom core is not composed of anything material. It is like a shadow of soul consciousness that can move between the realms of the human instrument.
  144. Student: So it can operate equally well within the mind and body?
  145. Teacher: The phantom core is the consciousness that moves between the body, emotions, mind, and genetic mind at speeds greater than light. Yet it is a point of awareness that distributes the experiences of the human instrument to the soul.
  146. Student: Does it embellish the experiences or simply report them like a recorder?
  147. Teacher: It reports everything in extraordinary terms.
  148. Student: How do you mean?
  149. Teacher: Even in the quiet moments of your life when you are staring through a window or reading a book, there is a great universe of experience that is perceived by this phantom core, and every miniature detail is faithfully recorded and transmitted to the soul.
  150. The phantom core is the super consciousness of the human instrument. It is separate from the soul, and is considered the soul’s emissary to the natural world in which the human instrument must interact.
  151. It is through this awareness that soul experiences the natural world of limitation and separation, drawing in the experiences that help it to build appreciation for the Grand Multiverse that is the garment of First Source.
  152. Student: Why have I never heard of this before?
  153. Teacher: Who should tell you?
  154. Student: You, for one.
  155. Teacher: I just did, were you not listening?
  156. Student: Yes, but I’ve been your student for two years and this is the first I’ve heard of this phantom core. Why?
  157. Teacher: We teach through association and metaphor. You have been taught about the phantom core, you just haven’t heard its name before now. And now that you have its name, it crystallizes in your mind a clearer picture of its design and purpose.
  158. Student: But two years it takes for me to know its name?
  159. Teacher: For some it is two hours for some it a lifetime. It depends on the person and how they arrive at their answers. You sought the unknowable before you sought what is to be known in your present life – where your consciousness resides now.
  160. Student: Okay, we’ve established that I’m a dreamer –
  161. Teacher: There’s nothing wrong with seeking the unknowable. I am not suggesting that you have wasted your time in the pursuit of a dream.
  162. Student: But it seems that I need to place more time in understanding this phantom core. What do you recommend I learn in this regard?
  163. Teacher: Learn all that you can about the human body, emotions, and mind. Make it the focus of your study for a period of time – perhaps a year or two, depending on the availability of your time.
  164. As you do this, take notes about the features of the human instrument that either seem connected or anomalous. For example, the brain is dominated by the data received from the eyes. Why do the eyes not dominate consciousness?
  165. As you produce your notes, organized around connections and anomalous phenomenon, begin to define the structure of the human instrument as one would if they were making a map of the interaction between the body, emotions, mind, and genetic mind. Remember that the phantom core is the shadow of the soul and operates seamlessly between the folds of the human instrument. It is the first perceiver and transmitter of the experience that consumes the human instrument of a specific individuality. It is the continuity of the undivided process within the material realms, while the soul is the continuity of the undivided process within the non-physical realms.
  166. Student: And what about the Wholeness Navigator?
  167. Teacher: It is the bridge of continuity between these two worlds. The Wholeness Navigator is the interlock between the worlds of time and the worlds of non-time. It is the fusion of the soul and the phantom core, integrating this vast experiential storehouse of data, and making it coherent as a force of transformation.
  168. Student: It will take me a long time to create this picture and understand the connections.
  169. Teacher: It will take you a lifetime, if you are fortunate. However, if you set forth upon the path of First Source without first understanding the fundamental structures within which your soul operates, you will pursue a mirage. God will appear and disappear, and doubt will shake you every time a new occurrence crosses your path. It will seem that all is impermanent, even the face of God.
  170. Student: You said a moment ago that the Wholeness Navigator uses the experiences of the soul carrier and soul as a force of transformation. Transformation of whom and for what purpose?
  171. Teacher: The transformation is of the individual personality – the God-fragment that sojourns in both the worlds of time and non-time, and is devoted to the One Plan that embraces all forms, personalities, and opinions therein. This personality is the identity that endures the shape shifting of forms and the ceaseless churning of time to become a conscious extension of the One Plan.
  172. The purpose of this transformation is to explore the Grand Multiverse as emissaries of First Source, creating new opportunities for the expansion and ongoing evolution of the One Plan.
  173. Student: I suspect you purposely gave me an abstract answer as a way of reminding me of the task ahead.
  174. Teacher: I gave you what is available to be given. Words themselves are an abstraction, are they not?
  175. Student: If you don’t mind, I want to return to my task: studying the human instrument. Is there a model I can use so I can compare my approach with others?
  176. Teacher: There may be some who would gladly share their research and findings. I would encourage you to collaborate with your fellow students. It is a very useful practice.
  177. Student: You spoke of connections in the human instrument and anomalous phenomenon. Can you please elaborate on these?
  178. Teacher: The connections of the human instrument are the threads that make up the fabric of the phantom core. These threads weave together the pathways between the physical body, emotions, mind, and genetic mind. Within each of these are sub-layers, just as the skin of the human body is different than the nervous system, which is different than the skeletal structure.
  179. The body is therefore made up of many layers and sub-components that comprise the total structure. This is equally true for the emotions, mind, and genetic mind.
  180. The connections between these layers or strata of the human instrument, which number 24 primary systems, each originate from the Wholeness Navigator. In other words, these threads have a common ground and spiral out touching each of the 24 primary systems, binding them together in a holistic system.
  181. Student: What are the 24 systems? Do I know them?
  182. Teacher: It is not important to recognize each of them individually. Some have not been discovered in the world of time and space. I only mention the number so that you can know the depth of the human instrument and its impeccable and miraculous structure.
  183. Student: Why is this so important?
  184. Teacher: The human instrument is regarded by most cultures as a body that is vulnerable and fragile. It is considered flawed and imperfect because it degenerates over time and is susceptible to disease. In some areas, it is considered nothing more than an animate object for the sensing of pleasure or pain. It is held in low regard, and even those who feel a spiritual imperative, regard it as the lesser or lower self.
  185. Student: But it is the lower self isn’t it?
  186. Teacher: It is the vessel of the transcendent soul. When you see a vessel of beauty, do you wonder what is inside it?
  187. Student: I guess when I see a beautiful vessel – like a work of art – I assume the vessel is for appreciation, not utility.
  188. Teacher: It doesn’t require a utilitarian function because its beauty is sufficient a purpose. Correct?
  189. Student: Exactly.
  190. Teacher: The human instrument is the same way. It is a beautifully conceived creation; so much so that most believe it is empty. Its purpose is in itself. They do not see the 24 strata, they perceive only the five dominant strata: skin, muscle, bones, emotions, and mind.
  191. Student: Why? Why do we only see these five and not the whole 24?
  192. Teacher: You are taught these perceptions by your educational indoctrination and society as a whole, and conversely, you are not taught to appreciate and understand the other 19 strata. In most cases, these strata require more vigilance and persistence to understand and appreciate.
  193. Student: So how do I learn about the other dimensions of the human instrument?
  194. Teacher: You study the human instrument. You study the body, emotions, mind, and genetic mind. You learn to understand this sacred vessel for what it truly is: the exploratory, albeit temporary, vehicle of your inmost, immortal consciousness in the worlds of time and space.
  195. Student: But if you gave me information about the 24 strata, wouldn’t it help me in my studies?
  196. Teacher: Perhaps, but it is not necessary to understand all of these levels with the human mind. And here again, you seek to know the staircase before you understand the first few steps. It is the function of time to make the staircase comprehensible in steps, not singular revelations.
  197. Student: I understand.
  198. Teacher: I have highlighted the universal path; now tell me what you have learned.
  199. Student: Okay, I’ll do my best. The phantom core connects the 24 levels of the human instrument, and is the observing consciousness of the worlds of time and space for the human soul. The phantom core has multiple threads, for lack of a better description, that weave these 24 levels together, and it uses these connective threads like pathways to move – as a consciousness – from one level to the next at quantum speeds. It then passes this experiential information to the soul, which then processes this incoming data in order to evolve its understanding of how to align with the One Plan and increasingly bring light to the darker outposts of the Grand Multiverse.
  200. Teacher: Take a deep breath. You have listened well.
  201. Student: Did I get it right?
  202. Teacher: Are you concerned about being right or are you interested in learning?
  203. Student: Are they so different?
  204. Teacher: They can be polar opposites.
  205. Student: I’m interested in learning and being right.
  206. Teacher: You asked me at the beginning of this dialogue, as to whether there is a technique to gain the knowledge of God. Do you remember?
  207. Student: Yes.
  208. Teacher: And have you discovered your answer?
  209. Student: No. I don’t think there is an answer.
  210. Teacher: Perhaps there’s an answer, but it is different for every human. All beings approach their creator in a unique path that has never been navigated before. If you stitched together the vast reservoir of your experience in the worlds of time and space, do you think it has ever been replicated?
  211. Student: I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it before. Perhaps at a basic level it has.
  212. Teacher: Only if you grossly simplified it would you see any similarity in the paths of the ascending souls to their Creator’s realm. Truthfully, we are each as unique as the planets that number the Grand Universe, and it is precisely this uniqueness that prevents a universal technique from ever becoming the magical pill of enlightenment.
  213. Student: I understand this. Was this done as part of the design?
  214. Teacher: Yes.
  215. Student: I guess the real question is what knowledge is required in order to construct my own techniques for gaining the awareness of my own, multi-layered self?
  216. Teacher: You are on your way if it is your practice to make this inquiry every morning that you arise, and you feel yourself a magnet attracting this very knowledge into your life through every facet of your experience.
  217. Student: Does it help if I believe that the phantom core is present within me and absorbing this knowledge even if my conscious mind is not?
  218. Teacher: It does and it is.
  219. Student: I am grateful.
  220. Teacher: You are most welcome.
Universe Relatiionship/ Discourse 04/ Lyricus


  1.  Teacher: And so you desire to experience the Wholeness Navigator. Have you decided how?
  2. Student: This is why I wanted to meet with you. I thought you could instruct me on a method or technique to achieve this.
  3. Teacher: If I could do this, wouldn’t all that exists here (the ashram) be obsolete? Wouldn’t all of your education fall to yourself? Wouldn’t all of your connection to people erode into an existential journey of self-knowledge?
  4. Student: I don’t understand.
  5. Teacher: You have assembled the inner and outer knowledge like a bridge without a middle, and the missing middle section is your experience of that which confirms that the two ends do indeed join; that there is cohesion between these worlds; that the bridge has function. Yes?
  6. Student: Yes.
  7. Teacher: If you found this middle section within your experience, your bridge would be built and you could pass between the inner and outer worlds unencumbered and independent. You would desire to then teach others how to build their own bridges. Yes?
  8. Student: Exactly.
  9. Teacher: Do you think any of the teachers that have lived on earth have built this bridge and not shared it with others?
  10. Student: No.
  11. Teacher: Then where is this technique you speak of? Is it hidden so well that none of the world’s finest teachers can articulate it into a sensible methodology?
  12. Student: Are you saying that none have built this bridge?
  13. Teacher: No. I’m saying that none have wanted to build this bridge.
  14. Student: Then why does it consume me so?
  15. Teacher: Because you believe it can be built by answers, by experience, and by initiative.
  16. Student: And it can’t?
  17. Teacher: It cannot be built anymore than you can build something that is already built.
  18. Student: What do you mean?
  19. Teacher: Can you build this rock? (I was holding a rock I had gathered from the ground.)
  20. Student: Do you mean can I build an exact duplicate?
  21. Teacher: No, I mean this rock?
  22. Student: No. It’s already built.
  23. Teacher: So is your bridge.
  24. Student: Okay… I understand this in concept, but if you’ve never experienced it, what good is it if it’s built?
  25. Teacher: That depends on you.
  26. Student: In what way exactly?
  27. Teacher: Do you see what’s present more than you see what’s missing?
  28. Student: I don’t know… I’m not sure what you mean.
  29. Teacher: You have knowledge and discipline. You have intuition and insight. You have initiative and cunning. You have power of will and persistence. Are these more important to you than the missing conscious experience of the Wholeness Navigator?
  30. Student: I believe that when I have the experience of the Wholeness Navigator, it will supercede these other things, or it will put them in some kind of collective order and I will be a better person and therefore a better teacher because of it.
  31. Teacher: But if you cannot build something, how do you teach its construction?
  32. Student: But then you’re saying that I already have this experience and so does everyone else; it’s just that we don’t know it. And again, I realize this in concept, but it seems like some do have this experience.
  33. Teacher: Even at this moment you are having this experience, as am I.
  34. Student: Yes, but you’re probably conscious of it, I’m not.
  35. Teacher: No, I’m conscious of us. I’m conscious of wherever and whatever I turn my attention to. I cannot turn my attention to the Wholeness Navigator because it is of an energetic frequency that is out of the range of the senses of this body and mind.
  36. Student: So you’re saying that the Wholeness Navigator or human soul is invisible to our human senses no matter what we do? There isn’t any technique that will allow us to attune to it, or it to us?
  37. Teacher: Correct.
  38. Student: So my desire is unfounded?
  39. Teacher: Your desire is natural and well founded; it is just that it will not culminate in the experience you hope for.
  40. Student: Then why do I feel like something vital is missing? Why do I have this nagging belief that my unanswered questions hold me back from my rightful path?
  41. Teacher: As I said before, your attention shifts to what is missing because you have invited the impossible into your world and idealized what others before you achieved in the sharing of their knowledge. You believe that great knowledge can only come from the experience of the unknown, hidden worlds in which the human soul lives, and without this experience you are unable to fulfill your promise.
  42. Student: But many of the greatest teachers shared their vision of these inner worlds and dimensions of which the Wholeness Navigator is a part. If I cannot explore these worlds as they, how can I hope to expand the consciousness of my time?
  43. Teacher: I will share a secret with you. It is not something I do with satisfaction but rather a sense of duty. The accounts of the other worlds are clothed in the very same fabric as dreams. The mystics, saints, and even some of the greatest teachers of the human species lived in bodies with the same limited range of perception as you and I. Their sometimes-spectacular accounts of other dimensions and planes of existence were subjective, non-replicable lucid dreams that were retold as objective worlds of splendor.
  44. Student: Are you saying that the accounts of mysticism are fabrications?
  45. Teacher: Some are. Some are misinterpretations of lucid dreams. Some are encounters with the meta-dimensional worlds of the future multiverse. Some are encounters with off-planetary beings. Some are planned deceptions. The point I’m making is that those who speak loudest of their experiences of the human soul and the worlds in which it resides are often seeking to describe their own glory more than an objective reality.
  46. Student: This will take me a moment to absorb. You seem to be impugning my own teachers, with whom I hold the greatest of respect.
  47. Teacher: I told you that I take no satisfaction in this. Nor am I trying to discredit any teacher. Let me describe it this way. If I discovered a place upon earth that no one else had ever come upon, and I made a map with coordinates of this discovery, I would be able to explain to anyone who can read a map how to find this same place. I could also lead people to it based on my experience.
  48. Why then are there no maps of the inner worlds? And before you answer, remember that while there are maps, they are not consistent in scale or measure, and thus, they do not describe the same inner geography.
  49. Student: I agree there is incongruity about the structure of the multiverse, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t exist.
  50. Teacher: I’m not suggesting that it doesn’t exist. There is no map! There are no cartographers of these worlds because these worlds are infinite in scope. How do you map the infinities of First Source? With paper and pen? How do you reduce the extraordinary vision of our collective Creator to words and methodologies?
  51. Student: Are you saying it’s all impossible – this desire to experience the inner dimensions of my being?
  52. Teacher: The best teachers allow for the possibility, and at the same time never consider it missing in their lives. The fascination of phenomenon is replaced with the consent of the real qualities of the human spirit to shine through their countenance, words, and deeds, and to do so with their unique personality intact.
  53. Student: How then can the consciousness evolve if every generation teaches nothing new about the inner worlds? Or worse yet, only adds to the confusion of how these worlds operate within our consciousness?
  54. Teacher: As I said before, the bridge, or consciousness, in this case, is built. It cannot be evolved, improved, or enhanced. It is a multi-faceted consciousness that is as far beyond the human mind as the boundaries of the universe are beyond earth. The appreciation of this consciousness is what requires evolution; and its application as a source of guidance and inspiration is what requires instruction.
  55. Student: Exactly what I wanted to get to. This is precisely what I want to teach, but if I myself have no experience of this super-consciousness, how can I help others to evolve their appreciation?
  56. Teacher: You have been asking for help to experience something that cannot be experienced, instead of choosing to tell the universe what you want to appreciate.
  57. Student: I don’t understand.
  58. Teacher: The universe responds to your directives, not your questions, hopes, and prayers. If you choose to define your future by telling the universe what you desire to experience and appreciate, and you hold these thoughts in your mind with fierce persistence, the universe – by its own design – will respond accordingly. If, on the other hand, you ask questions and pray for answers, the universe will respond with a deafening silence because you have not given it direction.
  59. Student: This is the co-creative process you speak of, and I understand the principles of this, but how does it relate to my desire to expand my understanding of consciousness and teach this understanding to others?
  60. Teacher: Desire is not a directive. Simply desiring to achieve something does not engage the universe; it engages your personal power and applies your will to achieve a goal. Praying, as it was originally intended, held two complementary purposes: To demonstrate to the universe that an individual made choices regarding their destiny, and expressing gratitude to the universe for its unfailing support.
  61. Student: Given what you’ve said, I assume it doesn’t make sense to make a directive to the universe that I want it to bring me the personal experience of the Wholeness Navigator?
  62. Teacher: You can make any directive you select. The universe is not obligated to respond, it simply does. By your selection the universe knows you. You are revealed in this simple act, and through this intimacy, the universe will respond in kind and reveal itself. If you direct the universe to bring you the experience of the Wholeness Navigator, it will bring you this experience, but you will not have consciousness recollection because, as I’ve said before, the signature vibration of the Wholeness Navigator is not perceptible to the human senses or mind. There is no method to capture the experience – the mind is like a camera, but the senses – the film – are not present.
  63. Student: So the universe responds according to the directive, but I may think it wasn’t listening because I don’t recall the experience?
  64. Teacher: Yes. It is a frequent occurrence with higher dimensional directives, something akin to a perceptual omission. The condition can create resentment and an uneasy sense that the universe is indifferent or even malfunctioning, despite the fact that most individuals consider the breakdown to be their own fault – at least consciously. However, in most students, lurking below the guilt of the conscious mind is the sense that the universe is indifferent, or even worse, purposely non-responsive.
  65. Student: How do I direct the universe? Is it a forceful command?
  66. Teacher: Each individual is a creator of his or her wisdom path. As such, they must create the priority and structure of their path on their own. They may tap resources like teachers or books, but the creation of the path is their own, regardless of the external circumstances such as religious conformity. Once this is understood and internalized, it becomes the foundation from which you operate. This is one’s spiritual duty, and it is the first step on the path of co-creation with the universe.
  67. The second step upon this path is the informed assignment of priority. There is a sequence to all directions – an order in which they build to an end goal or achievement.
  68. Student: Please explain how this applies to spiritual revelation?
  69. Teacher: When you have a goal to comprehend your identity – not only as a human being but also as a spirit-fragment of First Source, you must break your goal into component building blocks, and see the order within the process. Underlying this order is the fluidity that provides for rapid transformation and adaptation. Once this is defined you direct the universe to respond to this plan by the simple and persistent act of defining and, most importantly, re-defining it. The thought uppermost in your mind is that the universe is “eavesdropping” on your plans, and shifting or re-arranging your material, emotional, mental, and spiritual environments in direct response to its observations. It does this without regard to what you would call your worthiness. It does this because it is its nature.
  70. Student: What if my plans are just plain wrong or ill conceived?
  71. Teacher: You will most likely be frustrated or unsatisfied by the events that unfold.
  72. Student: Can you give me an example?
  73. Teacher: If someone plans to begin their teaching profession before they have adequately trained as a student, and the universe responds in kind by providing them students, they may perpetuate their own misunderstandings upon those they teach. This is a common example for would-be teachers of the spiritual arts.
  74. Student: But what you said earlier, about defining your plan and its order, if you truly did this properly would you not avoid the ill-conceived plan?
  75. Teacher: The universe watches faithfully your every movement and emotional connection to your goal. The ability to avoid the ill-conceived plan rests mostly in the discovery of your original voice – sorted out from the thousands of voices that have influenced you – and to allow this voice to define and direct your approach to your divinity. It is this voice and the judgment and insight behind it that places you and retains you in the security of the universe.
  76. Student: But there are so many more insightful than I. Why would I listen to my own voice amidst those of my teachers?
  77. Teacher: Do you listen to your teachers, or do you compare their words with what resonates with what you sense is true?
  78. Student: To be candid, I compare their words with my own sense of truth.
  79. Teacher: So you already listen to your own voice?
  80. Student: In a way, I suppose. But I use my voice as a ruler, measuring the words of my teachers with my intuition or… or some related faculty. I don’t originate the thought or idea – I simply evaluate it.
  81. Teacher: And why do you do this? Why do you assign yourself the diminished role of measuring and analyzing instead of creating and invention?
  82. Student: Because I am inexperienced and lack knowledge.
  83. Teacher: But you just agreed that you have experience in evaluating the substance of your instruction – that you can perceive the truth and value of an instruction, principle, or suggestion.
  84. Student: Yes, but it is one thing to have the knowledge and skill of evaluation, and quite another to be able to invent or perceive the knowledge of truth within oneself.
  85. Teacher: Why?
  86. Student: I’m not sure that I know how to explain this.
  87. Teacher: The knowledge that will transform you derives from your personal experience of two fundamental phenomena: the Light and Sound vibrations of First Source.
  88. Student: Exactly, and how to achieve this experiential knowledge of the Light and Sound requires expert instruction – the kind that only the highest spiritual teacher can supply.
  89. Teacher: Do you appreciate the transformation of consciousness? Is it something you have directed the Universe to supply, or are you waiting for a teacher to take you by the hand and lead you to the Light and Sound? In other words, are you waiting to evaluate the instruction of a human being, or are you directing the Universe to supply this experience?
  90. Student: I came here, to this ashram, to learn how to experience the Light and Sound of First Source so I can bring this knowledge to others.
  91. Teacher: So you are waiting for a human being.
  92. Student: Perhaps this is the way the Universe would respond to my directive, to bring me a teacher who can show me the way.
  93. Teacher: The Universe and you are the teacher. Together you are the active, unswerving, tireless, ceaseless, on-demand pathway that can provide the direct experience. Or, you can wait for the Universe to send you messengers clothed in human form who are less active, direct, energized, responsive and enduring – if that is your choice… your directive.
  94. Student: So you’re telling me to become more of an active partner with the Universe.
  95. Teacher: Add responsibility and acceptance of your capacity to partner with the Universe, and you have properly evaluated my instruction.
  96. Student: But I feel as if you’re suggesting that teachers do not serve a role in this process. Is this true?
  97. Teacher: Everyone upon your life-path will serve a role in this – teachers included. The Universe will arrange the right words, the rights sounds, the right light, the right meaning to enter your life-path, and these will come through nature, humans, animals, technology, and combinations thereof. The process, the Universe, and you are inseparable when properly directed.
  98. Student: So the real knowledge is knowing how to direct the Universe?
  99. Teacher: It is the one relationship you will have that is responsive to the impressions of your thoughts and the expressions of your heart. You can direct it and it will respond.
  100. Student: What is the key to directing the Universe?
  101. Teacher: To feel in union and harmony with the Universe. To truly feel that the Universe flows through you and in doing so creates the life-path upon which you walk. To trust this life-path, knowing it is a co-creation between you and the Universe, and to demonstrate this trust in matters small and large. Assuming all of these foundations are in place, then it is merely articulating the highest possible expression of your deepest heart.
  102. Student: How do I come to know this?
  103. Teacher: You listen to your original voice. You allow it to be expansive, mysterious, paradoxical, boundless, and joyful. When you give this part of you an opportunity to express itself, it will articulate the innermost yearning of your heart and soul, and it is to these yearnings that the Universe is most attuned to hear and respond to.
  104. Student: But doesn’t the Universe also respond to our thoughts and prayers?
  105. Teacher: There are those who will tell you that you can ask the Universe for abundance, health, good relations, new job and anything else your mind desires, and it will respond to your wishes. The Universe is neutral to your material status within the worlds of form. How successful you are as a human being – measured by the system of men – is not the concern of the Universe, it is the concern of the socially trained mind and ego.
  106. Student: But there are practical implications of this partnership with the Universe isn’t there?
  107. Teacher: If your highest aspirations from the deepest part of you are being supported by the Universe, you are more likely to succeed in your material quest for prosperity and right relations – for the two are related, are they not?
  108. Student: Yes.
  109. Teacher: However, those of power devise the system within the worlds of form, and it is this power that dictates the definition of prosperity. The Universe is not involved in these matters, it is humans in power who define such things, and the Universe is not aligned to these definitions.
  110. Student: So the two paths are not compatible?
  111. Teacher: What two paths are you referring to?
  112. Student: The petitions of human prosperity and practical survival, and the aspirations of my highest self.
  113. Teacher: There is no inherent incompatibility. It is simply a matter of where you place your focus and how you define prosperity, right relations, success, and so forth. If you try to direct the Universe towards the field of human prosperity and material concerns, do so with the understanding that the Universe is indifferent about these concerns, and you are really petitioning the Genetic Mind, not the Universe. You may receive some support from the Genetic Mind and psychic influences therein, but generally it does not supplant the time-honored system of practice, persistence, creation, evolution, and patience.
  114. Student: I think I understand your counsel. Thank you for your advice.

Teacher: You are most welcome.


Discourse 6 Techniques for intuitive Intelligence


  1. Student: How does one discern their inner voice from the voice that has been learned from this world?
  2. Teacher: The voice of this world can be traced to the ego-personality, while your original voice whispers and nudges from the depths of your heart.
  3. Student: But the voice of my heart is not necessarily formed of words, but rather feelings. And these feelings are subtle and constantly changing. Hope can turn to despair, or love to hate in a mere flash of time.
  4. Teacher: Like the universe, the heart is multi-leveled. The heart of which I speak is adept at expressing intuitive intelligence in the spirit of compassion and understanding. When you hear a voice within that strikes this balance, you have found your inner voice.
  5. Student: Does everyone have this inner voice and the ability to express it?
  6. Teacher: No.
  7. Student: Why is this limitation bestowed on human nature?
  8. Teacher: It is simply an outgrowth of the imperfections of the human instrument colliding with the imperfections of the three-dimensional environment.
  9. Student: And these imperfections subdue the heart’s expression and diminish its voice?
  10. Teacher: No more than the clouds control the sun and lessen its warmth.
  11. Student: So the inner voice continues to express itself even though the imperfections make its voice inaudible?
  12. Teacher: Yes.
  13. Student: Using your analogy, how does one eliminate the clouds?
  14. Teacher: You can’t eliminate imperfections, but you can achieve supremacy over them for periods of time. Imagine if the sky were always shrouded in clouds. The telescope would not exist, would it?
  15. Student: I suppose not.
  16. Teacher: Suppose that the clouds would disappear, but for only one day each year, and it was only on this day that you could see the vastness of the universe. Do you suppose the telescope would be invented?
  17. Student: Perhaps…
  18. Teacher: The answer is, yes. The moment the human spirit understands the depths and heights of its universe, the will to apprehend it—to study it—is engaged.
  19. Student: But how does this relate to the heart’s inner voice?
  20. Teacher: The imperfections of the human instrument and the three-dimensional world are like clouds that obscure the depths of the heart. If you can see beyond these clouds, if only for a short time, you will try to access and understand your inner voice and express it fully in your life despite the imperfections.
  21. Student: Again, using your analogy, what is the “telescope” as it relates to the heart’s deepest expression?
  22. Teacher: They are the techniques of the intuitive intelligence.
  23. Student: Can you explain them to me?
  24. Teacher: There is a component of the human instrument known poetically as the Heart’s Scribe. Your emotional history—every nuance—is recorded and inscribed within the circuits of your heart. This, in large measure, is the source of the “clouds” we spoke of earlier.
  25. Student: And they need to be cleared. How do I do that?
  26. Teacher: First and foremost, it is vital to understand the heart. The heart is so much more than a physical muscle pumping blood. This is only the surface manifestation of nothing less than the source of your intuitive intelligence. The energetic heart is the source template of the physical heart.
  27. Student: The source template?
  28. Teacher: As the physical heart distributes life-giving oxygen to the body, so does the energetic heart distribute intuitive intelligence to the mind. The energetic heart is the source template for the formation of the physical heart, and more than this, it is the point of connection to the highest form of consciousness from which your inner voice arises.
  29. Student: My physical heart is based on an energetic heart, and this energetic heart is what I want to have access to?
  30. Teacher: Think of it this way. The heart is dimensional and multi-faceted. It expresses emotional currents; regulates physiological functions; activates certain brain chemistry; communicates throughout the body and mind; receives precognitive impressions from your future environments; and connects you to all other states of being.
  31. The heart is also the gateway to the compassion frequency of love—the purest force of the multiverse.
  32. Student: I’ve never heard of this before. What do you mean by the compassion frequency of love?
  33. Teacher: Love, like all things dimensional, can be separated into a spectrum of frequencies—each frequency a part of the wholeness, but each possessing a different intelligence.
  34. Student: Intelligence?
  35. Teacher: Are all forms of love the same?
  36. Student: Of course not.
  37. Teacher: Love imbued with compassion and understanding is different from love that is stubborn and selfish, is it not?
  38. Student: Yes… but I don’t think of it as a difference in intelligence in the love itself, but rather the person expressing it.
  39. Teacher: That is because you don’t understand that emotions have an embedded intelligence based on their frequency and how the frequency resonates with the higher circuits of the multiverse.
  40. Student: I don’t understand.
  41. Teacher: Think of the multiverse as eleven holographic spheres of consciousness, each interpenetrating the one that is more inward. Only the outer sphere contains all spheres, and this is the consciousness of First Source, while the innermost sphere is the consciousness of inanimate objects like a stone or seashell. Love is separated into frequencies that resonate in harmony with each of these “spheres” or domains of consciousness. Similarly, the heart itself consists of different layers of consciousness, and each “layer” has an intelligence of perception and expression. This intelligence is linked to the brain and higher mind, so that the human instrument is capable of expressing from any dominant frequency or sphere of the multiverse.
  42. Student: Including the level of First Source?
  43. Teacher: Yes.
  44. Student: So the heart is the multiverse inside each of us?
  45. Teacher: It is the gateway to the multiverse because of its ability to decode emotional frequencies from the highest levels of the multiverse and express them into three-dimensional environments through a human instrument.
  46. Student: I thought the brain was the supreme organ of the human instrument. The crown chakra, the third eye… aren’t these associated with the brain and the higher mind? Aren’t these more closely connected with the First Source vibration than the heart?
  47. Teacher: The heart operates at the highest frequency within the human instrument. Emotions are even faster than the speed of thought. They operate outside of time/space when they are in resonance with the higher circuits of the multiverse.
  48. Student: If the heart operates at the highest frequency then emotions are more certain to be the catalysts that awaken us to our true selves?
  49. Teacher: Yes, this is why the most profound spiritual experiences are woven from the textures of the heart’s emotions rather than the thoughts of the mind.
  50. Student: Okay, so how does this all relate to clearing the emotional debris that’s been inscribed upon my heart?
  51. Teacher: It is not the heart itself that it has been inscribed upon. The emotional debris is passed from the heart to the brain and the neural network that surrounds it. Thus the clearing takes the same route and is a process, not an event.
  52. It begins with the compassion frequency of the emotion called forgiveness. This frequency can be evoked within your heart through this command:
  53. As the light of my heart brightens, so does my capacity to forgive. As forgiveness flows into my heart it moves upwards, filling my entire head with the most delicate and refined light imaginable, and from this light, a compassion for my past settles in, and all that has occurred is rewritten in this light.
  54. While this invocation is being said, you can listen carefully to the words and allow them to form visual pictures in your heart.
  55. Student: That’s interesting. I’ve always been taught to form pictures in my mind, but never in my heart.
  56. Teacher: Visualization is not confined to a specific position in the body or head. It can be placed anywhere by projection. Simply project the pictures to the area in the center of your chest. The one who views the projection can be outside of your body watching from a distance of a few meters.
  57. Student: Who is watching outside my body?
  58. Teacher: You are.
  59. Student: Is this one of the techniques you referred to as techniques of the intuitive intelligence?
  60. Teacher: Yes, but this technique has additional facets to it. When you have completed this first step, three remain.
  61. Student: What are they?
  62. Teacher: The second step is to allow this light to settle in. It requires that you perceive the light as a very, very refined mist of yellow-gold, suspended, yet moving at a level beneath perception. It is important to sense that this movement of the light inside your head possesses intelligence—capable of rewiring, rewriting, adapting your emotional history.
  63. Student: And by performing this technique I can begin to clear the “clouds” of my emotional history?
  64. Teacher: Yes, but visualization and imagination are vital elements of this process. Again, I want to stress that this is a process that requires a consistent practice for a period of time—typically thirty days or more.
  65. Student: Why are visualization and imagination so important to this process?
  66. Teacher: They engage the heart’s core intelligence and the brain’s receptivity is the result.
  67. Student: You’re saying that the brain interprets the heart’s signals based on their… clarity?
  68. Teacher: The higher brain is designed to “read” the heart’s signals based on how well defined they are in terms of their visual energy and emotional authenticity.
  69. Student: Visual energy?
  70. Teacher: Whatever images are projected upon the heart region, they are energized. To the degree you can visualize the image clearly, project it to your heart area and imbue it with your heart’s core emotions, you will send a more potent signal to your higher brain. It is this potency that the higher brain responds to.
  71. Student: In what way?
  72. Teacher: In the context of this dialogue, it facilitates the course of action to rewrite your emotional history in the frequency of compassion and understanding.
  73. Student: So the heart and brain are partners, but ultimately the brain decides whether to act on the signal… or the directives from the heart?
  74. Teacher: Just as the physical heart has an energetic or quantum counterpart, so does the brain. These two organs and their peripheral systems—at both the physical and quantum levels—are completely integrated, in a manner which science is only now beginning to understand.
  75. It is not that the heart transmits an order to the brain, and the brain, detecting the potency of the directive elects to act on it or not. The heart and brain are a unified system that cycles and recycles energy, information, and intelligence within the human instrument. This system operates with greater effectiveness, in terms of expressing its innate intelligence in three-dimensional environments, when it is entrained to the core heart energy of compassion and understanding.
  76. Student: You speak about compassion and understanding, but isn’t unconditional love the core heart frequency?
  77. Teacher: I choose to refer to these core frequencies in terms that are not so misunderstood, as is the term unconditional love.
  78. Student: You also mentioned emotional authenticity was a key element in how the brain responds to this technique. Can you expand on this?
  79. Teacher: When you see a piece of cloth from a distance of twenty meters, what distinguishes it?
  80. Student: Its color.
  81. Teacher: And when you are able to hold this same cloth and examine it closely, what then?
  82. Student: I suppose texture becomes more important… how it feels.
  83. Teacher: And the subtly of the design?
  84. Student: Yes, I suppose at twenty meters one would not be able to see any subtle designs that had been woven into the fabric.
  85. Teacher: Emotions are imbued with texture and subtlety. The higher brain system is designed to scan the emotional data incoming from the heart system and determine if the textures and subtleties of the data are derived from the core heart frequencies, or are derivatives of the three dimensional environment and/or emotional history.
  86. Student: The higher brain makes this determination? How does it know?
  87. Teacher: Have you noticed my use of the word “Designed”?
  88. Student: Yes, but I’m not sure I interpreted it the way you meant it.
  89. Teacher: The heart and brain systems were designed to enable those who were able to apply their imaginations from the core heart frequencies to access the higher frequency, higher intelligence of the genetic mind. This access made them the prophets and philosophers of humanity—the wisdom bearers that elevated all of humanity.
  90. Student: So only those who had this knowledge would be able to access this higher state?
  91. Teacher: No. Everyone is able to.
  92. Student: Everyone?
  93. Teacher: Should anyone be excluded?
  94. Student: What about those who knowingly practice evil?
  95. Teacher: A lifetime of 4000 weeks to explore and understand the infinite cosmos is the explanation of evil.
  96. Student: I don’t understand?
  97. Teacher: We are good, spiritual beings, not by the expression of our behaviors, but by our intrinsic nature—our origin. We are each allowed access to this higher knowledge not by how we act, but by simply being what we are.
  98. Student: Okay, I think I understand, and on some level, I’m relieved to hear this. However, all my life I’ve lived with the conviction that divinity is something earned. Those who were weak and easily led astray by the dark forces were not allowed access to the techniques that would empower their greed, hate, or evil tendencies. What you’re now telling me is that the techniques of the intuitive intelligence are available to any and all.
  99. Teacher: They are. This conviction you speak of is an artifact of the mystery schools and the esoteric practices that use techniques of liberation as rewards of loyalty.
  100. Student: But won’t some people abuse these techniques, using them for selfish or even evil purposes?
  101. Teacher: I just explained that the heart and brain are an integrated system designed to activate, access, and express the higher frequencies of compassion and understanding, and that the brain serves the role of assessing the emotional authenticity of the heart. This skill, intelligence, insight whatever you choose to call it, is absolute and inborn within all higher life forms. No one can utilize the techniques of the intuitive intelligence if their heart is passing data to their brain that is derivative of emotional distortions common to three-dimensional environments.
  102. Student: I still don’t understand how the brain knows how to do this, but let’s move on. Can we review the technique you started to explain?
  103. Teacher: There are four steps to this particular technique. Its purpose is to help the practitioner to recast their emotional history into the compassion frequency, and by so doing, gain a deeper access and more fluent, on-demand expression of their inner voice or intuitive intelligence.
  104. Student: Does this technique have a name?
  105. Teacher: Only if you give it one.
  106. Student: And you’ve disclosed only two of the four steps thus far?
  107. Teacher: Yes, the first two we have covered: the invocation and imagination steps. The third step is to release.
  108. Student: How is this accomplished?
  109. Teacher: When you fine-tune your imagination and you see the refined light frequency within your head area and you allow this—in a sense—to take up residency, you must adopt the inner attitude of surrender and release.
  110. Student: To what?
  111. Teacher: To the results of the technique. To the fact that the emotional history that you have stored in your neural and quantum network called the human instrument, may undergo change or modification.
  112. Student: But if I’m practicing the technique haven’t I already surrendered to the results? I mean, why would I be practicing it if I weren’t sincere?
  113. Teacher: Your desire for the end benefit, in this case, a more profound connection to your intuitive intelligence, can overshadow your willingness to see the wisdom in the process and delay gratification for the thing you desire.
  114. Student: You mean that I may become impatient?
  115. Teacher: It is more likely that you will be less inclined to allow the first two steps in this process to unfold organically—in their own time—for the purpose of recasting your emotional history. This is why this third step is designed into the process.
  116. Student: How do I perform this release as you call it? Is there a specific technique?
  117. Teacher: It is simple, and yet difficult at the same time. To release is to trust. To trust is to believe in the intelligence of both your innermost self, as well as the origin from which it arises. This is the simple part. The difficult part is to understand that the judgment of the ego-personality is impaired, and in some measure antithetical to the intuitive intelligence.
  118. This stage of the technique is to release judgment of your progress within the bounds of the process.
  119. Student: How do you mean this? I’m not sure I understand.
  120. Teacher: If by clearing the clouds of your emotional history you improve access to your intuitive intelligence or inner voice, the ego will search for evidence of your progress in order to satisfy its innate hunger for achievement.
  121. The ego is not something to be banished, ignored or faulted for this attitude, but rather it is to be refined.
  122. Student: Is this part of the release technique?
  123. Teacher: Yes.
  124. Student: How?
  125. Teacher: Release is a psychological imperative when an individual aspires to access and express their intuitive intelligence. Your ego is adept at operating within the lower, outer forces, in much the same way as your heart is adept at operating within the higher, inner forces.
  126. As you seek to align to these inner forces, your ego will perceive the effort and the process therein as a trivial distraction to the real world problems that press upon you. The instinctual response of the ego-personality, in this case, is to perceive the focus on your core heart frequencies as misdirected.
  127. Student: Why?
  128. Teacher: Because the ego resides within the lower mind and its attachment to the physical body is mainly through the eye-brain’s perception of its dominant reality—the three-dimensional world. To the pure ego, the heart is simply a bothersome appendage of the physical body that displays weakness.
  129. Student: Okay, I think understand the reason that release is the third step, but how do I specifically perform this step in the process?
  130. Teacher: Breathing through your heart region is the method to intermix the desires of the ego with the capacities of the heart, and this is the method of release.
  131. Student: How do I do this?
  132. Teacher: After you have completed the first two steps, center your attention on your breathing. Imagine that your in-breath brings the desires of your ego into an interior chamber of your quantum heart. Then, imagine this desire for achievement—in the form of an in-breath—is suspended within this interior chamber by holding your breath. As you do so, your breath is intermixing with the inflow of compassion that arises from your quantum or energetic heart. Now, expel this newly energized breath back through your heart area, and each time, as you exhale, repeat the phrase: “Leave it in the mystery to shine of its own light.” Do this six to eight times.
  133. Student: That’s all?
  134. Teacher: Yes.
  135. Student: I was expecting the release part to be more complicated and difficult.
  136. Teacher: The difficult part is when you lack the technique for release, or you practice the technique without emotional authenticity and visual energy.
  137. Student: What is the fourth and final step of this process?
  138. Teacher: It is sometimes referred to as light distribution, though I prefer to think of it as light connection.
  139. Student: How does it work?
  140. Teacher: Just as the physical heart distributes oxygen via the blood to the periphery of the physical body, the quantum heart distributes light via visual energy and emotional authenticity to the borders of the human instrument. The light distribution technique is to imagine light circulating—unimpeded—throughout the expansive you.
  141. Student: I’m not sure what that means.
  142. Teacher: The human instrument consists of the physical body, emotional system, and the facets of the mind. The grid that interconnects these elements and causes them to operate efficiently as a system is similar to the veins and arteries of the physical body. This grid conveys light that in turn unifies a quantum field and allows it to operate independently of the multiverse. We sometimes refer to this individuated grid as the expansive you.
  143. Student: So I am this loose confederation of light particles that somehow manages to coalesce into a body and mind, and to this I need to visualize light being distributed without blockages or interruptions. Is this the idea?
  144. Teacher: You simply need to place your attention on the reality of what you are. It only takes a few moments, but it is critical that you practice this technique frequently and in a specific manner.
  145. Student: How frequently?
  146. Teacher: That is up to you, but you cannot do it too much.
  147. Student: Why do I even need to be conscious of this? It seems that the light flows just fine without my direction.
  148. Teacher: It does, but you are not directing it, you are accessing it, touching into this holographic gridwork of light that is the fundamental structure of your existence in the three-dimensional environment.
  149. Student: Maybe you should just explain the technique, and I’ll stop asking questions.
  150. Teacher: If you could concentrate this grid of light—make it brighter, more intense; what do you think the result would be?
  151. Student: More energy?
  152. Teacher: No. It can actually have the opposite effect in the sense that the body is fatigued and weakened.
  153. Student: So distributing light is not about concentrating it?
  154. Teacher: No. It’s balancing the light quotient within the human instrument and ensuring it is coherent, rhythmic, and free flowing.
  155. Student: It sounds like you’re describing the physical heart again.
  156. Teacher: This is the natural state of the heart and the entire human instrument, but in the day-to-day interactions with the three-dimensional environment, the human instrument can lose this balance and slip into an incoherent, arrhythmic, and entangled state of existence.
  157. The heart perceives this state and, without knowledge of the proper techniques, responds in kind, fueling the mental dysfunction and physiological inefficiency with its energy.
  158. Student: More “cloud” cover?
  159. Teacher: Precisely. This is why this step in the process is important because it helps the heart to synchronize its energy with the deeper, sub-quantum structures upon which you depend.
  160. Student: What do I do?
  161. Teacher: Can you visualize your heart beating in your chest distributing oxygen to your body and brain system?
  162. Student: Yes.
  163. Teacher: Imagine this same function is occurring in your quantum or energetic heart, and that instead of veins and arteries, there are filaments of light that diverge from your quantum heart and connect you to a broader grid. This grid is the source of your existence as a physical being.
  164. Now, you can think of these filaments as both roots and wings. Roots in the sense that they anchor and ground your existence; and wings in the sense that they provide uplift and expansion to your life.
  165. Throughout the day, simply feel the energy structure that surrounds you. When you do this, imagine that your heart is “plugging in” or connecting to this structure, even if you cannot visualize it, feel its presence like a primordial soil of life-giving energy. Feel this connection as a rhythmic pulsing of light, flowing from the grid into your heart system and then flowing out from your heart to the rest of your body.
  166. Student: I felt this just listening to you.
  167. Teacher: That is the technique for the fourth and final step.
  168. Student: Should this fourth step be performed in concert with the other three techniques?
  169. Teacher: It is not necessary to perform this when you act upon the other three steps. This fourth technique can be performed throughout the day and only takes a matter of seconds. It can be performed twenty times each day for the rest of your life. It is a technique to rebalance and replenish your core heart frequencies and to ensure they are being distributed throughout the human instrument. It activates the inner currents.
  170. Student: What are those?
  171. Teacher: When a river loses its current what happens?
  172. Student: It slows down and becomes stagnant.
  173. Teacher: Clarity and tempo are related, are they not?
  174. Student: I think this is true as it relates to rivers, but I assume you’re talking about the human system as well.
  175. Teacher: Correct.
  176. Student: So the techniques of the intuitive intelligence are really multi-faceted in what they bring to the individual?
  177. Teacher: If you can access your intuitive intelligence, in a sense, increase the bandwidth of your connection to the light energy grid that supports you, a single word can catapult you into understanding, when before a hundred books left you in ignorance.
  178. Intuitive intelligence is the potency of the quantum heart trickling into the three dimensional world. It is the key to the knowledge that matters. For this knowledge changes everything in the dimensions of the past, present and future.

Student: I will faithfully practice it. Thank you for sharing this with me.

Teacher: It is my honor.

Being Spiritual

April 12, 2013


Being Spiritual
Becoming Spiritual and the Evolution of being

There are words that have been spoken by the wise amongst humans for many millions if not billions of years. It is also true that because of the nature of creation and the evolution of being, it always needs restating. The human ‘is’ because the spirit finds that the form is ideal,hence we create ourselves in this form. Knowing this, the human also knows that he should not feel it necessary to bow to any god or any human that creates himself as a priest or authority on a particular god. This is delusion and often a power ploy by those who wish to control the humans. They who do such things profit and leach from the populous. In all the phenomena of the many universes that exist ‘Truth’ is the foundation.
To know the ‘Truth’ the human has to look within their own being or at least seek to understand the nature of creation. The mind should be like water that encompasses all it touches and gather knowledge and understanding as it flows through existence.

The human bears a spirit that does not die nor sleep during the deepest sleep; it records all thoughts and emotions; it informs the human whether his thoughts are correct or false-if he has learned to pay attention.
The spirit within the human is the bearer of the creative realm, and every human has his own (spirit).
It is incomprehensible that the human speaks of a heaven and of a kingdom of heaven within himself, rather than to merely say: Creation, truth, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, consciousness and existence.
A human’s yearning lies in the joy that remains, for the imperishable life, the permanent peace, the spiritual and consciousness-related wealth that never fades and lasts forever.
Heaven and Earth will perish, but truth, knowledge, wisdom and spirit will never be changed or perish.
The spirit and the consciousness are on the look-out for what is perfect, for harmony, for peace, cognition and realisation, for knowledge, wisdom, truth and beauty, for love and for the true BEING, all of which are of absolute duration.
All of these lead to what forms the spiritual kingdom of wisdom; all are existing within what is creative.
All of these are here in existence, as a genius of all ingenuity, as a melody of all melodies, as ability of all abilities, as the highest creative principle, as wonder of all wonders.
The human may create wondrous worlds in a dream, just as Creation consciously creates the worlds.
To the human, this capability arises from his consciousness, which is obtainable in existence within himself, in the same way that all wonders are available within himself.
He himself is the realm of heaven, the realm of what is creative.
That’s why the terrestrial philosophers of old spoke about the human as a microcosm within a macrocosm because everything that is included within the universe is included within the human

The inner dimensions of the human are endless.
The image of Creation, the spirit within him-the existence that is without dimension-it bears all dimensions within itself and, at the same time, transcends all dimensions.
The spirit is the wonder of all wonders, and all power emerges from it.
A wonder means using the spirit force in perfection.
The human, however, places a wonder into something for which he lacks all possibilities of a logical explanation.
If a human is happy, his happiness comes from within, because happiness is a self-created state; never is happiness a location.
Joy comes forth from the human’s inner part, created by spiritual poise.
Therefore, everything comes from within.
The things that, or humans who, seemingly form the cause of happiness, are only the external occasion to bring the happiness within the human expressing itself, if he has spiritually worked towards this.
But happiness is something that belongs to the inner being, and it is an inseparable characteristic of the spirit’s existence.
Endless happiness and endless power are included in this existence.
Outwardly, the human may be old, but this is only a passing matter.
Fifty years ago he wasn’t, and in fifty years-when his body is dead-he will not be, because only the body may become old and infirm.
The spirit, however, remains forever young and suffers no symptoms of old age.
The old age, and also youth and infancy, and also sorrows, grief or problems, is something that passes, like it is the case with all external conditions and experiences of the world.
What is lasting is the existence of the spirit, truth, knowledge, wisdom, reality.
What matters is to recognise and build them, because they only make the human free.
If the human recognises the existence of his spirit, the old age is not harmful to him any longer.
No sorrows, no suffering, no problem, no changes and no ups and downs of life and of the surroundings, of the environment and the world may still throw him into grief.
Wisdom is an elemental, tremendous power.
Wisdom is light.
And wherever a light shines, darkness and ignorance vanish.
But ignorance is the actual darkness, and it is overcome by the light of wisdom.
Wisdom is a characteristic of the existence of the spirit and the consciousness, and it bears within itself the qualities of happiness, truth, knowledge, balance, beauty, harmony and peace.
Wisdom is light.
However, wisdom is the characteristic of a human who has recognised the existence of his spirit and cooperates along with the spiritual laws.
Wisdom is using the spirit force.
Wisdom and spirit are two things that amount to one, in the same way as sunlight and the sun are two things.
The sunlight results from the heat of the sun, which she herself first has to generate through her processes.
Thus, there is also an all-creating existence in the universe that, on the strength of its force, creates forces that constantly and imperturbably follow and enliven the endless eons-as truth, knowledge and wisdom, (and) according to a given uniform guideline-along certain Creative laws.
This forceful existence, however, is Creation.
And therefore, there is only one existence that rules throughout the universe-only one Creation, only one truth, one knowledge and one wisdom-and that is synchronous and unchanging for all times.
The eternal truth is not subject to any variations and changes, and its laws must never be revised and adjusted to new times.
The spirit force is vital and dynamic, namely in such an amount as it embodies the wisdom within itself.
It is a sign of human weakness when religions and their false teachings are presented as instruments of what is creative, and when wisdom becomes unreal through this.
The human searches elsewhere for strength, freedom, joy and light, but not where they really may be found.
Wisdom is a distinguishing feature of Creation that, as a fragment, inhabits the human as spirit.
Therefore, the human shall increase his knowledgeable wisdom, and he will recognise Creation.
He shall increase his search for truth, and he shall know about the power of wisdom.
Cognition of the truth brings liberation from all restrictions.
It brings boundless knowledge and wisdom.
Wisdom is a powerful means to recognise the laws of Creation.
A human who is filled with love is also rich in wisdom, and a human who is rich in wisdom is also full of love.
However, the human cheats himself because he does not know love.
He interprets grasping feelings and sentiments as love, while, to him, real love remains strange and not understood.
A human is a human only if he has recognised truth, knowledge and wisdom, even if he never used the word Creation, because wisdom is also love in its best form.
Thus, the human always finds that enlightenment and recognition are knowledge and also wisdom and love, and where love rules, there rules wisdom, too.
Love and wisdom belong together, because Creation and Its laws are love and wisdom at the same time.
Where there is wisdom and knowledge, there is love and cognition, and where there is cognition and love, there is Creation.
Growth within love and wisdom teach the human to recognise Creation.
First, however, the human learns the truth, and thereby he will gain freedom and peace, a peace which is imperishable, a power without an end.
Wisdom and love both are two stimulating wings of the creative essence and character.
With wisdom and love, the human is master over all creation.
Wisdom and love increase his dedication for the fulfilment of the given creative-natural laws, because spirit and Creation are one.
The earth human speaks of love that he does not know.
He believes to know that his sentiments are love and, through this, he deceives himself.
Love cannot be clothed in words, because it is, just as luck, a state and not a place.
Love is imperishable, and nothing is able to change it into something else.
The path of the spirit force leads over cognition of truth, knowledge, wisdom and love.
The sense and function of the spiritual teachings are to spread truth, knowledge, wisdom and love.
If this fails it is not a help anymore but an evil cult which, through false teachings, enslaves the spirit and produces ignorance, as it is the case with the religions’ false teachings.
If it pursues the function of expanding the spiritual knowledge, then it is a powerful instrument of the creative order.
The spiritual teachings deal with the spreading of cognition, truth, knowledge, wisdom and love, with what is eternal, immortal, (and) imperishable, what overcomes death and spreads light, what embodies within itself the balance of wisdom and love, and they deal with the peace that surpasses all understanding.
Each human believes to know what is meant by peace, in the manner that he knows it according to human experience.
But to understand the wise peace of the endless existence, the spirit, the immortal Creation, surpasses his human understanding.
The reason for this is that he is a prisoner of religious false teachings and human-material things that withhold from him an understanding for inner experience.
The experience that forms the true key for true cognition and wisdom.
The kingdom of the spirit holds wonders over wonders.
The visible universe with which the human deals, is but a tiny spot within this wonderful, endless, spiritual intelligence of Creation.
Countless billion universes like this are held within the endless spiritual intelligence of Creation.
What is visible to the human’s physical eyes is but a tiny iota within endlessness.
What he cannot see with his eyes is immeasurable, inconceivable and unthinkable; it is confusing and unimaginable for his unspiritual human intelligence and (mental) capacity.
The entire universe which he sees is but one of many rooms and must be counted as myriads, because there are universes within universes, universes beyond universes, universes under universes, universes above universes and universes out of the universes within this all-mighty, colossal and all-creative spiritual intelligence of the Creation’s existence.
And the human is connected with this mighty spirit, with these elemental powers of existence, Creation, spiritual intelligence, because a fragment of this spirit-intelligence Creation dwells within, and enlivens, the human as spirit.
Its (the spirit’s) power, its joy, its peace, its freedom, its wisdom, its knowledge and its ability are unimaginable for people that are spiritually ignorant, illogical; for critics and know-it-alls; for those dependent to religions; for degenerated ones and other persons that have been led astray.
And only a human who knows this truth and produces knowledge and wisdom and love from it, is a blessed human.
He knows the answer to the last questions of science, of philosophy, and also of the wondering human.
But in order to become such a blessed human it is required to search for and find the truth, to gain knowledge, wisdom and love from it, for the human is only able to spiritually grow in truth, knowledge, wisdom and love, whereby he will be freed from all human frailties.
The human is enlightened and fully freed only if he-in his thoughts-incessantly and constantly dwells in the endless creative-spiritual reality.
The spiritual intelligence is enlightened by lawful spiritual principles, and directed towards the creative being, the perfection and the power of what is creative itself.
This in contrast to the human intelligence, because the human consciousness generally only deals with single things of the material world.
As a consequence, the human is restricted and handicapped in every direction; he even gets captured, suppressed, plagued and tortured by all possible forms of misfortune, frailties and enslavement.
Therefore, a human’s individual self-analysis is one of the essential methods to find the truth and to walk on the path of spiritual evolution.
Therefore, it is necessary that the human constantly examines his thoughts and may see, of what kind they are.
He has to pay attention (to the fact) that, ultimately, he is always led, directed and determined by creative-philosophical principles and realities, by creative-natural laws.
Within the human, there should reign a continually conscious feeling of belonging to what is creative, with his essential spiritual breath, his essential spiritual BEING.
It shall be spiritually clear to him that his essential spiritual BEING is inseparably one with what is Creative, in order that he may-in this awareness-overcome the material outer world.
This creative-philosophical truth and cognition should always and first of all rule a human’s thinking, feeling and acting.
For only he who is one with the spirit can recognise and do good in the long run, because he has the possibilities of Creation within himself.
Nothing negative within the endless universe may touch and enslave him anymore.
In addition to this creative-philosophical consciousness comes the practical, dynamic, creative, i.e. the mystical consciousness that consists of the perception of the one reality in all things.
Therefore the human has to be a practical philosopher and mystic, and perceive the reality in its changeable, passing forms.
For what is a human?
He is only a figure and a name.
If one takes away a human’s name and figure, what will remain?
What remains is the fundamental essence, the existence-the spirit.
The human who fails to see this will be driven around and away by the slightest breath of air, without hope for rescue; (he will) always (be) striving to find a firm hold somewhere that, however, will never be offered unless he searches for, and finds, the fundamental truth.
Billions of humans look up to the stars in the sky, however without any results or realisations.
Astronomers, however, while looking up to the sky, discover new worlds and write books about it.
But what they see and recognise, other people cannot see or recognise, even if they can look up.
Despite their seeing eyes they are blind.
In a similar way this is the case with the normal and the spiritual human:
The human, who truly lives according to Creation’s laws, sees everywhere and recognises what is creative, in every life form, in every thing, in every thought and act in every human, in all of nature’s work and also in all conceivable circumstances.
But the normal, unspiritual human, who is harmed by religions or other unreal teachings, may not see or hear, or recognise even one iota of truth.
His life is unspiritual, all the more pressed into human-material ways.
Thereby he is blind, deaf and ignorant.
The human who adheres to Creation’s laws is the most blessed and most fearless being.
His will is insurmountable, his dedication immeasurable and endless, and his wisdom and love are constant and perfect, not capricious and full of doubts, like it is the case with those who are dependent from religions or generally those who are led astray in some way.
His mind resembles the wide, endless sea and does not let itself come out of its rest.
He does not tremble with fear.
Therefore, the human may unfold his spiritual mind that is not anymore reached by any degenerated negative force;
The mind which gives no shelter to negatively degenerated thoughts and supersedes all positively degenerated thoughts and actions.
Only a balanced mind that is rooted in what is creative-in creative service, in creative wisdom, its knowledge, its love and joy that are more real than all material walls around (and more real than) the human environment-is valuable and serving the spirit’s development.
Therefore the human being shall be spiritually great and constructive at all times.
The spirit, the source of all endless, creative development, is itself the human’s innermost being.
The human outer being is full of limitations, because it is not itself, but only its wrap, its material body, a limitation, a misleading matter, the source of toil and pain, (and it is) limited regarding cognition and will, willingness to make sacrifices, freedom, love and luck.
If the human looks at his fellowman in an external, material way only, he sees nothing other than just exactly the form and figure, the material of this special person.
If he looks at him with the spiritual eyes of cognition and knows that this (universally) all-testifying consciousness in himself is also in all the other ones, albeit unknown to them, then the manner of how he sees his fellowmen changes completely.
He then does not simply see a man anymore, a woman, a girl or a child, but he sees the fellowman as a bearer of a creative spirit that knows about itself, about its existence, and wants to reveal itself through anybody if there would only be offered an opportunity.
He who knows the truth sees his fellowman from this knowledge and recognition, because he sees in him what is creative.
At least he now knows more than he knew before he recognised the truth.
This is the proof then that ignorance is nothing that cannot be changed for all times.
If the human is willing to accept the truth he can free himself from all ignorance.
The human can free himself from everything, and everything can be taken from him, except the creative consciousness, the spirit, the existence within his interior, this purely spiritual realm within him.
He may be robbed from all of his possessions and may be driven away from his home, but nobody may drive him away from his spiritual realm within his interior.
Thus, the human should be constantly aware of what is creative, without which he would not be able to draw a single breath, could grasp no thought, could not realise, see, hear or experience.
Therefore, the great sages of all times say: “The creative spirit is nearer to the human than his own breath.”
The human may not escape from this highest consciousness, for sooner or later, he surrenders to this creative reality, because it is the life of his life, the spirit of his spirit, the consciousness of his consciousness, the light of his light, the central thought force of all life, the existence that projects all human thinking by far, against which all power of the human-material-intellectual thinking sinks into absolute insignificance.
The spirit itself is able to live without the light of the physical eyes, in the same way that it may live without hearing, arms, legs or even without the exterior consciousness’ exterior understanding.
However, there is always something present that enables him to keep on living, namely his own creative force.
This awareness of oneself, this all-observing and all-registering spiritual consciousness within the human, that looks at his thoughts and motions and that stands behind all of his thinking, that tells him whether he is knowing or ignorant, this is what is called creative, the spiritual consciousness.
To always think again and again about the fact that the spirit is omnipotent-always present, all-knowing and, beyond this, endless luck, endless beauty, endless value, actually the value of all things-lets the word Creation become absolutely important for the human and brings forth evolution-related changes within him.
As often as the words spirit and Creation are impressed upon him, there occur within him psychological changes of the greatest importance.
His feelings and all of his senses change.
The more clear his spiritual intelligence becomes through it, the more his personality gains power, and the more blessed will be his life.
A wise one full of spirit consciousness sees what will happen in the most distant future, perhaps even billions of years later, and he has the life forms’ and humankind’s entire past before his eyes.
Thus, the greatest knowledge is given unto him.
Yet, how is this possible?
Such a human has the necessary requirements within his interior, in the spirit.
As the light may be perceived through the closed eye-lids, as lies within every human creative presence, the entire spiritual realm; however, it is visible only to those who are actually able to look inward through their inner eye.
It can only be useful to those who offer all requirements.
Every human bears within him the entire kingdom of spirit, but it is covered and beaten with ignorance, errors, imperfection, evil, mistakes and restrictions of all sorts, which have to be changed into their opposites through the recognition and acceptance of truth.
The human must resolve and open all evils by developing abilities that are opposed to everything that is degenerated and which lead to a neutral balance.
The way of experiencing the spirit will be accelerated through the unfolding of conscious searching and the gathering of true knowledge, and this unfolding leads to the true and all-encompassing, cosmic wisdom and love, based on the cognition that Creation is present within everything.
The human is one with everything within Creation, in truth, wisdom and love, in the kingdom of the spirit;
The truth and wisdom, that the human is separated through space and time and the body from each other; this, however, may be overcome through the internal experience.
Wisdom and love combined, knowledge and truth combined, the spirit’s wisdom and love lead-through experience-to unity and Creation itself, to universal joy, power and perfection.
Since the human does not know what is of Creation, and is led astray, namely by spirit-enslaving religions, he makes a great many mistakes, searches for the true treasures in the wrong places and, thereby, violates all nature-related and creative order and all rules of laws.
As precisely as he will observe the human laws of the human society, he still will constantly offend against all laws and rules and order of what is creative in the universe, and will let himself be captured in human-material troubles, sorrows and problems, in fright, false teachings, deceptions and failings, in misfortune, spiritual ignorance and spiritual enslavement and restrictions.
Exactly what is of greatest value will be made unobtainable by unreal religions and human ignorance.
To the human, this ignorance and the misleading religions disguise that which is the source of all valuable things, the life of his life and the light of all intelligence-the spirit and the Creation.
The human shall accept the entire realm of his daily life and his experiences as creative.
He shall see himself everywhere in space, in the times and in all things.
He himself shall be everything and shall evoke all that is creative in everything, and, in this way, shall bring it to recognition and experience.
For, in everything is the Creation, and everything is enlivened through its spirit, through which everything is one in everything.
However the question remains how the human may identify himself with everything when he does not know the spirit’s path.
Generally, he identifies himself with his body.
But what will happen when he tries to enter into the truth and aligns himself in his interior with the creative BEING and the spiritual reality?
Involuntarily the entire world dissolves in this real reality, the “spiritual truth”.
The one and only principle of what is creative-spiritual. rules everywhere.
But how shall the human identify himself with everything?
The human shall see himself for just what he really is.
Generally he identifies himself with his body.
He cares for it like it were a gem, he nurtures it and takes trouble for it until self-sacrifice.
He surrounds it with pride, junk and a stupid delusion, while he lets his spirit become stunted.
However, a little bit of pain makes him angry, sullen and uncomfortable against other ones, or he even starts complaining and crying, has self-pity and robs himself of his life.
He surrounds his body with some nondescript halo and with vanity, fear, sorrow, pride and problems.
More and more often, everything revolves around his body only.
Often he extends his body identity towards his material possessions, or he gets upset if some fellowman involuntarily touches it.
Yet, what will a human do about it when he has recognised the spiritual truth?
He will identify himself with all things and all the world’s life forms and the universes.
A human full of creative-spiritual wisdom, full of knowledge, truth, love and cognition, knows that from the truth everything originated, originates and will originate for all eternity.
Therefore, he identifies himself with each and everything.
In his spiritual consciousness, he will always be-in his innermost part-one with each and everything.
In his interior, in his spiritual consciousness, he will identify himself with everything in the universe, in the same manner that the other one, who thinks materialistically, identifies himself with his body, with his money, his possessions, his confused speaking and teaching, and with the sound of his voice.
But when the human identifies himself with everything in the universe, no hate and no greed may dwell within him anymore, because he makes no more selfish differences.
He has just become one with the essence in everything.
Other people may claim something as their exclusive property, but he who thinks spiritually identifies it with the truth within and, therefore, owns everything internally.
All fright has left him, while he identifies himself with the truth.
This truth of Creation and of the spirit, with which he is one, even directs his enemy’s hand that will rise against him, in such a way that it falls back to (the enemy) himself.
The spiritual one is protected and sheltered, and the whole nature is well-disposed toward him, and yes, even his enemies have to serve him in the end.
With their attacks, they cause the spiritual within him to unfold to even greater strength and power and to overcome all that is evil, vile and degenerated.
Ultimately, the enemies only contribute to the recognition of the truth and growth of those who think spiritually.
They wish evil, troubles and bad things to those who think spiritually; they are of the opinion that they could destroy them through critique, powerful in his spirit and consciousness.
Are such truths perhaps suggestions?
To claim this would be a delusion, because it is false.
It deals here with absolute truths.
Generally, the lives of those who are thinking falsely, who are led astray and are depending upon religions, are full of evil suggestions, full of imaginary concepts, false teachings and delusional assumptions.
The only possibility and the only means to overcome those damages is to fundamentally recognise the truths which abolish the human figments, to adhere to them and to let rule the highest creative-spiritual forces.
All unreal suggestions and human imaginations will be corrected by stating: “I, the human, am a part of Creation that, as a fragment, as spirit, enlivens me.”
Yet the knowledge that everything is imaginations and illusions, except the creative-spiritual force, truth and reality, (this knowledge) doesn’t diminish the eagerness that the human unfolds in his life at all, but it will drive him up into unimagined heights.
Only that which is true and which remains truth can be valid as truth; something on which one can depend on through eternity, and that never and under no circumstances ever needs revision.
Truth must never be adjusted to some other or new time, because it is constant for all times.
It is eternally constant and always sounds alike, even if it is spoken with other words.
It is the rock upon which one can build in eternal times and in all spaces.
The truth has been before life, and the truth is afterwards also.
What is only of a short duration is danger, a grave deception, a false teaching.
Creation and truth are always the same, today just as tomorrow; they are always unchanging and of eternal, constant value.
They do not change, neither name nor form, because Creation and truth are without names and forms.
Therefore, the human shall cling to what is creative, because alone what is creative is the truth.
It is that which is imperishable, like Creation itself; it is that which is eternal and perfect, that is worth all of human’s efforts of will, because near it the human does not fall prey to deception.
Therefore, he shall cling to the truth and become imperturbable in always constant calmness, joy, knowledge, love, strength and wisdom in all things.
That which is creative alone is endless wisdom and truth, with which there is not one iota of error.
Therefore, the human shall get strength from the creative wisdom, and he shall search for his light in his own spirit.
The spiritual human knows well that he may not move his hand in a room without touching myriad of what is creative, because it is always present in all times and spaces.
The spiritual human is full of joy when he knows about the truth that the creative-which is eternally and indescribably powerful-surrounds him wherever he walks.
What is creative is full of endless peace, full of endless cognition and the most perfect perfection.
It is the source of all wonders of the highest spiritual consciousness that is present everywhere, within and external.
His joy is as endless as the spiritual life itself.
In order to achieve fast spiritual progress, the spiritual human looks upon each and everything as creative.
As soon as he sees something, he sees what is creative.
Behind everything and in its manifestations, there always stands before him what is creative.
Therefore, the spiritual human does not walk this way and that way in order to attain the highest spiritual experience; instead he always finds the best place to gather recognition and experience wherever he stays.
His spirit that is to be developed is within him and not at some other location.
He must develop it through his own thinking and acting.
Through this cognition, his attitude becomes a sanctuary, and all things along with him become holy-even the earth under his feet.
The spiritual human does not look upon the future as the time to experience Creation and the spirit dwelling within him, but the immediate “here and now”, through which he-in the eyes of the non-spiritual normal people-lives in the most distant future, often totally misunderstood.
For the spiritual human, the time is not sometime, but always in the immediate “here and now”.
For him it is not necessary to see physically in order to see the truth.
He begins to search within himself, and the truth becomes more and more real to him, because for him his spirit is the all-seeing presence.
No word that is spoken anywhere remains unheard by him.
In order to speed progress the spiritual human hears the sound of truth from any sound he hears, whereby each sound penetrates his spiritual consciousness and establishes there.
In the same manner every thing reminds him of that which is creative, and of the immediate truth.
Every circumstance is a creative circumstance, each opportunity a creative opportunity.
The creative human lives and works in such cognition, and through this he internally walks on.

What is great, what is spiritual, is present within his innermost as little things, because in the cognition of truth dwells what is infinite in the finite.
And within each human the infinite has its seat; however, very few are able to recognise this.
To wake up the infinite requires reasonable logic and being free from unreal teachings.
To wake up the infinite and let it become effective is the goal of life-spiritual perfection.
Those who are rich in spirit become an instrument, through which Creation expresses the spiritual realm.
This highest wisdom-like value of Creation lets the heaven arise.
Those who are rich in spirit are free of all boundaries of any restriction and the material self-awareness, and are, therefore, in constant touch with Creation itself.
In the case of the human, the weight of the material principle prevails.
In the not too distant future, terrestrial science will discover this principle in the (substance) matter.
Creation is included along with everything that was created; with everything that unfolds itself and develops further.
Only the unrestricted spirit and Creation itself represent true freedom, true perfection, true cognition, power, love, knowledge, truth and wisdom.
In its absoluteness, all of these are the creative itself.
In order to gain anything truly excellent in life, the human must be loyal to what is creative, the unrestricted and beyond limitation.
Everything that is limited and restricted brings unreality and problems.
However, attractive as it may seem, it will once become a source of problems and unrealities.
The finite things of all forms are unnatural for the innermost essence, and, therefore, the human cannot recognise and love them as truth without harming himself most severely.
At all times they are full of faults, because everything that is finite brings along problems and difficulties.
If the human loves or possesses something that is finite, it has at least the fault of being absolutely transient.
He may love it greatly according to the human understanding of love; however, when its time comes it perishes, and he mourns over the loss of it.
That which is limited has faults in other respects, too.
Even if it does not perish at the first moment, it is at least subjected to changes.
If it is full of human love for one moment, it may be displaced by, or filled with, human hate at the next moment.
Whether it is a thing that changes or perishes, or a human who changes his approach towards his fellow man, the result is always sorrow and suffering, while that which may not be limited will never change because it is of unlimited and absolute lasting value.
When wisdom and truth dawn within the human and when his spiritual knowledge grows, when he is guided by universal love and when his life becomes a blessing to him and other ones, then cognition of truth has ripened within him.

Then he becomes aware of the fragment of Creation within him, the spirit-the spiritual realm.
Creation is present in spiritual love and wisdom.
He who struggles for spiritual light and spiritual love, to him the door to Creation opens.
If the human loves the truth, he loves that which is perfect and wonderful and what embodies the spiritual realm within itself, for it is also the path to wisdom’s realm.
The human shall become aware of the creative presence and let his spiritual intelligence shine forth from everything.
He shall recognise that even in the vast, infinite and open space the eyes of that which is creative are directed towards him, and that Creation is the true intelligence that sees him with those eyes which keep everything safe and are endowed with a sense, and which are able to answer everything.
Therefore, he shall live consciously-spiritually under the eyes of that which is creative; he shall live with the consciousness of that which is spiritual, that is infinite power, of which he must always be aware.
Then he can never be weak.

Humans and the Earth and Cosmos

Understand that the human meets many situations and pain, sorrow, joy, and great boon. All such things exist for education. To evolve, many experiences and environments have to be lived through. The human that begins to realise the nature of his existence; from that moment on the quickening begins and greater strides can be made in creative education.

Understand that all is spirit. The Earth also has a spirit and it is responsive to the humans that inhabit it.

Understand that spirit extends out to the cosmos and that also is responsive to the humans.

Understand that humans fill the universe where ever the environment allows.

Understand that the Creative has set boundaries and limitations that can only be overcome as the human evolves.


There is no point worshiping the Creation it is a waste of time. Reverence , ‘Yes’ but it cannot be flattered or appeased if wrong doing occurs, nor can any human absolve a wrong doing, that has to be corrected in time and life. The laws of life are quite sufficient and completely fair. Communicate with the Spirit.
It is always in the humans best interest to follow the laws of Creation
they are quite simple and exist in our deepest part but they have been written. To follow them leads to harmony. We can see how lack of harmony has affected this time.
The planet strains, torment within it’s being, humans are disorientated and slip into degradation, war and it’s companions, greed and hatred reign unrestrained. Leaders fail as they fall prey to the lower drives and desires for wealth and self delusion results.

The prophets’ who came to warn and teach have been dishonoured by the later generations through the creation of religion and cults.

Harmony is the key to progress. Harmony within, harmony within the family, harmony within society, harmony within the nation, harmony within the world. Then the people’s begin to synchronise with the cosmos and a door opens that leads them to greater experience.

That which is

Be aware that each is individual at the same time is one in the Creative.
Great are humans yet each is becoming, never ceasing to evolve and manifest.
To live and be is a skill that is acquired over life times.

Humans can and will evolve eventually.

Creation is to be enjoyed an explored, although errors will occur they can be corrected if the human is mindful. Persistent and wilful error results in eventual ruin. That which continues upon a wrong path will be brought to the right way through the natural laws of causation. It is the same natural law that provides joyful and worthwhile passage to those humans that discover the creative way. For such humans a map is provided in the nature of synchronistic events and discoveries . The creative aspect of being grows wiser and stronger as it travels along the path.

The human who is knowing takes form in the pattern that provides greater evolution and growth, becoming an example to those that require such.

Those that say this life is all there is, are in error. This error however is all for the good. Each life is a new beginning, the personality that once was, is forgotten and a new personality begins to discover the world anew. The corrections that have to be addressed are interwoven into the new life and the challenges presented as the consciousness develops. Eventually the consciousness remembers previous lives and begins to address the shortfalls consciously. This is purposeful living, this enables the human to create in harmony with the path long ago set for the spirit by Creation.
Remember also that life is to be enjoyed and no great purpose is required of any human .
If a human desires to live frivolously or in ignorance then no power in the universe can say this is incorrect. Only actions that damage other humans can be regarded as incorrect.

It must also be known that consciousness is fluid inasmuch that beings share portions of consciousness that create a collective condition . This is much like the aspects of nature that result in formations of cloud and the following rain that can also develop into storms full of destruction or the gentle falling that brings fertile fields of corn or pleasant meadows.

Consciousness is dynamic.
The human who has awakened realises that he is part of a creative dynamic; at this point he must discover how to control his consciousness. He can no longer be careless with thought and action. He now must use the power of consciousness to turn the great wheel and join with others to restore the balance. Directed consciousness leads the weaker forces to the outcome desired

A choice has to be made. The Earth human has suffered the lust of war and desire for violation of fellow humans. This cannot be continued into the new time. How do Earth humans expect to be regarded by the other humans? They are greater in knowledge and wisdom and well know the potential of Earth humans. If Earth humans fail then a shroud of ignorance will once again fall upon the humans of Earth. That or the very Earth itself will rid itself of the life it holds for Creation can rebuild all that falls. The spirits of those that failed shall languish in shame until once again they shall walk upon the path of evolution of consciousness.
All that is, eternal joy, Creation